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The 10 TTC Must-Haves – That Helped Me To Get Pregnant

Doesn’t it feel like there are a thousand things you should be doing to get pregnant? But for some reason, you just haven’t got a positive test yet. 

I remember feeling overwhelmed and discouraged with all the do’s and don’ts. So whether you have just started trying or have been on this journey for a while, here are some of my TTC Must-Haves that helped me to conceive.

Although these Must-Haves won’t guarantee you a positive pregnancy test this month, they will help you to prepare your body for this amazing miracle! Plus, they could help stack the odds in your favor… which is better than nothing!

After my husband and I decided to grow our family, I began doing research on how to get pregnant fast and I quickly learned that this process was about more than just perfect timing. There is also a little bit of planning and whole lot of faith.

My Top 10 Trying to Conceive Must-Haves

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. Which means we will receive a commission, if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

1. Ovulation Tests 

The very first thing you’ll need when you’re trying to conceive, are ovulation tests. If you are new to TTC, determining your ovulation window is key to getting pregnant! Without knowing this, you could miss your opportunity for the month.

I actually have a video where I talk through how I was able to find the exact day I ovulated!

Tips on Ovulation Test:

  • Buy Test Strips – You want to be sure you are buying the test strips. The clear blue or drugstore brands are pretty pricey and you will need more than 1-2 a month!
  • Pregmate Ovulation Tests These were my favorite! Not only were they inexpensive, but they worked really well at helping me to determine my ovulation window.
  • Test Several Times a Day – Sometimes our LH surge happens when we aren’t expecting it! Try testing a few times a day around your calculated ovulation date for a fairly accurate ovulation window!

2. Fertility Tea

The next thing for my TTC Must-Haves is fertility tea! I absolutely loved Pink Stork Fertility Tea. I used this tea for 3 months prior to getting pregnant and I think it definitely contributed to my conception.

Disclaimer: Get 15% off ALL products on with the exception of bundle products and subscription orders when you use the code ALEXIS15! This code is also an affiliate link which means I will make a small commission off of a sale. But, this is no extra cost for you!

There are a few herbs that I looked for when choosing a fertility tea – Chaste Berry, Red Raspberry Leaf, and Nettle. For more information on how to choose the best Fertility Teas and Herbs click here!

3. Wear Socks

The month I conceived, I heard that wearing socks and keeping your feet warm can help you get pregnant. Basically, this a Chinese medicine trick that states your feet and uterus are connected. So if your feet are cold, your uterus will be cold and this can make it harder to conceive.

It’s definitely worth it to wear socks or double up! I actually wore slippers around the house at all times, so if you’re a slipper person I would keep them on all day.

I wrote a little bit about the research I found on how wearing socks can help you to conceive… check that out here!

4. Chart Your Cycle

The fourth thing on this list is charting your cycle. This is really gonna help you be more accurate when you’re trying for a baby.

You can do this charting apps or a charting journal, but either way, knowing your cycle is a healthy in general. And it’s especially important while you’re trying to conceive so that you know when your phases are and when your ovulation window is.

The app I use to keep track is Natural Cycles. This is great for both women who are ttc or trying to prevent pregnancy!

5. Prenatal Vitamins

Next is Prenatal vitamins. This is something I struggled with a bit at the beginning. I began taking a prenatal vitamin about 4 months before I started TTC. My doctor recommended that women in childbearing years should preemptively take prenatal vitamins just in case they do ever become pregnant. It’s so important to have that folate in your system.

Most prenatals made me really nauseous, so my doctor told me to take a generic one. I switched to the Pink Stork’s Gummy prenatal and I LOVE it. Make sure you use my coupon code ALEXIS15 for 15%off!

6. Real Food for Pregnancy

Next is Real Food for Pregnancy book by Lily Nichols. Yes I know, it says pregnancy but I believe that you should be eating like you’re already pregnant!

I’ve done a full book review on this which you can read all about here. It is truly the BEST book out there. It helped me to learn what foods I should be consuming for my body and future baby, and which ones I shouldn’t.

7. Basal Thermometer

If you don’t know what a Basal Thermometer is, you probably should go buy one! The last two digits of your basal temperature are what tell you where you’re at in your cycle. This will be endlessly helpful in determining when your body is ovulating and ready to conceive.

I got my thermometer through the Natural Cycles app and it’s very accurate. Keep in mind that cheaper thermometers can be slightly off, so make sure you get a good one!

8. Cheap Pregnancy Tests

I found that buying a lot of cheap pregnancy tests is super helpful to be able to test more frequently – for a fraction of the cost.

Then I purchased only a couple of the First Response and Clear Blue Test, that are more accurate for when your cheap tests look positive – as a double check method.

I recommend the Pregmate Pregnancy Tests in the 50 quantity! I will give you a heads up, if you like to test really early (like 8 DPO) it probably won’t show a faint line yet. I had a VERY VERY faint line at 10 DPO. (Check Out How I found out I was Pregnant!)

9. Vitamin C + D

These vitamins are super important whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not. There are so many benefits and even purported to help with fertility and with conception.

I took these in addition to my prenatal! Of course, you should ask your doctor how much is healthy for you to be taking.

12. Avocados and Pineapple

My last recommendation is to eat lots of avocado and pineapple.

Avocados – The way they help with TTC is by being a superfood that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. This helps the body be healthy and ready for a baby!

Pineapple – The key is the enzyme bromelain which has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with implantation of the embryo. Some people recommend eating the core, but I found it was a little to crunchy and bitter for my liking.

I made tons of guacamole and ate pineapple just before I ovulated, the month we conceived! That was actually the first month I increased the amount…. and I think this could be another factor that helped me to get pregnant.

Recommendations from the BOL Family

I asked the Bless Our Littles Family on Instagram, what helped them to get pregnant and here is what they recommended:

  1. “Fertility Acupuncture” – From: Jenntervo
  2. “The Premama Fertility Support Drink Mix” – From: emenquist
  3. “I ate avocados because they help increase your progesterone!” – From: Taylor

In Conclusion…

It can be a bit confusing, and even overwhelming, when you’re trying for that baby, and at the same time, you’re trying to absorb all the advice and knowledge your brain can possible handle.

I understand the feeling, I tried to conceive for a little over 7 months and implemented each of the ten bullet tips above into my life. During that time I learned a lot and I hope this Top 10 TTC Must-Haves list helped to highlight and point out all of the methods and tools I combined to be successful with my own conception. It really is a fusion of healthier food items, lifestyle choices, and proper planning that goes into being successful and finally getting that positive test result.

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TTC Must-haves that helped me get pregnant

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