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BEST Tips for Hosting A Virtual Baby Shower – An Unforgettable Party!

Welcoming a little one into the world is such an exciting time for parents-to-be and their families. Whether they don’t live close by because of military orders, job change, or even bed rest, you can host a Virtual Baby Shower! This gives mom-to-be the ability to still celebrate with those she loves and not miss out on such a special event. 

As I write this, my husband and I are stationed away from both of our families. We needed to figure out a way to makes sure everyone still felt included, regardless of the distance! 

I have compiled tips and tricks, along with ideas for how to plan the PERFECT Virtual Baby Shower.

What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

After hearing about Covid-19, my mom and I had to come up with a back up plan for my baby shower. At first, the idea of going virtual seemed a bit scary and honestly we had NO idea what this even meant.

I was amazed to find out that the concept is really simple! Basically, you go live via video and celebrate the party gathered around computers and smart phones. There is still a theme, invitations, decoration, and games….. followed by Oooing and Aahhing over adorable baby clothes. 

Differences Between a Physical vs a Virtual Baby Shower:

  1. Not Physically Present – When you host a baby shower in your home town, all your guests are able to celebrate over brunch or late lunch. For a virtual shower, guests will be connected through video. Depending on the platform you use and the number of attendees, you may or may not be able to see everyone. 
  2. No Food or Drinks – Something positive about a virtual shower is that you won’t need to worry about providing food or drinks for guests!
  3. Shipping Presents – Guests will need to ship gifts pre-wrapped. Sometimes hosts will have them sent to a friend near by and she will bring the presents over day of…. So there is still an element of surprise!

Is it Tacky?

In most cases, guests are very understanding! If you are unable to host a baby shower because of military orders, a recent move, or even become mom-to-be is on bed rest, then it is totally okay to have an online shower.

How Do You Plan a Long Distance Baby Shower?

There are so many things to plan when throwing a virtual baby shower! With everything from choosing a theme to invitations…. And don’t forget a few decorations. We will walk through platforms to use and even how to word your invitations. So let’s start planning!

Platforms to Stream On

There are a bunch of ways you can stream your party! I’ll give you the pros and cons of each, along with how many people it can accommodate. Most of them are completely free, which will keep your costs down, so you can spend more money on baby things for mom-to-be.

Skype – (Up to 25 People)

If you don’t plan on having more than 25 guests, then Skype is probably your best bet. Especially if you have older relatives, they may be more familiar with how this platform works. 

The only downfall is that if you or a guest don’t have great wifi, you may have some hiccups and getting everyone connected!

Google Duo – (Up to 8 People)

Google Duo is newer and is great for those who are technologically challenged! We actually used this for our grandparents, during our gender reveal. It also uses less data than some of the other services.

The biggest con is that you can only have 8 people connected at one time. 

FaceTime – (Up to 32 People)

If everyone you are inviting has an Apple device, you can celebrate over FaceTime! This give you the ability to chat with up to 32 people. The only thing that makes this difficult is if your friends have an Android.


Almost, everyone has a Facebook account. There is a couple of ways you can host your baby shower on here:

  1. Facebook Live in a Group – Create a private FB group and ONLY invite guests to it. Then at the time of the party, go live! The downfall is that mom-to-be won’t be able to see her friends and family.
  2. Video in Messenger – This allows only up to 6 people at a time. If you only plan on inviting a few guests, then this might be a good option for you!


This is a unique website that allows you to host your baby shower online! WebBabyShower is an all-in-one package, that does come at a bit of a cost. You can interact with guests through games, personal messages, and you even receive a PDF Keepsake.

How to Choose a Theme for a Virtual Baby Shower

There are a few things to think about before choosing a theme. If you were planning a physical baby shower, you can still go with your original decor. Maybe send guests a little box with games and a favor to incorporate it!

But, if you are looking for something that compliments long distance, here are some adorable Virtual Baby Shower Theme Ideas:

1. Special Delivery

If you are looking for a theme with a vintage flare, this Special Delivery Air Mail is perfect! It’s also gender neutral, so if mom-to-be isn’t finding out the gender you can choose any color to accent it!

Add a personal touch to the invitations by tying twine around them and securing a tag that says “Special Delivery.”

2. Hot Air Balloon

Up, up, and away! This theme gives a subtle reminder that the baby shower is long distance. There are a few ways you can include hot air balloon into your party:

• Invitations – Etsy Seller, Blue Fence Designs, has these adorable hot air balloon invitations for both boys and girls.

• Printable Games – Baby Shower Bingo, Nursery Rhyme Quiz, word scramble and more!!

• Decorations – With everything from cupcake toppers to banners, you will be able to find TONS of cute hot air balloon decor!

3. Globe

This precious globe theme would be perfect for a baby shower in another country! Whether they are stationed away from home because of military orders or a job change, this would be a cute way to celebrate.

There are a few ways you can include Globes into your party:

• Invitations – Etsy Seller, Invited Design Co, has both blue and pink globe invitations….. with a couple of sweet suitcases to accent it!

•  Printable GamesThe price is right, baby names, scattergories and more!

• Decorations – You can find map bunting or even a table cloth! This is definitely a theme you could get creative with.

4. Airplane

When you think about traveling long distance to visit friends and family, most people assume they will need to take an airplane! This is a cute way to incorporate the fact that mom-to-be doesn’t live close by.

If this happens to be for a family in the Air Force or maybe dad is a pilot, this could be nice way of honoring them as well!

There are so many cute ways to include airplanes into your party – Whether that’s on invitations, decorations, or even favors for your guests.

5. Sailboat

For another vintage feel, sailboats are such a precious theme. You can include invitations, games, and favors that have nautical features, such as anchors! This would be especially cute for a military family in the Navy.

How To Word Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

While I was planing our virtual baby shower, I struggled to word our invitations. I didn’t want people to think it was tacky, while wanting friends and family to feel included. Most guests haven’t “attended” an online baby shower, so it’s important to explain how the party works too! 

Be sure to include:

  • Virtual Baby Shower, Online Baby Shower, or Long Distance Baby Shower in big letters on the invite.
  • That no RSVP is needed.
  • Who to contact with questions.
  • How your online baby shower will work.
  • Where you are registered.
  • How to send gifts.
  • Where to send gifts.

Wording For Long Distance Baby Shower:

“Let’s Shower Alexis + Cameron’s Doorstep with Gifts and Cards, to help them celebrate their new little bundle of joy!”

“We wish we could all be together but since we live so far apart, let’s help Alexis + Cameron welcome their new little baby girl due in August.”

“ It’s hard to live so far away, when sweet Baby C is on the way. Let’s shower her family with gifts from afar, and let them know how loved they are.” (Invitation by Invited Design Co)

“ It’s hard to live so far away, when Baby C is on the way! Family and friends spread far and wide, would love to be there by her side. But since we can’t, I say let’s do our best to make Alexis’ day! Send Your Gifts and cards by mail, and she’ll feel our love without a fail.” (Invitation by Mama Moonlights)

Explaining How Your Online Baby Shower Will Work

Video – If you are planning to have your guests connect through video, be sure to include how this will be done. You may want to include a separate card to explain what they will need to do. Be sure to check in with guests the week before, this will ensure that everything runs smoothly day of!

Facebook Page – “You will receive a Facebook event invitation from Alexis by June 1st. If you do not receive the invitation, please contact Alexis to amen sure she has the correct contact info. …. Then we will play games, win prizes and most importantly, celebrate the mom-to-be” (Invitation by Latitude Designs)

Sending Gifts – Maybe mom-to-be, grandma and a few friends in the area will be getting together to celebrate. If you don’t plan on opening presents virtually, explain how and when guests should be sending them.

Virtual Baby Shower Games To Play

Playing games during a baby shower is the fun part of the party! Although you might not be able to play traditional games like “Don’t Say Baby” or “Dirty Diapers,” there are still some ways to have a bit of entertainment!

*Note you make need to send supplies for the games to your guests, but we will talk about creating a care package later!

Measure Momma’s Belly

In your invitation, send gusts a large piece of string or ribbon. Have them send it back with the gift, cut to the size they think mom-to-be’s belly is. Then measure everyone string/ribbon over video… and see who is closest!

Scratch Offs

Who doesn’t like scratch offs? This means guests could win a prize… maybe a gift card?

Guests will scratch their card and hope that their’s says WINNER!!

Baby Wishes

Include a Wishes for Baby printable in the invitation and ask guests to send it back in the card. This will also be a nice keepsake to look back on. You could compile all the cards in a scrapbook or phonebook as a memory of this special day.

Baby Prediction Cards 

If you are having a FB Group or Event, share a PDF of baby predictions. Then guests can print them off and take a picture of their guesses. 


Again you could totally upload this to Facebook and guests could print out their bingo board. The only catch with this game…. Is you need to play it over video!

There are a couple of ways this game can be played….

  1. Pre-Filled Board – The Bingo Cards will already be filled out and the host will call out baby words from the board. The first person to have 5 in a row wins!
  2. Possible Gifts Mom will Receive – Have guests write down gifts they think will be received. Then as mom-to-be is opening gifts, they will cross out anything on their board that she opens! First one to 5 – WINS!!

Are Prizes Necessary?

You definitely don’t need to have prizes for an online baby shower. It’s a little more difficult because you will need to ship it.

But of course, games are more fun when there are prizes! Even though your guest won’t receive it right away, it’s always fun to go home a winner. 

When choosing prizes you want something digital or cheap to mail. This will keep your cost from sky rocketing. Since you will only play a game or two, prizes could cost a bit more. 

Some long distance baby shower prize ideas are:

  • Gift Cards (Could be an e-card too)
  • Gift Set From Etsy
  • Magazine Subscription (Magnolia Journal is always a good one!)
  • Cookbook (From Amazon, so you can Prime ship it!)

Virtual Baby Shower Etiquette

So now that you know everything about planning an online baby shower, you may still have some questions!  Even though this isn’t your typical party, there are a few do’s and don’ts you should follow.

Who Hosts?

Typically, grandma-to-be or a friend would host a traditional baby shower. Of course, they are still more than welcome to plan everything. But in some situations, it’s easier for mom-to-be to coordinate all the moving parts.

For our situation, my mom is still “hosting” the shower. Which means she’s doing all the little details, but I needed to be a bit more involved to help out with the organizing of gifts and getting the Facebook group set up.

Unless mom-to-be doesn’t have any friends or relatives willing to plan it for her, you should have someone other than mom to contact on the invite. Guests could have questions about gifts or a surprise that she doesn’t want her to know about.

Do You Still Decorate?

Decorating for an online baby shower is totally optional. But it does make the party feel a little more special. 

You don’t need to go all out and decorate everything in the room, but it would be nice to add a few decorations, to the space you will be celebrating in. 

Do You Send Favors?

Once again, you don’t need to send favors to guests. This isn’t expected since you live so far away. A handwritten Thank You card will still be the perfect gesture. 

But if you want to send guests a little favor with a Thank You Card, make sure you find something light. It’s easy to forget about the weight of something prior to shipping it!

How to Open Gifts Via Video

Although it may seem simple, there are a few things you can do to make sure that opening gifts over video runs smoothly. 

You will want to keep these things in mind:

  1. Go Slow – There could be a lag in connection or maybe they can’t figure out what the gift is. Taking your time will also help guests to feel like their present was appreciated.
  2. Announce Who It’s From
  3. Announce What It Is – Some guests may have trouble seeing the gift due to it being small or maybe their connection is blurry. Be sure to keep them in the loop as to what you received.

4 Tips For Hosting The Perfect Online Baby Shower

There aren’t any set “rules” for a virtual baby shower. But there are a few things you can do to make the day extra special, for guests and mom-to-be!

  1. Send Guests a “Care Package” – This could include a table cloth, napkins, plates, games, and a favor. This will help them to feel like they are celebrating with you versus just watching you open gifts.
  2. Make Guests Feel Included – Although in most circumstance a virtual baby shower is not tacky, you will want to make friends and family feel like they are a part of the celebration. This could simply be by sharing the moment over video or sending them a care package.
  3. Plan Ahead – About a week before, check in with guests and make sure they are all ready for the big day. This is when you can help them to download apps and such to video during the baby shower. You don’t want to be figuring this stuff out five minutes before the party starts!
  4. Grandma-To-Be or Friend Present with Mom – If possible, plan for someone to physically celebrate with mom-to-be. This helps her to feel like her baby shower is still extra special. 

Wrap Up…

There are so many ways to make an online baby shower feel like the real deal. Whether that’s decorating the room or playing games with guests, everybody is sure to feel included. I hope that these tips and tricks helped you to plan the PERFECT Virtual baby shower… and that it still feels extra special. 

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo… so you don’t lose this post!

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