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17 Sprinkle Baby Gift Ideas for the Parents-to-Be… Again!

Hurray! Someone is welcoming another bundle of joy into their family! While baby showers are common and usually reserved for first-borns, baby sprinkles are a newer tradition and a fun way to celebrate a couple’s growing family. If you’ve recently been invited to a sprinkle and need help deciding on what to bring, take a look at this list of baby sprinkle gift ideas we’ve gathered to get you started.

Gifts aren’t required at sprinkles, but when they’re given, they help parents to stock up on “new baby” necessities as well as gender-specific items they may not already have. Whether the parents are finding out and sharing the gender of their new baby or keeping it a surprise, we’ve provided gender neutral, baby girl, and baby boy gift ideas that are sure to be used and loved!

Gender Neutral Sprinkle Baby Gifts

1. Muslin Cotton Burp Cloths

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Any parent knows that burp cloths are used around the clock and around the house with a new baby! These super soft muslin burp cloths absorb spit up quickly and get softer with every wash. They’re big, too, so mom and dad can use them as blankets or to keep baby cozy during feedings. Many parents also use them as towels after newborn baths, to wipe runny noses, and as washcloths, so you can rest assured this gift won’t go unused!

2. Baby’s First Year Memory Book 

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The first year of a baby’s life is filled with milestones and seems to fly by. This adorable baby book has many spots for photos, notes, and special memories mom and dad will cherish forever. Having somewhere to document along the way can provide for a sentimental keepsake parents will treasure.

3. Baby Toiletries

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Baby bath supplies are always needed, and many parents are now interested in those that have more natural qualities and fewer ingredients. This set of Honest products has products made without harmful chemicals, making them safe for a new baby’s sensitive skin. With a lavender scent that is calming for baby and mom and dad, the whole family will love using these products.

4. Something for Mom – Lavender Vanilla Soy Candle

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While a lot of baby sprinkle gift ideas are centered on the baby, moms love a gift that will help them relax through the sometimes-exhausting days of having a newborn. A mom will love lighting this hand-poured Lavender Vanilla Soy Candle and breathing in its relaxing scent. You can even personalize the lid with a short note of encouragement for her.

5. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light

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This sound machine is a game changer for establishing sleep routines and helping them to sleep soundly. The Hatch Baby Rest does it all, as a sound machine, night light, and time-to-rise indicator. It connects to mobile phones via Bluetooth making it easy for parents to adjust its settings at any time, plus it’s programmable. From providing soothing sounds for the baby to helping parents teach their toddler when to get out of bed in the morning, this is a practical gift that is sure to be appreciated!

6. Comfy Cubs Adjustable Swaddle Blanket

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Newborns love the safe, womb-like feeling that swaddles give them. A set of adjustable swaddle sacks gives parents a helpful tool to help their newborns sleep comfortably. Velcro tabs make it easy to put the snug swaddle on the baby, and parents will love not having to navigate the origami-like experience of swaddling with a blanket!

7. Amazon Gift Card + Greeting Card

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Unsure of what baby sprinkle gift ideas might be right for a pair of expectant parents? When in doubt, an Amazon gift card lets parents stock up on essentials, or things they want, in order to prepare for their new arrival. Whether they choose to load up on diapers, wipes, PJs, or items for their medicine kit, a gift card will help the growing family take care of their needs.

Girl Sprinkle Baby Gifts

8. Marshmallow Zoo Lamb Super Soft Stuffed Animal

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Nothing is cuter than the sight of a baby sweetly snuggling their stuffed animals. This soft Marshmallow Zoo Lamb is sure to become a favorite with its beautiful and soft fabric. Also, It’s safe for babies of all ages to love, and parents will like that it can be machine washed when needed.

9. Carter’s Onesies Short Sleeved Body Suits

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Essential baby clothes are always in high demand, and clothing basics such as onesies are something a family can always use. A set of feminine colored short-sleeve bodysuits like these from Carters are perfect for a new baby girl. They can be worn on their own, with bottoms, or under PJs, making them versatile and useful!

10. Baby Moccasins

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Great for dressing a baby girl up for a fancy outing, or paired with tiny pants or little dresses, baby moccasins are the perfect little shoes! These hand-made leather baby moccasins are comfortable and stay put on baby’s feet nicely thanks to their elastic heels. They are a precious alternative to sneakers and booties for the little lady’s feet.

11. Bow Headbands

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Dressing up with bows is one of the most fun parts of having a girl, and all of the baby sprinkle gift ideas for a baby girl, bows are the most fashionable!! This set of 10 Big Bow Nylon Baby Headbands includes your pick of colors and will provide for an accessory for any outfit or occasion. Mom and Dad can skip the hassle of trying to affix little clips to fine baby hair with these comfortable headbands featuring hand-tied bows.

12. Car Seat Cover

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Baby girl is sure to be on-the-go with her family often, and in the early months, she will often be in her car seat. This MHJY Car Seat Canopy features a pretty print and will provide full cover to the little lady as she enjoys the ride from her car seat. Mom can also use the canopy as a breastfeeding cover or blanket, making it a really helpful item for families when they’re out and about!

Boy Sprinkle Baby Gifts

13. Baby Boy Bandana Drool Bibs

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Bibs are popular when it comes to baby shower gift ideas because everyone needs them! Whether you’re using them to protect the new little boy’s outfit from milk and spit up, solids, or adorable baby drool, bibs are a must-have for new babies. This set of Bandana Bibs for little boys snap on easily and are made from soft organic cotton. With a variety of prints, there is one to go with any outfit, making these bibs stylish and functional!

14. Boy Definition Nursery Sign

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Help mom and dad get the little gentleman’s nursery ready for him with a piece of art for his walls. A simple sign like this Boy Definition sign is cute, stylish, and a perfect welcome for the little boy who will call the room his. Choosing something simple and neutral will help your gift blend in with any nursery color or theme.

15. Baby Boy Hats by Gerber

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Sweet little baby heads benefit from being kept warm. A new baby boy will look precious and feel comfortable in this set of Gerber Caps, with several designs to choose from. These hats have a ribbed cuff that lets parents adjust them for a perfect fit and will look adorable on the little guy!

16. Cozy Fleece Snap-On Booties by Zutano

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Baby shoes are much like socks, with one always seeming to get lost or disappearing thanks to the tendency for little feet to kick or pull them off. A pair of soft, fleece booties with snap closures like these Zutano booties will keep baby boy’s feet warm and cozy, and they will stay on his feet! They can also be washed without losing their shape or fit, a definite requirement for anything a baby boy will be wearing.

17. Wooden Name Puzzle

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Handmade and personalized gifts often become treasured keepsakes over the years. This customizable wooden name puzzle is a charming nursery decoration when baby boy is a newborn, and will be a fun toy to play with and discover as he gets older, learns letters, and begins to spell his name.

Should You Give Money as a Sprinkle Baby Gift?

While cash can of course be used by expecting parents, the downside to a cash gift is that it can be seen as impersonal, or perhaps less thoughtful. A good alternative to giving an envelope with money is to instead give a gift card. Also, Most national retailers, both brick & mortar and online, have gift cards available for purchase, and getting one from a business that sells baby products is always a safe bet. 

Another alternative to cash that is sure to be a hit with mom and dad is buy using that money for a gift card from a food delivery service that delivers in their area. The gift of a hot meal of their choice that they don’t have to make will definitely be a hit!

Happy Sprinkling!

Celebrating the parents we love and new arrivals to their families creates wonderful, memorable moments in time, and hopefully this list of baby sprinkle gift ideas helps you as you decide on a gift for them. 

Whether you choose a lovable gender neutral present, something sweet and feminine for a new baby girl, a fun and customized surprise for the handsome little man, or a gift card to let the parents choose what they want or need, your contribution to “sprinkling” a growing family as they prepare for their little one will be appreciated.

Enjoy sprinkling them with your love and encouragement!

Best Sprinkle Baby Gift Ideas

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