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What NOT to do during the Two Week Wait + How to Enjoy it

I’ve survived a few 2 week waits… but the first one was TERRIBLE!

It was crazy how much stress and anxiety came along with the waiting…. hoping… and praying for a positive pregnancy test. It was our first month of trying and I expected to react so much differently. I thought I SHOULD  be anxiously excited for the 2 week wait to be over, but instead I convinced myself we would never have a baby.

Let me tell you two things that are wrong with that last sentence; The words should and never need to be kicked out of my vocabulary. 

The word should makes me feel a lot of pressure. It makes me anxious thinking about all the ways I SHOULD be as a person. I should be excited. I should be grateful. I shouldn’t be worried. I could keep going….. because I really thought I should’ve been better during that 2 week wait. 

After hours of google searching and re-reading my temperature charts, I convinced myself we would never have a baby. Yup.. I went to that extreme. I simultaneously was convinced we would conceive our first month.. even though I just told myself we would never have our own children…… how does that even work?!

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I hope that somehow you can relate. Maybe you haven’t quite gone off the deep end, but either way this time can be worrisome. 

Here are things NOT to do during the TWW:

1.Get off FORUMS

I loved reading through forums. It was interesting and exciting to hear all the symptoms that other women were having. In a lot of ways these platforms were informative and could keep women encouraged during their TTC journey. But then came the worry……. “that didn’t happen to me” “she said her luteal phase is too short” “my temperature didn’t look like that.” Stop reading and don’t worry yourself to death!!!


As I’m writing this, another acquaintance has announced she’s pregnant….. again. I wouldn’t have known this if I wasn’t mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. Take these two weeks to detox. Social media can breed comparison, jealousy, and feeling like you are behind in life. If your friends really need to tell you something.. they will just call or text you!

3. Understand there are STAGES

-At the start, you are super positive and excited. You realize that your part is done, it’s out of your hands and in God’s control.

-Then you convince yourself that you are definitely pregnant. Every little symptom is a sign!

-Then you don’t “feel” pregnant…. you thought you would be one of those women that just knew. (Let’s be real…. nothing can actually be felt at this point!)

-Next you watch a bunch of videos of women getting BFP at 8 DPO.. and are convinced you are out for the month. Google becomes your bestie and you spend countless hours trying to figure out if it’s even a possibility.

-So you decide to take an early pregnancy test…. because if it worked for her.. it might work for you! But it’s negative so you throw it in the trash and cry because you think you’re out this month. WAIT……… you go back through the trash an hour later just to be 100% sure.. but it didn’t change……. it’s still negative.

-(CONCLUSION) Start changing your stages…. and live with a positive mindset. Is being worried about a negative test going to give you a BFP?? Absolutely not. You might as well enjoy the two week wait!

Here are some of the ways, I’ve learned to enjoy this time:

(on a side note….. I’m still far from perfect!)


I completely ditch exercising for these 2 weeks and focus on my mind. I’m learning how important it is for me to stress less especially when trying to get pregnant. Yoga is a way for me to focus on my breathing and be present. 


I’ve been reading about how anticipation and excitement can help to lower stress. This time around I’m trying something different, instead of trying to be “excited” for getting pregnant.. I give myself something else to get excited about. 


– Plan a fun weekend with your hubby!

– Go to the bookstore and get a new book.

– Head to the craft store and start that hobby you’ve been hoping to try. 

Here is the key though… you have to plan this BEFORE the 2 week wait starts.. this is going to shift your mind and focus it on your new thing!


That slight cramp.. probably has nothing to do with the fact that you are or aren’t pregnant. I love to symptom spot because it not only keeps my mind busy but it’s exciting to think “I could be pregnant.” If this habit only makes you excited…. By all means ignore this tip… but if you are like me obsessing only makes you more anxious. My doctor must have said 100x do not stress….. but I wish I took her more seriously. Try to distract your mind from obsessing and symptom spotting. This could be enjoy lunch with a friend, starting a new hobby, or reading a new book!


Set an event on your phone for the day you plan on taking a pregnancy test. Seeing this keeps me excited….. and most of all is a good reminder NOT to test too early. Each cycle, I get excited from symptom spotting and before you know it I’ve taken a test WAY too early…. Then I’m left disappointed. I’ve made a rule with myself to not test until the day my period is due.. but I keep in mind even this could be too early because let’s face it ovulation tests and charts can be wrong!


Call your friend and ask to vent. Sometimes we can gain clarity just by talking ourselves through a tough moment and if you can’t, your friend can most likely give some helpful advice. If you have busy friends or writing helps you process, try journaling. This can help you put things into perspective. There’s something about seeing your situation in writing that can make you realize reality versus the story you’ve made up in your head!


My faith has been strengthened because of journey of trying to conceive. Through this time I’ve learned how to lean on God for strength and patience. I’m not always the best of remembering to pray throughout my day, but taking the time to be in His presence reminds me how this is the Lord’s plan. 

Bible Verses for getting pregnant >> Click Here

The trying to get pregnant journey isn’t easy. It comes with a rollercoaster of emotions that can be draining both physically and emotionally.  Start preparing yourself for the two week wait before you even ovulate. Have a plan in place for when you start to worry and reward yourself when you’ve noticed a shift in your mindset.

You are strong… patient.. and amazing!!! Good luck…… I know you’ve got this!

– Alexis

P.S. Do you have any advice for the two week wait??

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