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Is Keeping Your Feet Warm Good for Fertility – Wives Tale or Truth?

Someone recommended that keeping your feet warm could help you conceive. It sounds like a crazy wives tale, but it’s actually sound advice. If you are struggling to get pregnant, keeping your feet warm is one of the easier things you can do!

When I was trying to conceive, I was pretty convinced that I would just fall pregnant. But after months of negative pregnancy tests, I began to research some things that could help. When I stumbled on the advice of keeping your feet warm to increase your chances of conceiving, I thought it was silly…. but I still tried it.

Obviously, I can’t say for sure if this is what helped me to conceive, but the science behind it makes me believe that it helped! I want to share everything I learned about keeping your feet warm while trying to conceive in hopes that it may help another mama-in-waiting!

When Should you Worry about Keeping your Feet Warm?

If you’ve been tracking your cycle, you know that implantation happens between ovulation and your (hopefully) missed period. This is when you want to be intentional about keeping your feet warm. We will get into how the uterus and feet are connected a bit later, but this is why you will want to be staying warm during this time.

Why Should You Keep Your Feet Warm During the Two-Week Wait?

Keeping your feet warm during the two week wait encourages implantation. There are other factors like diet and stress levels that play a factor as well, but warm feet might help too!

Warming your feet keeps the leg meridians that lead to the pelvis which in turn keeps the uterus warm. A warm uterus is necessary for successful egg implantation.

How are Your Uterus and Feet Connected?

The main connection between the uterus and feet stems from the veins in the leg running all the way from the feet to the reproductive organs. In reflexology, there are points on the feet that can stimulate the uterus and ovaries. Reflexology is based on ancient Chinese Meridian Theory that tells of the meridians of the body.

Meridians are a network of energy channels or electrical pathways covering the body.” (Quote by

When meridians are running low on current, the body feels it in the form of congestions or blockages. In the feet, there are six main meridians that are connected to major organs in the body, so by stimulating these meridian points, the organs they are connected to are stimulated.

Why is the Uterus Important for Fertility?

The uterus is the most important organ for fertility because it houses the baby from implantation until birth. Making sure that the uterine lining is healthy, warm, and inviting so a fertilized egg can implant into it is vital for fertility.

Because the feet are directly related to the uterus, the warmth of the feet affects the warmth of the uterus. Cold feet mean a cold uterus that is not at its best to support implantation and fertility.

Tips for Keeping Your Uterus Warm

  • Eat warm foods like soups and stews.
  • Avoid cold and raw foods.
  • Along with your feet, keep your lower back and abdomen warm.
  • You can use hot water bottles, warm foot soaks, and even wheat heat bags to warm those areas.
  • Use acupuncture to warm your pelvis and lower abdomen.

Keeping your feet warm between ovulation and menstruation is especially important for women who have low progesterone levels. Progesterone is the hormone that is released during this time period that keeps the uterus warm, so if your levels are low, you must give your uterus the warmth it needs in other ways.

Chinese medicine has recognized that a cold uterus is not fit for conception for thousands of years. “Chinese medicine is all about balance, balance of the energy of the body and its connection to the environment. The balance of warmth in the body is really important for overall health and wellbeing.(Quote from

Some Symptoms of a Cold Uterus Are:

  • Painful periods
  • Blood clots during menstruation
  • Long menstrual cycles
  • Slowed blood flow during periods
  • Extreme headaches
  • Lower back pain
  • Low levels of energy
  • Decreased libido
  • Recurring miscarriages

When cold enters the body, it flows downward and settles into the pelvis, lower abdomen, and reproductive organs. This tightens the muscles and blood vessels, and it slows down energy and the movement of blood to the uterus, its lining, and the ovaries.

These symptoms plague many women. If you think about it, painful period cramps are usually eased by a heating pad or soaking in a hot bath – most women warm their uteruses without even realizing that is what they are doing to give themselves relief.

Quick Tips to Keep Your Feet Warm:

  • Stay away from flip-flops and other open shoes.
  • Don’t walk barefoot on cold floors.
  • Wear thicker socks or even two layers of thin socks.

More tips for keeping your womb warm include:

  • Make sure your body doesn’t get too cold. Dress to stay warm, even in summer. Summer brings air-conditioning, and some places can be very cold. Keeping a light jacket or cardigan with you can help to keep your abdomen and lower back warm and can be used to cover your legs and keep them warm as well.
  • Don’t sit on cold floors. The cold can easily seep into your lower body and head to your uterus.
  • Avoid swimming during menstruation. During this time, your cervix is open, and coldness can make its way to your uterus much more easily.
  • Try moxa. Moxa is a Chinese therapy during which dried mugwort is burned above certain parts of the body, like the uterus. It is commonly used along with acupuncture.

Does this Matter in Summer?

While summer is the warmest season, there is still a chance that you can suffer from cold feet and, therefore, a cold uterus. Summer brings the desire to cool off – causing you to consume more cold foods and iced beverages than ever. Hot teas are replaced with iced teas. Soups are replaced with fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits. So, trying to keep cool in summer can very well cool your uterus.

Practical Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm

Keeping your feet for fertility may seem challenging in the winter and unnecessary in the summer. Knowing some practical ways to keep your feet warm can help you combat cold feet during all seasons.

  • Stay away from caffeine. Caffeine is already something to avoid when you are trying to conceive. When it comes to cold feet, caffeine can keep them cold because it constricts the blood vessels and limits blood flow, especially to the extremities.
  • Avoid cotton socks and choose wool socks instead. Cotton gets wet with the natural sweat of your feet and doesn’t dry easily or keep its warmth. Wool, on the other hand, both repels and absorbs water – it’s basically magic! Merino wool is the best kind of wool for keeping feet warm because it is itch-free, temperature regulating, and offers amazing moisture management.
  • Another sock tip is to add a second sock layer if your feet tend to stay cold. Liner socks are a great option if your feet tend to stay cold. However, if your shoes are too tight with the liner socks added, you can go for a thicker, single sock.
  • Take the shoes you are wearing into consideration. Thick winter boots don’t require very thick socks; however, sneakers may need thick socks depending on the weather you’re wearing them in.
  • If you know you’re going to be in rainy weather, you can opt for waterproof socks to keep your feet dry and warm.
  • Warm foot soaks work for all seasons. Not only will they warm your feet, but they can help you relax – another great way to help your fertility.

In Conclusion…

Clearly, keeping your feet warm for fertility is an easy and effective way to help increase your chances of getting pregnant by making sure that your uterus is warm enough to be suitable for implantation. If you are a woman who suffers from low progesterone levels or poor circulation, these tips and products can be incredibly helpful for warming both your feet and uterus.

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Keeping Your Feet Warm Good for Fertility - Wives Tale or Truth?

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