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14 Unique ways to Announce Your Pregnancy To Parents

how to announce pregnancy to parents

You just found out you’re pregnant!! Congratulations! You have probably dreamed about this day for months or even years. Telling your family “We’re Pregnant” is such a special moment. Whether it’s your first or last little one, finding a fun way to announce this pregnancy to your parents is so exciting!

My husband and I could not wait to tell our parents that we were having a baby. We actually told them the night we got a positive pregnancy test because we couldn’t wait any longer. So, I totally understand your excitement to share the news!

We spent that whole morning looking for cute ways to tell our parents we were pregnant. These ideas that I’m sharing with you are some of my favorites that I found. I’ve included some that you can do right now and others that will require a bit more planning.

I’m so excited for you!! I hope these ideas help to spark an idea that will surprise your parents.

14 ways to Announce Pregnancy to your Parents!

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. Which means we will receive a commission, if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and other’s that we haven’t but think would make the perfect gift! 

1. Wrap Up Bibs/Pacifier/Gender Neutral Outfits

This is how we told our parents we were expecting! We needed to come up with something fairly quickly, so we went to Kohls and got 6 bibs. I wrapped them up in cute little gift bags.

We told them that we had got everyone a little something from this quaint town we visited the weekend before. When they opened them, they saw the bibs with sayings like “Grandmas favorite” and “New to The Crew.” If you can’t find Bibs, you could try pacifiers or even gender neutral outfits!

2. Play Fish Bowl or Charades

If our parents hadn’t been traveling and tired the day we announced we were pregnant, we would have done this! Our family LOVES to play fish bowl, so this would have been a fun way that they wouldn’t have expected. Here is the Fish Bowl Announcement I got the idea from:

If you haven’t played fish bow before here are the instructions. Your parents might be so focused  on learning a new game, they won’t even realize it’s a pregnancy announcement!

You could also play Charades, if you don’t want to teach them a new game!

3. A Surprise with Coffee

pregnancy announcement mug we're pregnant

Plan a brunch or dinner with your parents and tell them you will bring something warm to drink! Make some tea, coffee, or hot cocoa and wait for their reaction as they sip and notice their is a hidden message.

If you are planning this announcement for the future, you can order these coffee mugs on Etsy.

If you need it today, head to the dollar store and pick up some coffee mugs. Then head over to Michaels Craft Store and grab a porcelain pen. (Here is a tutorial.. I’ve done this before and it turned out great!)

4. Play Telephone 

I thought this was a good idea for telling a big group! Instead of just telling everyone at one time,  go around the table whispering “we’re expecting.” I would make sure my parents were at the end so they found out last.

5. Family Pictures..  Say “We’re Pregnant!” 

My family loves to take pictures, so I thought this would have been a good idea! Instead of saying cheese… say “We’re Pregnant!” This way we could capture their reactions on camera too. You would just need a tripod or a shelf to put your phone on.

6. Little Munchkin Arriving….

little munchkin donut pregnancy announcement idea

Maybe you want to surprise your parents at work, breakfast, or over dessert! Little munchkin arriving sign is a cute way to tell your parents that they will be grandparents.

7. Bun in the Oven 

The classic Bun in the Oven! I really wanted to this because we found out the day before thanksgiving. I thought it would be cute to put a single bun in the oven and ask my mom to grab it out! 

But, I decided not to do this simply because I wanted both of our parents involved!

8. Fortune Cookie Surprise

Who doesn’t love opening their Chinese fortune cookie after dinner?! Plan to order take out or invite your parents to a Chinese restaurant! 

Print out a paper to stuff the cookie with or order them pre-made!

Check out this DIY fortune cookie recipe!

You can bake them and design the “fortune” to say whatever you would like!

9.  Plastic Wrap Gift Game 

I’m sure you’ve seen this game on Facebook, where family members are trying to unwrap a gift that is wrapped in plastic wrap with an oven mit! If you haven’t seen this game, it’s really cute! This couple had a onesie wrapped up in the center. 

10. Sorry, I’m a Little Late

Give your parents a gift and say “I’m sorry, I’m a little late!” (Well you know… your period is actually late) You can wrap up your pregnancy test, ultrasound photo, onesie, or bib. This will be sure to shock them.. and they will totally forgive you for being late.

11. Paint Swatch Pregnancy Announcement

paint swatch pregnancy announcement idea

Ask your parents to help you pick out a paint color for your extra bedroom. Then give them pink and blue options to choose from! It might take them a few minutes to catch on, so maybe write “we’re pregnant” on the back.

12. Sing Happy Birthday to “Grandma”

If it happens to be one of your parents birthday, you can sing them happy birthday and replace their name with “grandma” or “grandpa!” They won’t see this one coming.

13. Starbucks Order for “Grandma”

starbucks order pregnancy announcement idea

 Order your parents favorite drinks from Starbucks, but have their new name on there! Head to their work or bring it over to surmise them. They may just be happy you brought them a drink and not notice the name on it!

14.  Dinner Menu Announcement

Take your parents out to dinner and get there before they do. This way you can put an ultrasound photo into the menu. When they open it, the photo will fall out!


Expecting a little on is just as exciting for your parents! Planning a special announcement for them will be something that they remember forever. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos, so you can remember this day!

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