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Is 6 Weeks Too Early to Announce your Pregnancy? – I’m so glad I did!

You just got a POSITIVE pregnancy test!! Congratulations! Now that the surprise has begun to wear off, you are wanting to tell everyone you know. But, you’ve heard that you should wait until the second trimester. Is 6 weeks too early to announce your pregnancy?

In short, you can announce you’re pregnant whenever you want! It’s your pregnancy and your baby, so do what feels right for you. Although it’s not typical to share the news at 6 weeks, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

is 6 weeks too early to announce your pregnancy?

Why We Chose to Announce Pregnancy to our Immediate Family BEFORE 6 Weeks

After finding out I was pregnant, my husband and I wanted to tell everyone in our family. But if I’m being honest, we didn’t know anyone who had done that. Most of our friends waited until the magical 12 week mark.

We got our BFP (Big Fat Positive) the day our family was flying in for Thanksgiving. So, we decided to tell our immediate family that night, since it would be the only time both sides would be together.

waiting to announce pregnancy to immediate family at 6 weeks

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Even if our family wasn’t all together, we would have told them immediately. It was such an exciting time, I don’t think we could have kept it a secret from them for very long.

We Told Close Friends + Family at 6 weeks

We ended up sharing the news with some of our very close friends and extended family right around 6 weeks. It was important to us that they knew, so we could celebrate this precious little baby. 

BUT, we waited to Announce on Facebook AFTER our First Ultrasound

At this time, my husband was in the military and we were stationed in Virginia. This meant that all of our friends and family lived far away. So, we wanted to share the news pretty early!

We ended up waiting until after our first ultrasound, just so we could confirm the heartbeat. For me, sharing our pregnancy on social media felt vulnerable. Although I was healthy, I of course worried about miscarriage and felt more comfortable waiting until after we heard the baby’s heartbeat. 

4 Reasons you will WANT to Announce Your Pregnancy at 6 Weeks:

#1 – You’re EXCITED!

From the second I saw the faint pink line, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I started jumping on the bed to wake my husband up! I don’t think I could have kept it a secret for very long.

#2 – If you miscarry, you will have SUPPORT.

It was important to us that we would have support if I miscarried. It took us over 7 months to get pregnant, so we know that we would be devastated if something happened. 

(Note: I don’t like talking about miscarriage because I worried my entire first trimester. I don’t want this to trigger anyone. But I want you to notice that I keep saying IF… because it’s truly just a chance. The odds are in your favor for a healthy pregnancy!)

#3 – No matter what, this little child’s life needs to be CELEBRATED!

Looking back, I wish I had this mindset. For my future pregnancies, I want to ALWAYS celebrate my children’s life. Even if it’s only a few days or weeks. This child is God’s gift to you, share the news and celebrate this pregnancy!

#4 – You don’t need to EXPLAIN why you are sick.

It wasn’t until 8 weeks that I started to feel nauseous. But, not having to explain why the Hibachi suddenly made me feel sick, was a bonus!

3 Reasons to WAIT until after 6 Weeks:

faint pink line pregnancy test

#1 – Confirmation of the HEARTBEAT.

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is magical. It’s the most beautiful sound you will ever hear. You may want to wait until after your first appointment, just to confirm that everything is going well. Sharing the news with your ULTRASOUND pictures.- Many moms want to use their ultrasound photos to announce their pregnancy. There are so many cute pregnancy announcement ideas with ultrasound photos on Pinterest. Waiting until after that first sonogram will make the news feel more real. 

#2 – You may want to ENJOY the news with just your immediate family.

There is something about taking some time to just enjoy this news with your immediate family. For us, it was such a precious time filled will joy and anticipation. It was nice to just enjoy those early weeks with those we love!

#3 – Each week (and actually every day) your chance of miscarriage DROPS.

Again, I don’t like talking about it, but every day your chance of miscarrying drops. So, the longer you wait the less likely it could happen. Remember the odds are in your favor though!

Is it Bad to Announce your Pregnancy Early?

As I mentioned earlier, you can announce your pregnancy whenever you want! It’s not bad to share the news early. Although, you will want to keep in mind that your risk for miscarriage is higher in the first trimester. This is truly the only reason that many parents wait to tell their family that they are expecting. 

Wrap Up…

I hope that my story about when we told our friends and family that we were pregnant encourages you to do what is right for you. Announcing your pregnancy at 6 weeks is truly up to you. There are so many pros and cons to sharing the news early, but whatever you choose I hope you enjoy your pregnancy, mama!

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