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Babies at Weddings Etiquette – The ULTIMATE Guide

What should you do about babies attending a wedding? Whether you are the bride or a guesting bringing your baby, there are some rules you should follow. In this ultimate guide for Babies at weddings etiquette, you will learn everything from how to know if your child is invited to creating a comfy space for them at your wedding.

Bringing Babies to a Wedding Etiquette

First, I want to chat about everything you need to know before bringing your baby to a wedding. If they are invited, there are some unspoken rules that you should follow. We will cover everything from how to know if your baby is invited to what to do with your child during the wedding.

At first thought, bringing your baby might sound like a great idea…. Although you can’t quite predict how they will behave. This can add unnecessary stress to your evening!

Can I Bring My Baby to a Wedding?

If you have been invited to a wedding, you are probably wondering if you can bring your baby. This is going to depend on the bride and grooms wishes. The invitation should clearly state whether or not the baby is invited.

Here are some hints on whether or not you can bring your baby:

#1 Who is the invitation addressed to? If baby’s name isn’t included, you can’t bring them.

#2 The invitation may state “adult only affair” or “family friendly”

If you still aren’t sure, you should probably arrange for child care. But if you want to reach out to the bride and groom, be sure to let them know that they SHOULDN’T feel obligated to say yes. You don’t want to put any pressure on them!

Should you Bring Your Baby to a Wedding?

If you figure out that babies are invited to the wedding, you will need to decide whether or not to actually bring them. In some ways it may feel easier, but depending on their age it may be nice to enjoy a night out!

Things to Consider BEFORE Bringing Your Baby to A Wedding:

  • Is your baby exclusively breastfeed? – If so, you probably want to bring them along!
  • How old are they? – Before babies are mobile, it’s much easier to bring them.
  • Do you have child care options? 
  • Maybe turn this into a date night with your spouse!
  • Is the bride or groom a close family member that would expect your baby to be there?
  • What time is the ceremony? Does it conflict with your baby’s schedule?
  • Are you okay with possibly missing the ceremony or the speeches? 
  • Are you bringing the baby just to show him/her off? (hint…. It’s not your day or your baby’s)
  • Will bringing your baby stop you from having good conversation with old friends and long distance family members?

How to Keep Your Baby Quiet at a Wedding

Even though your baby is invited and they are usually the center of attention, this wedding is all about the bride and groom. It’s important to be prepared for how to keep your baby quiet especially during the ceremony. Here are some tips for keeping your baby occupied during a wedding:

  1. Plan Feeding Time during the Ceremony. If you are nursing, try to hold baby off until the ceremony is about to start…. Everyone’s eyes will be on the bride a groom anyways.
  2. Pack a Special Snack. If your baby is enjoying solids, pack them a few new snacks that will keep them busy!
  3. Bring a New Toy. If you couldn’t tell already, you want to keep things new and exciting!

8 Tips for Bringing a Baby to a Wedding

  1. Start with a plan of action.
  2. Be OVERLY prepared for any possible situation that may arise.
  3. Nurse or feed your baby during quiet moments.
  4. Find a seat on the outside aisle towards that back, so you can be ready to excuse yourself if need be.
  5. Bring your stroller, but leave it in the car until nap time.
  6. Dress your baby accordingly, but bring a cute and comfy back up outfit!
  7. Bring your fabric wrap, so you can dance with your baby.
  8. Make sure you have someone attending the wedding with you in case something happens.

Inviting Babies to Your Wedding

If you’ve decided this is a family friendly event there are a few things you will want to do, to make parents and their babies a little more comfortable. 

I had babies and children at our wedding and it was the BEST decision. We so enjoyed watching the kids dance and play around. The babies that attended made the event that much more fun! Everyone we invited was close family and friends, so we wanted everyone (including the littles) to be there.

How do I Invite Babies to my Wedding?

When inviting babies to a wedding, you want to make it REALLY obvious. You could even write a special note in each of the invitations that lets them know their children are welcome!

Here are some ways to make sure parents know their baby is invited to the wedding:

#1 – Address the outer envelope to include baby. (Ex. The Smith Family or Mr. Joe Smith and Family)

#2 – Inner envelope is made out to EVERYONE in attendance. (If baby is not born you can put ‘Baby Smith’.)

#3 – Make sure the invitation says “Family Friendly Event”

#4 – Create a special insert for those with babies that lets them know they are invited! You could also include some of the things you are planning for them (more on this in a second!).

#5 – Give them a call! After the invites are sent, personally let them know that baby is invited. This way there is no confusion!

4 Tips for Having Babies at Your Wedding

I’m including EVERYTHING you may need to think about when inviting babies to your wedding. But, keep in mind that these things will depend on how many babies are in attendance. If only one of your friends has a baby, I wouldn’t worry too much about it!

  1. Create a Quiet Area. This allows mamas to nurse in private, get their baby to sleep, and to change their diaper.
  2. Hire a Baby Sitter. If you want the babies to be present, but don’t want parents to have to worry about them this is a great way to have the best of both worlds.
  3. Create Special Goody Bags. If the baby is old enough, have some special treats for them to enjoy!
  4. Let parents know if High Chairs are available.

My Thoughts…

Having children attend a wedding is such a fun way to celebrate the bride and groom. Although it’s not about the baby, there is a little more thought and preparation that goes into bringing them along. I hope this article on babies at a wedding etiquette will help you to make the best of this special event!

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