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Trusting God when trying to get pregnant!

{Trusting the Lord when trying to conceive}

I wasn’t going to post this video. I actually deleted the first one I recorded because I didn’t feel as if I was in any position to talk about trusting Him.

I had a “breakthrough” moment last night. It started off as a breakdown.. hahah. I was stressed beyond all belief and just didn’t know how to handle everything. There I sat in prayer with Him.. the only thing that could change my state of mind.

God so gently encouraged me to record this again.. and share all that I’ve learned over the last several months.

Trusting in God when trying to get pregnant, can be so hard. Especially when we feel like it is our calling… or what we have been made for. Ever since I was a little girl, I felt that I was meant to be a mother.

I promise that your desires aren’t off… or wrong!! God just has a perfect plan… something we couldn’t have even dreamed of! Often he needs us to let go of our ideas and time tables to make room for Him to work.

It’s so important to remember that He wants what’s best for you and knows exactly what you need!

If you are new to the “Pre-Pregnancy Prep” Series, I want to welcome you to the family!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I share with you my journey as I prepare for Pregnancy! This is about all the little changes I make, every weak so I can be healthy and prepared to conceive.

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