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Planning to get Pregnant in a Year: A Simple Guide to help you prepare your body!

You want to start preparing your body for pregnancy, but you don’t want to start trying for a while. This is a great space to be in. Whether you are type A or just know how beneficial it is to have a healthy body, here is a simple guide for planning to get pregnant in a year.

I started preparing my body to get pregnant about 6 months before my husband and I started trying. Although we didn’t get pregnant right away and I was pretty sure I did SOMETHING wrong. To be honest, you can plan all you want, but you can’t change God’s plans for this child. You will get pregnant in HIS perfect timing.

Now with that being said, after getting pregnant there are somethings I know I could have done differently to prepare my body to conceive. Next time we are ready to start TTC, I will do a few extra things.

Here are 10 things to do when planning to get pregnant in a year:

Before we get into all thing things you SHOULD be doing when planning to get pregnant in a year, here is a video I shot while TTC. But if you read on, you will see I’ve added things since having my daughter.

1. Prenatal Vitamins

  • Start taking them several months in advance!
  • Do your research and find one that has enough Folic Acid!
  • If you are worried about getting nauseous, take them with a meal

Prenatal Vitamins Video >> Click Here

2. Tracking your Cycle

  • Learn about the different methods of tracking; Basal Thermometer Method, Cervical Mucus, and Ovulations Tests.
  • Plan to track a several cycles before TTC! (This helps to know your ovulation window)

For Why You Should Track Your Cycle Video >> Click Here

Getting a Positive OPK/LH Test Video >> Click Here

3. Eating Well & Your Diet

  • Learn about the foods you should stay away from and those you should be including into your diet!
  • Start Eliminating the bad foods and excess caffeine about 90 days before TTC!

How to Start Eating Healthy Before TTC Video >> Click Here

Preconception Diet and Grocery Haul Video >> Click Here

How to Stop drinking Caffeine Video >> Click Here

4. Make Sure You are Eating ENOUGH Calories

  • When our bodies aren’t getting enough nutrients our cycles can suffer.
  • If you aren’t giving your body enough calories, it may be under stress.
  • Check Out Kori Meloy and her Freely Rooted Course for more information!

5. Exercise

  • Even just commit to 5 minutes a day!
  • Try switching up your workout routine… or trying something new!
  • My favorite things are: Yoga, Walking, and Strength training!

6. Stress

  • Start finding ways to cope with stress & try not to obsess over getting pregnant!

How NOT to stress about getting pregnant Video >> Click Here

How to STOP obsessing over getting pregnant Video >> Click Here

7. Bad Habits (Smoking and Drinking)

  • I feel like this is pretty obvious.. but if I didn’t mention it I would feel terrible!!

8. Make a doctors appointment

  • I thought it was so helpful to get some advice from my primary doctor. She was so willing to give me information!
  • This is a good time to ask questions you may have.
  • Also it feels good to know your body is healthy and ready to conceive! If there are things you could be doing to help your fertility, it’s important to learn those before trying to get pregnant!

9. Make a dentist appointment

  • In the little bit of research I did, I found that fluoride wasn’t the best thing for your body.. especially when trying to conceive.
  • It’s good to get any problems taken care of before getting pregnant!

10. Focus on YOU

  • When you take the time to focus on you, your stress will lower which is a huge factor in getting pregnant.
  • Start a new hobby or get involved in a new group.. just make sure it’s something you are enjoying.
Planning for a baby checklist Free Pre-Pregnancy Planning to get pregnant list to help prepare for conception

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