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Fertility Affirmations: Positive Thoughts and Mantras to Get Pregnant

Not long ago, I had this picture ingrained in my mind….. a negative pregnancy test. It kept me up at late at night worrying and it started to weigh heavy on my and my husband.

This mental picture caused me so much worry and anxiety, and I couldn’t get it to go away. After confiding in a friend about all of this, she suggested I try fertility affirmations. I can honestly say that these simple, daily reminders helped me to find a little more peace and joy through my TTC process.

What If I Never Become Pregnant?

Before my husband left for deployment, we decided to take a “no pressure” approach to getting pregnant. We decided to start trying with the attitude that “if it happened it happened, and if it didn’t that was okay.” We were just hoping that with perfect timing, we would have a little one by the time he came back home. But, when those tests started showing negative, it hit harder than I imagined.

I remember sitting in the bathroom trying not to cry, even though we both had agreed on “if it happens, it happens.” Shortly after, negativity started to creep in. I began making up stories in my mind with all kinds of “what-ifs”…. but the one that scared me most was, “What if you never will be able to conceive?”

I hung onto these scary words. I couldn’t get them out of my head.  “You may never become pregnant.”…..”You may never have your own children.”  These phrases consumed me. This mindset caused me so many sleepless nights and so much anxiety.

Then I was introduced to this idea of positive fertility affirmations and visualization, picturing positive outcomes. 

Affirmations have become one of the most useful tools to changing my negative mindset, and I am so thankful for my friend who suggested this idea! It made such a big impact on my mindset during this journey. I even created a visual dream board to help my mind to begin believing in positivity!

Enjoy this list of positive fertility affirmations to share with you including: 11 affirmations for pregnancy and 5 positive affirmations for the two week wait. 🙂

Here 11 Positive Fertility Affirmations to help you begin visualizing a more positive future:

1. I am doing the best I can with what I know.

There’s just something so reassuring about knowing that I am doing everything I can. It’s hard to explain, but there’s almost a peace within this affirmation knowing that I am doing my part, but also that I am not in full control of the outcome. I must do everything I can in my power, then leave the rest to God.

2. My body was made for having children.

I know that there are many women out there who struggle with infertility and are not able to have children. And even if that is me, it’s important that I reassure myself with this affirmation and know that I am designed for creating life within my body. God designed the female body specifically to bear children, and I am blessed to have this body.

3. Reducing stress or changing ___________ about myself is a process.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Our bodies, habits, and mindsets weren’t either. It all takes time and it’s reassuring to affirm that everything is a process. This will take time, and that’s okay.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson goes on to explain the importance of little decisions and slight changes that contribute to overall success and change. He, like this affirmation, highlights the importance of the process. Every day and every small victory will lead to the result that I desire.

4. I can picture us holding our little one.

Visualization has actually been scientifically proven to make a positive impact on your goals and aspirations! This fertility affirmation does just that. Taking time out of your day to visualize holding your child can make a big impact.

5. I can not control everything.

Similar to the first fertility affirmation, there is some comfort in knowing that we are not in control. At the end of the day, it is God’s will that will determine what happens, and the key is to simply trust. Trust in His plan because it is way better than any plan I have for myself.

6. I am loved for who I am today.

The people in my life that matter most–God, husband, family, and friends–love me for who I am. They don’t love me for who I was in the past or who they want me to be in the future. Right now, at this point in my life, I am loved.

7. I am getting healthy so my body can conceive.

With this fertility affirmation, it’s another reminder that I am doing the right thing for the right reasons to the best of my ability. I am working hard to prepare my body to be a home for my precious little girl for nine months, and I want to be sure it is a space that is healthy and will help her to thrive and grow! 

8. I am patient/happy/excited/ready.

A positive mindset may be difficult, but it is essential. By repeatedly saying these affirmations, it will help to be reminded of all the positivity and happiness that is going on in life at the present moment. It will also help to visualize the positive and happy moments that are to come! 

9. I am one day closer to the healthier me.

Like I mentioned in the fertility affirmation above, it’s all about the process. One day, or even a little decision, may not seem like a big deal right now, but it will add up over time and eventually make a huge impact. It’s important that we remind ourselves of this journey through this affirmation.

10. I trust in God’s perfect timing.

God is in control. He has a plan. He knows what is best, and there’s peace in knowing that with every setback or disappointment, God has something even bigger and better planned for us. We must trust His timing and His plan more than our own.

11. One day closer to holding our baby!

Affirming that every day gone is another day closer to holding our baby is such a positive way to look at this time and this process. 

5 Positive Affirmations for the Two Week Wait

Oh the two week wait…If you have ever gone through the process of trying to get pregnant or are currently going through this, chances are that you are very aware of the two week wait.

The two week wait is the time between ovulation and your expected time to start another cycle in which you cannot take a pregnancy test. For any mama-to-be, this time can be filled with anxiety, worry, and impatient waiting. It can feel like the longest two weeks of your life, and it’s important to try and stay positive! 

During this especially sensitive time, here are 5 positive affirmations to remember:

1. God has my worries.

This positive affirmation was inspired by 1 Peter 5:7 which states, “casting all your worries on Him, because He cares for you.” This time is filled with worries and the unknown. Giving God my worries through prayer and re-affirming that He is taking care of me brings comfort during the two week wait. 

2. I have done the best I can with what I know.

The only thing to do during these two weeks is to wait. Bringing it back to the first fertility affirmation, it’s important to know that I have done everything in my power during this season. I no longer have any control. I’ve done my best and it’s up to God at this point.

3. The waiting will be worth it.

Waiting is so hard, especially when you’re waiting to find out if you are expecting a precious child. Waiting is also hard when you’ve already had a negative pregnancy test through this process. But, it will be worth it, and staying positive during these two weeks is essential.

4. I am one day closer to a positive test.

Again, visualization and positivity make such a huge impact! During this two week wait, use this affirmation to visualize yourself taking the test and seeing two pink lines or the words “pregnant” on the screen! 

5. My time is coming.

The restless nights during this two week wait can be gruesome, but continue to remind yourself that your time is coming! Every day is one day closer, and every test is one test closer! 

Here are some words to help remind you to stay positive:

  1. Process
  2. Happy
  3. Trust
  4. Believe
  5. Faith
  6. Patient
  7. Strong
  8. Blessed
  9. Ready

How to Use Fertility Affirmations Daily:

Once you’ve decided on your mantra for fertility or affirmations, you need to find ways to be constantly reminded of them.

The key to truly impacting your mindset is to be constantly reminded of your positive fertility affirmations. Just as negative thoughts can sneak up at the most unexpected times, it’s important to find ways to bring positive thoughts as much as possible. The ideal is to create a habit of thinking positively and reminders are a great way to get the positive habit started!

Here are some ways to remind yourself of your affirmation throughout your day.

Reminding yourself of your affirmation:

Sticky Notes/Fertility Cards EVERYWHERE

The easiest way to remind yourself of your fertility affirmation is by using sticky notes or fertility cards. They can be handwritten and customized. They can be placed in a variety of places that you will see throughout the day. Each time you see it, you can repeat the affirmation and practice visualizing a positive outcome. 

Here are some places you could stick your affirmation sticky notes/cards:

  • Closet
  • Car
  • Work desk
  • Refrigerator
  • Use as a bookmark

Write on the Bathroom Mirror

Grab a dry-erase marker and simply write your affirmations on your mirror! Now your affirmation will be the first thing you see before you even brush your teeth! Starting your day in this positive way will only bring more positive throughout the day!

Decorative Chalkboard or Letter Board

You can make your positive fertility affirmation a part of your home decor with an adorable Chalkboard or Letter Board! Hanging in your kitchen, bedroom, or near your door so it’s the last thing you see before you leave, putting your affirmation in plain sight can be a great reminder!

Phone Lock Screen Wallpaper

Our phones are always with us and what better place than our lock screen to put our affirmation?! Every time you check the time, you will have a positive reminder about your TTC journey. You could have it as a simple text. Or, you could find a pretty picture of flowers, mountains, the beach or another scenery you enjoy and put your affirmation with it.

Put a Timer on your phone

Keeping with the theme of using your phone, you can set a timer on your phone to go off at a random, specific time each day. Write your affirmation as the label, and it will be a pleasant reminder to take time to state your affirmation or practice a positive visualization! 

In Conclusion..

Once you make the decision that you want a child, you start noticing people with children everywhere you go, you start daydreaming about what your child will be like, and so much more. 

During this time, it almost seems like negativity can easily sneak up and overwhelm our thoughts and mind. It’s easy to start thinking about all of the “what-ifs” that come along with this time, but it’s important to not get sucked in to all of the negativity.

Positive fertility affirmations truly changed my mindset and helped me make it through this time of waiting and worry. Shifting my mindset made our journey to pregnancy much more enjoyable and manageable! Every mama-to-be has different worries and thoughts during this time. My hope is that this list of affirmations will help others through their TTC journey.

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