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The Best Belly Band for Your Pregnancy – Ingrid + Isabel BellaBand Review

Are you in that awkward transition phase, between bloat and baby bump? Or maybe you are looking for a way to keep on wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans? Well I loved the Ingrid + Isabel BellaBand; The Best Belly Band for Your Pregnancy on the market!

So, a few weeks after I found out we were expecting, I purchased a belly band at Target. Being a first time momma, I had NO idea when I would actually need it and thought it would just be a good idea to have it on-hand. I’m so glad I did get my hands on it because it’s continued to help me stay in my pre-pregnancy pants and I’m halfway through the second trimester!

So let me tell you the things I love most about the Ingrid + Isabel BellaBand and also some of the things about it that you should keep in mind. 

What I Love About this Pregnancy Belly Band

Made from a Comfortable Material

The Ingrid + Isabel BellaBand material is made of Nylon and Spandex, so the it is super stretchy and comfortable and has lots of room for your belly to grow into. It’s also fully machine washable and dry-able, so it’s super easy to clean and take care of.

Stays Put Exactly Where you Need it

One end of the underside of the belly band is rubberized for a good grip onto your clothes. This prevents the band from moving or shifting around. So it stays pretty much right where you put it!

Incredibly Useful and Practical

With the BellaBand, you can stay in your pre-pregnancy jeans for a long time even as you grow. The band really helps you have more options to wear from your existing closet without having to spend loads of money on a completely new maternity wardrobe. Not having many clothing options left that you already own really is one of the hardest parts of growing during your pregnancy.

Saves Lots of Money on Maternity Clothes

The BellaBand also saved me a ton of money by keeping me in my pre-pregnancy pants and jeans for quite a while. I’m 18 weeks along now and I’m still fitting in! Maternity clothes is expensive, so this is definitely an overall money saver for me!

My One Issue With the BellaBand

Not Completely Smooth

The one thing I really have to complain about is the fact that the BellaBand it is not 100% smooth. In the earlier trimesters, when you’re not showing as much, you can kinda see where the buttons of your jeans are left unbuttoned. You can see the little bumps under your shirt and it’s not a 100% smooth look. However, to get around this, I just wore baggier, looser-fitting tops like sweaters, sweatshirts, and flowy tops to help camouflage it. They’re not as smooth as full-on maternity pants, however, they get better the more you grow.

When to Start Wearing a belly band during pregnancy?

I started using the band right around eight weeks. I wasn’t really showing much at that point, but I did have a little bit of that awkward bloat and my jeans were so uncomfortable on my stomach. The tightness and digging in of the denim material did kinda hurt. The jeans fit, but they were uncomfortable, and at that point, around 12 weeks, I did start really needing the BellaBand.

Since then, I have used it for almost all of my clothes and it works with pretty much any pair of jeans that I have worn. I wear the Small to Medium size in the BellaBand and I’m typically a size 4 in jeans, so you can use that as a bit of a reference point.

4 Tips on Wearing Pregnancy Belly Bands 

Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up that I think can help y’all out too:

  • Wear Loose Fitting Tops! I’ve found that they really help conceal the bumps of your undone buttons where more tight-fitting tops tend to highlight and showcase the bumpiness. So go for looser clothes in the beginning when you’re not showing too much.
  • Try Low Rise Jeans! Low rise jeans look much less obvious than mid-rise or high-rise jeans when you’re wearing the belly band. 
  • Fold It Over To Make Buttons Less Obvious! If you fold a belly band over, it doubles the smoothing factor and can make the bumpiness look better and less obvious. 
  • Make Sure the Sticky Seam Side is on the Bottom! Trust me this one! Because I made the mistake of accidentally wearing the belly band upside down and had the sticky gripping material on my belly. It ended up leaving a mark which made me realize I was supposed to be wearing it the other way around. So make sure that that sticky side is on your jeans! That way the band is gripping to your clothes, keeping it from moving around.

In Conclusion…

So to wrap up this review, I highly recommend this belly bandeau to you on your pregnancy journey! It’s been so useful to me and you guys know I never recommend a product unless I am truly enjoying it and getting use out of it. This piece is an amazing addition to help expand your maternity wardrobe. It helps in that transition period between not-showing and full-blown baby belly. It’s super stretchy, it’s super comfortable, it grips well and stays in place, it’s useful, and it can be a real money-saver in terms of clothes! I think it’s the best pregnancy belly band on the market.

It’s so easy to use and clean, and I think you really need it for your pregnancy to keep the jeans you already on you longer! So if you’re interested in the Ingrid + Isabel BellaBand, here is a link to their site where you can get your hands on it. There it retails for $28. 

I hope you guys enjoy it and get as much use out of it as I have!

The Best Pregnancy Belly Band - Bellaband

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