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37+ Unique Names for Uncles – How my Brother Chose his Nickname

the best names for uncles - uncle holding niece

The role of an uncle in a young child’s life is huge. They are a source of great fun and silly jokes. They are a person you can go to for advice, and they are just plain awesome! Most of the time kids come up with their own nicknames, but hopefully this list of the best names for uncles will help pick the perfect name.

While there are many people who go with the traditional name that is “uncle” with their name they go by coming second, some uncles-to-be may want something a little more unique and memorable. It seems like in this day and age, everybody in the family is getting a cool and fun name or nickname for themselves when a new baby arrives. Grandmas, grandpas, and even aunts are getting their own custom name, so it’s only fair that we start thinking about cool names for the uncles as well! 

Classic Names for Uncles

When you’re starting to decide the best names for the uncle in your life, you’ve got to start with the classics. Wherever you see “x”, it means the name that you go by. For example, if your name is Alex, then for the first classic uncle name, you would call him Uncle Alex.

  • Uncle X
  • Unk
  • Unkers
  • U. X.

Uncle in Other Languages

Maybe you want your child to call the uncle-to-be in your life something from your family’s heritage. If so, you could always call him “uncle” in the language that your family originates from. Or, you could simply pick one that you feel fits your uncle and sounds great! 

  • Oom- Dutch
  • Oncle- French
  • Onkel – German/Norwegian
  • Anakala- Hawaiin
  • Uncail – Irish
  • Zio- Italian
  • Unchi- Romanian
  • Tio- Spanish
  • Farbror – Swedish

Funny Uncle Names

If you’ve got a hilarious uncle-to-be, then he should have an uncle nickname that fits his humor. If you base his nickname off his personality or an outstanding quality he may have, it’s bound to be funny and memorable. Here are some examples…

  • Uncle Goofy
  • Uncle Goof
  • Uncle Smiley
  • Uncle Sleepy
  • Uncle Grumpy

By picking an uncle named based on personality traits, it is bound to be funny and memorable! 

Uncle Nicknames

When we were helping my brother (Scott) come up with cool uncle nicknames, we wanted something easy for my daughter to say. We didn’t want anything too crazy. He wanted to keep it close to his name, yet unique.

Instead of the generic “Uncle Scott”, we decided on Uncle Scod. I know it may sound strange, but this nickname actually came about because our little sister has always called him Scod….So Uncle Scod just seemed like a perfect fit!

Maybe the uncle in your life wants to continue the tradition of his nickname through his newfound uncle name. Just like my example with Uncle Scod, the best names for uncle may simply be the ones that are right under your nose! Think about the uncle-to-be in your life and their current nicknames to draw inspiration. You may be surprised that coming up with the perfect name may be a lot easier than you may think! 

If the uncle-to-be in your life doesn’t have an identifiable nickname, then you may want to come up with a nickname for them. Like the list above, you could come up with a nickname based on their personality, but you could also come up with a nickname based on things they love or even the way they look.

  • Uncle Bear 
  • Uncle Tadpole 
  • Uncle Camper 
  • Uncle Speedy
  • Uncle Buckee
  • Uncle Sporty
  • Uncle Money
  • Uncle Sparky

Common Uncle Nickname by Name

If, after thinking about all of these names and nicknames, you think you may want something closer to your actual names, then you can always come up with or think of a nickname based on their name. 

Below, I’ve included the most common names for men and provided some basic nicknames you may want to consider. Then, you simply throw an “uncle” in front, and voila! You have the perfect uncle name that is nice and simple! 

  • Alex- A, Ax, Al
  • Michael- M, Mike, Mikey, Mickey, Mik
  • Christopher- C, Chris, Critter
  • Matthew- M, Matt, Matty
  • Joshua- J, Josh, Joshy, Big J
  • Jacob- Big J, Jake, Jaco
  • Nicholas- Nick, Nicky, Nico
  • Andrew- Andy, Drew, A
  • Daniel- D, Danny, Dan Dan
  • Tyler- Ty, Ty Ty, T-man
  • Joseph- J, Joe-Joe, Joey

In Conclusion…

At the end of the day, the most important thing to consider when picking an uncle’s name is the person who will be named. You’ve got to take into account their personality and their wishes because it’s a name they’ll be stuck with for a long time. But, as you can see, you can definitely find a name for anyone!  

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