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What to Pray about to Conceive – 6 Things I Prayed for to get Pregnant

In the midst of tracking cycles and negative pregnancy tests, it can feel like you will never have a baby. Whether you’ve just started or have been TTC for a while, leaning into the Lord and trusting His timing is important. Let this season be a time to grow in your faith. Even though it may feel selfish at times, we need to be praying about conceiving.

My husband and I started TTC when the Lord began to nudge our hearts…. or so we thought. After 7 long months, we finally became pregnant. It wasn’t because I prayed differently or had a better relationship with Christ. The moment our daughter was conceived had already been planned and there was nothing I could do to change that.

I want you to know that I understand how hard this season is. Being a mama-in-waiting is not easy. But this season has a purpose… I promise that He will not waste it. I hope these 6 areas will help guide you in what to pray for when trying to conceive!

6 Things to PRAY about when trying to get pregnant!

Before you start praying to the Lord, there are a couple of things I want you to know.

  1. There is no magical prayer that will help you to get pregnant.
  2. You can not change when or how you become a mom.

Also, I want to encourage you to write down your prayers. This helped me to be intentional about what I was praying for and often helped when I became anxious. Let’s get into the 6 Things You Should be Praying about When Trying to Conceive.

1. Praying for God’s will and plan.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own desires and wants. Often, they even align with God’s will and plan, but not with our timing. Continue praying that He would help you to see the beauty in His perfect timing, that he would give you patience to stand still and be content in the season you are in.

2. Praying for your Faith.

Our faith is the foundation that our children will learn and grow from. It’s so important to start praying now that God would help strengthen your faith. Once you become a mother, your habits and actions will be an example of Christ to your children. Continue focusing on deepening your faith with the Lord!

3. Your body would be fruitful and healthy.

There are so many temptations out there (hello Reese’s Eggs hahah….) and it can be so difficult to keep your body healthy. A nourished body is an important part of your fertility. Pray that He would guide you in making good decisions that will help increase your fertility!

4. God would renew my mind

Our minds are so powerful. They have the ability to make us stress so much that our body won’t be able to get pregnant… or can allow us to live with joy in the presence of our creator! Pray that He would help us to focus our mind on how good He is!

5. Patience

I’m your typical girl, impatient! I wish I could have gotten pregnant according to my time table. I feel like I need to constantly have ask the Lord to help me be more patient, while I was trying to conceive. Pray and ask Him to calm your heart…. because He is our true source of joy and peace!

6. Preparing myself to be a mother

It is NEVER too early to be praying about the kind of mother you want to be. Children learn the most from their parents actions. While I was TTC, I was constantly praying that the Lord would help to prepare me to be a mom. Pray that your actions would start reflecting His character!

What the Desire to Get Pregnant Means

I get so many emails from women who question if God will ever give them a child. Obviously, I am not God.. but I do want to address my thoughts on this.

I believe that He places desires on our hearts. We know them by that nagging feeling you just can’t ignore. This longing is God-given. But, that doesn’t mean we are ready for His blessing.

I truly believe that the desires of our hearts are often God’s whispers to pray about it. This is how He encourages our relationship with Him. We need to be patient and stand still before Him. (Psalm 37:4-7)

Wrap Up…

It is never too early or too late to start praying to conceive. This is such a special time and a great opportunity to focus on your relationship with God. I hope these 6 areas of prayer will help you to pray for the blessing the Lord gives you and the mother you will become!

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