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Godfather Gift Ideas – 17 Thoughtful Gifts That He Will Love

Choosing a godfather for your child is an important decision that will impact your child for the rest of their life. A godfather is someone who will watch over your child as a mentor and father figure. Whether your child is getting baptized or another special occasion is approaching, you may be looking for godfather gift ideas. There are so many gift ideas out there that you may have trouble picking just one. As you search for the perfect gift, remember the most important part of gift-giving is showing the love and appreciation you have for that person. 

If you don’t already have an idea of what you would like to buy, the process of shopping for a meaningful gift can be daunting. To help narrow down the search for you, we’ve come up with a list of 17 godfather gift ideas for the special father figure in your life or your child’s life.

17 Godfather Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Tie Clip

Personalized gifts are always a great choice, especially when they’re practical as well. If your child’s godfather wears a tie to work, he will love this personalized tie clip. It’s always sweet to have something to look at throughout the day to remind you of those you love. 

2. Engraved Wooden Watch

This personalized watch is not only a sentimental reminder of their godchild, it’s also a gift a godfather can use and wear every day. The watch is made from real wood and has an authentic leather band for durability. You can also choose a personalized message to be engraved on the back of the watch.

3. Man of Courage Mug

A mug may not seem like a very unique gift, but this mug will not only remind the godfather in your life how highly you think of him, it will also remind him that he is strong and courageous. On the toughest days, he’ll be able to use this mug and be reminded of the little one in his life who is looking up to him.

4. Baptism Block

This baptism block is a wonderful purchase if you’re looking for godfather gift ideas for a baptism or christening. The engraved block can be personalized with your child’s baptism date, the names of his/her godparents, and a few other details. You can also add your own personalized quote or a note to the godfather.

5. Isaiah 40:31 Leather Wallet

Isaiah 40:31 is a verse that reminds us our strength is in the Lord, and every time your child’s godfather pulls out his wallet he will be reminded of this encouraging verse. A wallet is a practical gift for any guy and something he will always need to carry with him.

6. Personalized Glass

The best gifts are the ones that someone actually uses, and this glass is a great example of that. The personalized glass can be engraved with the year your child was born, and it makes a great gift because it allows them to show off their godfather status.

7. Custom Picture Frame

As simple as it is, sometimes the best gift a godparent can receive is a picture of their godchild. This picture frame takes that idea a step further by adding in a personalized message from your little one. The godfather in your life will appreciate the opportunity to be reminded of their godchild while they’re working in the office or at home.

8. Stand Strong Devotional Book

As Christians, the meaning of godfather is a little bit more than just someone who looks out for your child. The person you choose as godfather is also meant to help guide your child’s spiritual life and encourage them in their relationship with the Lord. We love the idea of a godfather gift that acknowledges the Christian side of being a godparent. This devotional book makes a great gift for your child’s godfather because it will help him stand strong in his faith, no matter what trials come his way.

9. Personalized Compass

Proverbs 3:5 says “In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (NIV) A compass is a great reminder of the direction you are walking in life and the faithful God who is leading you there. Not only is this compass symbolic of the relationship between your child and their godfather, it is also a useful tool that a godfather can carry anywhere. This gift can be personalized on both the front and inside with a message for your child’s godfather.

10. Leather Journal Gift Set

A writing set makes a great gift for the godfather in your life no matter what profession or hobbies he has. This set is a great choice because it’s handmade and comes complete with a leather bookmark, journal, and stylish pen. Whether your child’s godfather travels a lot or simply could use a new notebook to write his ideas in, this set is durable yet small enough to carry around. 

11. Custom Engraved Bible Cover

A Bible cover is a unique godfather gift idea and this cover made by The Wedding Party Store comes with a free engraving. Bible covers make great gifts for Christian men to help keep their Bibles from getting torn and worn out. With a personalized message and name on the front, your child’s godfather will think of your little one every time he pulls out his Bible.

12. All in One Multi Tool

While most men have a toolbox in their garage, a multi-tool is essentially a tool box you can carry in your pocket. This multi tool is light-weight, durable, and includes twelve different types of tools. Not only is a multi-tool a unique gift for godfathers, it’s also practical and it shows how much you care.

13. Custom Leather Keychain

Keychains are simple gifts but the best part about them is you can take keychains everywhere with you. This custom leather keychain is a great gift for a godfather because it will be a daily reminder of how important he is to you and your family.

14. Premium Tie Set

Ties are another simple but meaningful gift for your child’s godfather. A man can never have enough ties and this set comes with handkerchiefs, tie clips, and cufflinks. It’s also highly-rated and great quality material so the receiver of this gift will be able to use it for many years.

15. Wooden Docking Station

When you’re looking for godfather gift ideas, the first question you probably asked yourself is “What does he need?” The good news is this wooden docking station is a useful gift that every man needs. Instead of forgetting where he put his watch, phone, and keys, now he’ll have a central location where he can keep them all.

16. Grill Accessories Kit

If the godfather you’re shopping for is into grilling, a grill set will be perfect for him. This grill accessory kit is highly rated and comes with everything he needs to start grilling inside or outside. Each piece of the set is durable, easy to clean, and can easily be transported from one place to another.

17. Handprint Frame

When you’re looking for a godfather gift idea for your child’s baptism, you can’t go wrong with something sentimental. This frame comes with everything you need to capture your child’s handprint and includes a special message for their godfather. 

What do you traditionally give to godfathers?

Trying to find the right gift for a godfather can seem overwhelming, especially when there are so many options out there. Although godfather gifts can range from a t-shirt that says “Best Godfather in the Galaxy” to a message spelled out in chocolate, you may be wondering what types of gifts are traditionally given to godfathers.

Personalized gifts are traditional when giving a godfather gift for a baptism. It’s common to give a godfather something that will remind him of his role and the day of his godchild’s baptism. Although plaques, keychains, and personalized picture frames make wonderful gifts, you can also branch out to find another gift such as a personalized journal or even a custom engraved pocket knife

How much money should you spend on a godfather gift?

A godfather gift is a way of showing your gratitude for the role they play in your life or your child’s life. Although the relationship they have with your child is priceless, you want to make sure you spent an appropriate amount on their gift.

There isn’t one set amount that you should spend but spending $25-50 would be appropriate for a godfather gift.

In Conclusion….

Godfathers play such an important role in the lives of our children, and it’s hard to find ways to express how much they mean to us. A godfather can be a mentor and spiritual guide who will influence our children’s lives forever.

When it comes to finding a godfather gift, remember that most guys would appreciate something practical or sentimental but if you find something that fits into both categories, you’ve likely found the perfect gift. 

Godfather Gift Ideas

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