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15 Helpful Coconut Oil Uses for Pregnancy | Stretch Marks, Morning Sickness + more!

After finding out you’re pregnant, you will realize there is a long list of things things you can’t do. While it may seem like your life has been flipped upside down, there are so many natural resources that you can replace your unhealthy products with. One of my favorite’s is Coconut Oil. Whether you are in your first trimester or about to give birth, there are so many coconut oil uses for pregnancy!

I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the benefits of using coconut oil, but there are some awesome ways you can use it throughout your pregnancy. Since it’s completely natural. you can use it without fear of harming you or your growing little one.

I’ve put together some of the best ways to use coconut oil during pregnancy. With everything from preventing stretch marks to using it as a carrier oil to calm your nerves, there are so many benefits of this amazing oil.

15 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Pregnancy

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1. Prevent Stretch Marks Early in Pregnancy

One of the most common coconut oil uses in pregnancy is for stretch marks.  While you may have heard this one before, it is worth mentioning again as the difference that this natural oil makes are truly significant. 

While coconut oil will not remove stretch marks once they are already there, using it before getting stretch marks will help to prevent them. The oil naturally improves the elasticity of skin, so rubbing it on your skin every single day will reduce the chances that you will develop stretch marks in the first place.

2. Morning Sickness, Heartburn, and Constipation

Surprisingly coconut oil may give you some relief when it comes to your first trimester. Since your hormones are quickly changing, this can cause morning sickness, heartburn and constipation.

The lauric acid found in coconut oil helps to improve your gut health and fight any bad bacteria. It’s also high in healthy fats, which can help regulate your hormones.

3. Clear up a Yeast Infection

Your wacky pregnancy hormone levels give you a higher chance of developing a yeast infection.  Another benefit of coconut oil is its antifungal properties.  If you develop a yeast infection while pregnant, and are hesitant to use over-the-counter medications, coconut oil could help with the problem.  Apply it to the affected area every day for at least a week to help make the infection subside.

4. Preparing Your Body For Breast Feeding

If you are planning to breast feed your little one, there are some things you can do to increase the nutrition in your milk. Try adding a bit of coconut oil to your diet throughout your third trimester, this will help to start building more nutrients before baby even arrives!

5. Prep Your Hoo-Ha For Birth

Okay, I didn’t quite know how to word this one…. but coconut oil is supposed to prepare your hoo-ha for birth. A few weeks before your due date, begin applying a healthy amount of coconut oil to your perineum to prepare for birth.  Doing a this every day before birth, may reduce the chance of tearing.

6. Relaxing: Carrier Oil With Lavender

Maybe you’ve had a stressful day at work or you want to unwind before bed, try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to coconut oil. Massage it into your neck, shoulders and even temples!

7. It Works as a Natural Deodorant

One of the top ingredients on the long list of things to avoid while pregnant is aluminum, a common ingredient in store bought deodorant.  Coconut oil has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that make it an ideal ingredient in a natural deodorant.

This is due to the lauric acid content, which makes up 50% of the fatty acids in the oil.  There are many recipes for homemade natural deodorant online if you’d like to make it yourself.  Otherwise, look for a deodorant containing coconut oil but no aluminum.  

8. Insect Repellent (Better that DEET)

Insect repellent is another product full of chemicals that is best to steer clear of during pregnancy.  Ironically, pregnant women are more likely to get bit by mosquitos and other insects due to their natural rise in body temperature.  To ward off biting insects, lather on the coconut oil. 

A recent study shows that coconut oil is actually more effective at warding off insects than DEET, the most commonly found chemical in insect repellents.  Combine the oil with a few drops of lavender or cinnamon oil to help boost your protection.  

9. Use as a Healing Ointment

Another product that you may wish to steer clear of during pregnancy is antibiotic ointment.  If you happen to get a small scrape or cut while you are pregnant, coconut oil, as mentioned earlier, has natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties to help your wound heal quickly. Simply rub some oil on a clean wound before applying a Band-Aid.

10. Moisturize your Dry Skin

In addition to helping with stretch marks, coconut oil does wonders for eczema and dry skin.  Slather it on just like lotion after your shower so that your skin is clean and your pores are open.  You could also put a few tablespoons of coconut oil into your bathwater and take a soak for maximum moisturizing.  

11. Makeup Remover

Yet another product that is known to have harsh chemicals in it is makeup remover.  Rub coconut oil all over your face, concentrating on your eyes and lips, to use as a chemical-free makeup remover.  Once the oil is rubbed in, use a damp cloth to wipe away the oil and makeup to reveal clean, smooth skin.

12. Make Dark Eye Circles Dissappear

Pregnancy does a good job of preparing you for no sleep once the baby comes.  Not only does pregnancy make you uncomfortable, but it brings on insomnia, night sweats, acid reflux, and a whole onslaught of symptoms to prevent you from sleeping.  Use coconut oil to combat the inevitable dark under-eye circles that will most likely plague you for the next 18 years.  

13. Hair Mask

It’s no secret that pregnancy does crazy things to your hair.  For some people, their hair gets more voluminous and full, while others lose hair or the texture of their hair changes.  No matter your issue, coconut oil makes a great hair mask to help soothe an itchy scalp or help moisturize dry, brittle locks.  

14. Oil Pulling for your Teeth

Oil pulling is the act of swishing oil around your mouth like mouthwash.  It is believed to make your teeth whiter and improve your general oral health by helping to remove the harmful bacteria in your mouth.  Since pregnant women are at a higher risk for gum disease, oil pulling with coconut oil is a great way to lower that risk in a healthy and non-chemical way.

15. Use as a Cooking Oil

Coconut oil is a healthy alternative to canola or olive oil when cooking or sautéing.  It is also a healthy substitute for butter or milk in recipes, which is convenient as many women must avoid dairy during pregnancy.

Adding coconut oil to your smoothies while pregnant can give you a boost to your immune system and help to suppress the symptoms of acid reflux.  

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

As you can see by the coconut oil uses in pregnancy above, there are numerous benefits of using this superfood during your pregnancy.

  • Consuming this superfood daily boosts your immune system, making you less susceptible to colds, viruses, and bacteria.  This is a natural way to keep mom and baby healthy without medicine. 
  • Using coconut oil on your skin daily increases the elasticity of your skin, reducing the chance of stretch marks and eliminating dry skin without any harsh chemicals or unknown ingredients.
  • Has the ability to raise good cholesterol levels
  • Because coconut oil is rich with antioxidants, it has anti-aging properties.
  • Does wonders for pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn, constipation, and morning sickness.
  • Increases digestive health, and helps your body absorb important nutrients from food so that they can be transferred to your baby.

Is Coconut Oil Safe for Pregnancy?

Yes! Not only is coconut oil safe for pregnancy, but it is a healthy choice for any pregnant woman, no matter how you decide to use it.  As always, it should be used as part of a balanced diet.

Choosing the Right Coconut Oil for You

The types of coconut oil offered at the grocery store are overwhelming.  When looking for an all-purpose oil that you can use for both cooking and beauty reasons, use the list below to make your decision.

  • The first thing you should look for in a coconut oil is if it is “cold-pressed.”  This oil extraction method gives you the best quality oil as heating the coconut damages the essential nutrients.  Stay away from anything that claims to be “expeller-pressed” because the process involves heating.
  • Always, always, always purchase a coconut oil in a glass container.  Glass locks in the nutrients more effectively and does not transfer any taste to the oil over time.  Coconut oils in plastic jars are typically mass-produced and have a lower quality.
  • Lastly, you should be looking for a coconut oil that is “unrefined.”  Many times, the label will say “virgin” or “extra virgin.” These are the highest quality oils that will give you the most nutrients and benefits.  Refined oils are more processed and have less nutrients, so steer clear of them.


No matter which coconut oil uses for pregnancy you decide to do, making it a part of your routine during pregnancy will yield positive results. Whether you are looking for symptom remedies, beauty enhancements, or better internal health, coconut oil can help you achieve your goals and make your pregnancy go smoothly.

Coconut oil uses for pregnancy

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