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(Honest) Lovevery Review | Is it Worth it? + My Biggest Regret

As a mom, I know how important playtime is for both me and my children. Until I was introduced to Lovevery’s play kits, I struggled to find toys that kept my daughter entertained. They have encouraged her to play independently and that’s my hope for your children too! (That’s why I’m writing a Lovevery review!!)

Lovevery creates high-quality toys that will also help your child’s brain development. 

lovevery review on playkits and toys are they worth it?

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

Today we are going to chat about the pros and cons of Lovevery’s toys, along with my honest thoughts on whether or not they are worth it. We will touch on if they are considered toxic, Montessori friendly, and how Lovevery subscription boxes work!

There are so many toys out there for babies and toddlers, but Lovevery is hands down the BEST quality toys you will find on the market.

What is Lovevery?

what is lovevery? 12 month old playing with lovevery play kit review

If you don’t know much about this brand, you may be wondering “what is Lovevery?”

Lovevery is a toy brand subscription service that delivers toys for babies and children, ages 0-4 years old, based on their developmental needs, right to your doorstep!

There is no guessing or wondering whether or not these toys will help your child to learn. The play kits are delivered every 2 months for the first year and then every 3 months for years one-three!

Lovevery toys are created with the intent to encourage independent play and to meet your kiddo in the stage they are at.

This takes the pressure off us moms…. so we can stop worrying if we helping our little one to grow and learn. I love that Lovevery toys are only encouraging our baby’s brain development. 

Is Lovevery Worth It?

After receiving three Lovevery play kits, I can honestly say that they are absolutely worth it! Not only do their toys keep my daughter entertained, but they are durable and such high quality. 

Although they may be a little spendy, I’m willing to invest in their toys. I think that if you plan on having more than one kiddo, it’s absolutely worth it to subscribe to Lovevery.

My only regret is that I didn’t buy them sooner! But my plan is when my next daughter is born, to start with the 0-2 month box and work our way up. That way our future kiddos will have high-quality toys that will last for years to come.

11 Things we LOVE about Lovevery…

15 month old playing with lovevery play kit

I cannot rave enough about Lovevery toys!! There are so many reasons why every parent needs them, so here are all the reasons I’m obsessed with Lovevery Toys.

1. The durability of these toys is amazing. They will last for years to come, which is important to our growing family!

2. Lovevery Toys are in line with the Montessori approach.

3. These toys are created to help our child’s Brain Development.

4. They encourage open-ended play.

5. Even when the next box comes, you can begin rotating toys because they find new ways to learn with them as they grow!

6. Each play kit is meant to Keeps Your Child engaged and busy since it meets their milestone.

6. Their customer service is awesome!!! If something happens to one of your toys, they are quick to replace it….. which brings me comfort when purchasing more expensive toys.

7. Each play kit includes books with REAL kids. These are my daughter’s favorite books and I believe it’s because they were created for the stage she is at!

8. The toys are non-toxic and made from sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, non-toxic paint, and baby-safe plastics.

9. If you lose a part, you can buy spare ones!

10. Experts have done all the research on what toys will help your baby to learn and develop appropriately for their age…. This takes the guesswork out for us!

10. Lovevery Toys are ascetically pleasing, which makes me a happy mama.

My Daughter’s Favorite Toys…..

  1. The Block Set
  2. Carrot Lid for Coin Box
  3. Books
  4. Nap Mat
  5. Threadable Bead Kit
  6. Flexible Wooden Stacker
  7. Wooden Stacking Peg Board
  8. The Lock Box
  9. Quilted Critters Pockets

Things to Consider Before Signing Up…

18 month old playing with lovevery toys

I have to be honest, there is only one thing that held me back from getting these from the start and that’s money. At the time, I thought they were overpriced.

Like I mentioned earlier, my only regret is not biting the bullet and getting the subscription sooner. I would have had high-quality toys for my future kids. I wish I had looked at it as an investment…… which makes the price 100% worth it!

The only other thing that I found disappointing is that my daughter didn’t play with every toy that came into the kit. But, I feel like that’s expected. 

How does the Lovevery subscription work?

First, you will want to head over to Lovevery and put in your child’s birthday. 

Then, they will choose the box that is best suited for your child based on their age!

Next, get ready to receive your first Lovevery play kit in the mail.

When Does Lovevery Ship?

Baby play kits are shipped every two months because their little brains are developing so fast.

Toddler play kits are shipped every 3 months because this is how long they will stay interested and engaged in each toy.

How much is Lovevery a month?

The baby play kits are $80 per kit and the toddler play kits are $120 per kit. This works out to be $36 a month for the baby set and $40 a month for the toddler kits.

Can I skip a Lovevery box? Or Can you Cancel Your Lovevery Subscription?

Yes, you can!! If you go under “manage subscriptions” it will give you the option to skip or cancel! But, if you are having trouble they have no problem with helping you out via email!

When should I start using Lovevery?

As soon as you learn about lovevery, you need to start using it! I plan on starting with the 0-2 month box with my second baby. I wish I had done this with my first, so we had high-quality toys to pass down to the next one!

Can you Buy Lovevery Toys Separately?

If there is a toy in one of the Lovevery play kits that you want, unfortunately, you can not buy it separately. But like I mentioned earlier if something gets broken, you are able to buy replacement parts. Sometimes you can find these toys used, but we will get to that in a bit.

There are two ways that you can buy single toys from Lovevery:

1. Shop Their Website

On the Lovevery shop portion, they have a block set, wooden pull toy, and a tunnel.

2. Target

I was surprised to find that Lovevery and Target had partnered together! They have a few wooden toy options a hide and dropbox, stacking stones, and a wobble stacker! Shop Lovevery at Target.

Can you Buy Lovevery Kits Used?

If you can’t find a way to fit lovevery toys into your budget, I’ve seen them for sale on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Good Buy Gear, and Mercari!

I would keep my eyes out on there for a deal!

My thoughts…

If you are planning on having more children, every parent needs to invest in Lovevery Play Kits. They are not only great for your child’s brain development, but they will give you peace of mind too. I hope this Lovevery Review helped you see why I regret not buying their toys sooner!

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