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The 24 Best Books for Babies 6 to 12 Months – Keep Your Baby Busy!

There are countless benefits to introducing and reading books to babies at an early age. From quality time spent cuddling and exploring colorful pages to building baby’s vocabulary and language skills, it’s never too early for parents to read to their babies. We’ve put together a list of the best books for babies 6 to 12 months to give you ideas for books that will engage, educate, and entertain little ones.

Whether you’re looking for books about animals, the Bible, and learning to count, or you’re interested in interactive formats to give a little one endless fun with finger puppets or pop-ups, this list has you covered!

Top 24 Books for Babies 6 to 12 months

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1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Children have loved this Eric Carle classic since 1967 and for good reason! Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is filled with illustrations of a variety of animals, each in a primary color. Its imagery and simple text make it one of the best books for babies 6 to 12 months old.

2. I’ve Loved You Since Forever

A beautifully illustrated book sharing the love felt between a parent and child, I’ve Loved You Since Forever is a heartwarming story. Authored by Hoda Kotb, co-anchor of the Today Show, the book has become popular thanks to its precious artwork and its message of a parent’s destined love for their child.

3. Look Look!

Even the youngest babies are drawn to the high-contrast, artful pages of Look Look! Engaging little ones with its graphics and older babies with exciting cars and animals, Look Look! has a simple premise and exciting visuals that babies and parents can enjoy together.

Books for Babies About Animals

1. If Animals Kissed Goodnight

Based on the sweet premise of how animals would kiss each other goodnight if they kissed like we kiss, If Animals Kissed Goodnight is an adorable book. The story includes many mother and father animals and their young, accompanied by simple yet beautiful illustrations.

2. Baby Animals

This book not only includes precious photos of baby animals, but it has touch-and-feel pages that babies and toddlers will love exploring. Baby Animals introduces children to a variety of animals from birds to bunnies and offers soft textures they will have fun feeling with their little fingers!

3. Dear Zoo

Families have adored Dear Zoo for many years thanks to its bright visuals and the mystery of lifting flaps to discover different animals from the zoo. This popular book’s repetitive language is perfect for babies and toddlers who like catchy phrases.

Finger Puppet Books for 6-12 Months

1. Little Horse

Little ones will delight in watching mom and dad animate Little Horse with their fingers, or trying it out themselves! The book takes readers along as Little Horse plays in the sun at the farm where he lives, with charming illustrations and a simple interactive story.

If your baby gets hooked on this book, you might introduce them to other books in the Little Finger Puppet Board Books series, such as Little Puppy and Little Crab.

2. Curious George Pat-a-Cake

Set to the pat-a-cake rhyme so many babies love, Curious George Pat-a-Cake is filled with excitement for little readers. In this book, everyone’s favorite little monkey prepares for a birthday party with text to be said in rhyme with pat-a-cake. Curious George Pat-a-Cake is the perfect way to introduce your baby to George and his antics

3. Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys is a classic rhyme for babies to bounce and eventually jump to! It features a precious finger monkey finger puppet for interactive play with babies and parents alike. A fun little twist on the classic story about the dangers of jumping on the bed.

Pop Up Books for Your Baby

1. Splish Splash Pop-up Fun

With bright colors and cute illustrations, Splish Splash Pop-Up Fun is a perfect book to entertain babies! Each page has a pop-up or lift-the-flap feature, encouraging discovery and exploration! Parents will appreciate the sturdy and enduring pop-up and flap elements that last through many story times

2. Colors Pop-Up Peekaboo

Babies can start to engage in playing peekaboo around 4-5 months old and will continue to love to play well into being a toddler. Colors Pop-Up Peekaboo incorporates the sweet game into a book with colorful animals and hide-and-seek. Babies will be fascinated by the anticipation of the adorable animals leaping from the page. 

3. Pop-Up Dinosaurs

A sturdy pop-up book that will last years of being read over and over again, Pop-Up Dinosaurs is sure to be a hit with your little one. This book is engaging and educational, presenting facts about dinosaurs alongside five dinosaur pop-ups. With four colorful pages, baby can memorize and look forward to each one!

Books for Learning = Numbers + Counting, Shapes and Colors

1. One Fish Two Fish

Dr. Seuss books often become family treasures thanks to their memorable phrases and unique illustrations. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is one of these treasured classics, and one of the best books for babies 6 to 12 months old, with its silly rhymes and funny and magical animals. This book is a wonderful introduction to Dr. Seuss and the imaginative world of his books.   

2. Color Zoo Board Book

Not only does the Color Zoo Board Book introduce babies to colors, but it also shows them a world of shapes and animals they’ll delight in. With die-cut pages that line up to create the shapes of many different animals, this book is both fun and educational and babies will love it.

3. My Very First Book of Shapes

With Eric Carle’s signature illustrations and the excitement of flipping its split-pages, My Very First Book of Shapes is a fantastic first shapes book for babies of any age. Parents and caregivers can help babies to align the upper page shapes with the matching bottom shape pages, and as babies get older, they can navigate matching the pages all on their own!

Sweet Biblical Books for your 6-12 Month Old Baby

1. Noah’s Ark

A beautiful and simple presentation of the story of Noah’s Ark, Noah’s Ark is created especially for babies and toddlers. Along with its sharing of the lesson God’s promise, the book helps babies learn to count and get to know the colors of the rainbow. Modern illustrations and simple text make it perfect for the youngest readers.

2. In the Beginning

In the Beginning tells the story of creation with language and visuals designed just for babies. With minimal but effective text, bold and simple artwork, and sweet presentations of Adam and Eve and the earliest animals, this book is a wonderful introduction of little ones to the stories of the bible and God’s love.

3. Found: Psalm 23

The powerful message of Psalm 23 is put into words babies will learn and love in Found: Psalm 23. This colorfully illustrated story brings Psalm 23 to life in a padded board book that is just the right size for a baby. The book is part of the series that includes the popular Jesus Storybook Bible.

Books for Girls 6-12 Months Old

1. Flora and the Flamingo

A book that little girls will cherish from baby years through school age, Flora and the Flamingo tells the whimsical story of Flora and her flamingo friend. Without any words, the sweetly feminine illustrations will engage any baby girl, and as she grows, she will love understanding how the story unfolds. 

2. Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You was first published more than 25 years ago and it continues to be one of the best books for babies 6 to 12 months old. The charming story of Little Nutbrown Hare captures the immense love between parents and their children, and little ones will adore the watercolor illustrations that bring the words to life.  

3. Ten, Nine, Eight

The perfect book for winding down as bedtime nears, Ten, Nine, Eight is a calming tale of a father and daughter. The wonderfully detailed illustrations and vibrant colors used throughout the book’s pages will capture baby’s attention, while the timeless story will be enjoyed for years to come. 

Books for Boys 6-12 Months Old

1. Love You Forever

If ever there was a book to bring tears to the eyes of a boy-mom, Love You Forever is it! Love You Forever tells the story of a mother’s love for her son, and his love for her as they go through life. The book’s words, though simple and paced well for reading to little ones, will resonate with any parent, while its artwork beautifully and perfectly accompany them. Love You Forever is especially wonderful as a gift for parents of a. baby boy.   

2. Buildablock

Little ones showing an early interest in trucks and machines will adore Buildablock, a fascinating board book featuring more than 24 construction machines. The book is filled with die-cut shapes that will intrigue little readers, as well as detailed illustrations they will love studying as you read to them. 

3. Where’s Spot?

Mischievous play is often synonymous with little boys, and Where’s Spot? is the perfect book for curious, growing little guys. The pages in Where’s Spot? feature lift-the-flap discoveries as readers search to find the elusive yellow puppy. The book’s simple story and illustrations make it one of the best books for babies 6 to 12 months old.

In Conclusion

Reading to babies is a wonderful thing for parents and caregivers to do early and to do often. This list of books for babies 6 to 12 months old will give you ideas about what books you might want to start with, whether you’re getting books for your family or as a gift for others. 

With thousands of children’s books in publication, we hope these highly rated books shared in the categories we’ve provided will let you narrow down your options and find a book perfect for the baby in your life.

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Best Books for Babies 6-12 Months Old That will Keep them Busy

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