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17 Must Have Non-Toxic Baby Toys

Babies are incredibly curious. They are constantly exploring with their hands and placing things into their mouths as a way to figure out this big, new world around them. Because of this, parents must be diligent in making sure that they are choosing the best non-toxic baby toys!

Toxins in toys? Yes this is the reality. The majority of products we use today are made with synthetic chemicals. Some are not harmful, while others have come under fire lately, and for good reason. This is considering that only 1% of chemicals used in everyday products are strictly tested. Because of this; parents must pay attention to where their toys are manufactured, what the toys are made of, and whether there have been any recalls on the toys that they are looking to purchase.

The 17 Best Non-Toxic Baby Toys

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. Which means we will receive a commission, if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

With that said, we have found 17 of the best non-toxic baby toys that you can purchase to build a fantastic toy collection for your baby. 

Our Favorites

1. Sophie the Giraffe

This toy has shot up in popularity over the last few years. Sophie La Girafe toys are hand made with 100% natural rubber. The paint that gives Sophie toys the eyes and Giraffe markings, comes from food-grade dye. These factors make Sophie the Giraffe, one of the best top non-toxic toys available.


  • Sophie products are made in France.
  • The natural rubber used is made from Havea trees.
  • The paint used if from food grade dye.


  • The cost for Sophie the Giraffe is much more than other standard rubber baby toys.
  • Some parents have reported the presence of mold inside the toy after it has been exposed to moisture.

2. Grimm Rainbow Stacker

non-toxic baby toy rainbow stacker

Grimm is a company that remains committed to making natural non-toxic toys. The company uses principles from Waldorf education to design their toys.


  • Made in Germany
  • Only non-toxic paints and oils are used in the making of the toys
  • The wood used comes from Alder, Beech, Lime, and Maple trees


  • The price is higher than other wooden toys

3. Green Toys Recycling Truck

non-toxic baby toy green truck

This company makes all of their products in the USA. All of the toys are made from recycled products.


  • Toys are made in the USA
  • Construction consists of recycled milk jugs


  • No cons for this green truck

Best Non-Toxic Baby Toys Ages 0-6 Months

1. Havea Panda Teether 

non-toxic baby toy teddy teether

This teether is made of 100% natural rubber. The surface texture helps soothe teething babies. 


  • These panda teethers are tested by independent labs and prove compliance with CE and EN71 safety standards. 
  • The textured surface helps soothe and relax irritated gums.
  • They are made of 100% natural rubber. 


  • They are a little oily at first. The oil is made from vegetables and is harmless. Havea put this on the teethers to help keep them from drying out. Each teether should be sterilized with boiling water prior to the first use. 
  • They can become sticky with use. 
  • Others have complained of a weird smell at first. 

2. Lovevery Play Gym 

Lovevery includes a group of child development experts for the toy making process. This play gym has an easy set up and take down. The company also includes a Lifetime lost parts promise. They provide replacement parts for sale on even the smallest of parts!


  • Quick set up and easy to handle
  • Washable
  • The quality of materials 


  • Cost is definitely a con when compared to other play mats

3. PlanToys Baby Key Rattle 

non-toxic baby toy rattle keys

Plan Toys is the first company to use preservative-free rubber wood. The Plan Toys key rattle improves babies fine motor skills, and are easy for babies to hold. 


  • Made from sustainable rubber wood
  • Only water-based dyes and non-formaldehyde glue is used
  • Develops fine motor skills


  • Limited variety
  • There have been some complaints about the paint bleeding

4. Organic Farm Buddies Plush Toy

non-toxic baby toy plush koala

These cute animals are made with 100% certified organic cotton. The toy packaging is also made from recycled materials!


  • Made with certified organic cotton
  • Large variety of animals
  • Naturally hypoallergenic filling
  • Gots Certified low impact fabric dye


  • There have been some complaints of the plushies falling apart with use

5. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle

This is a true classic, go to. Manhattan toys started in 1978, and has been manufacturing strong natural toys ever since.


  • Promotes clutching for little ones
  • Safe teething loops that are BPA free
  • Cost friendly


  • The rattle part is not very loud
  • Some babies may show no interest

Best Non-toxic Baby Toys Ages 6-12 Months 

1. Green Toys Shape Sorter

non-toxic baby toy shape sorter

Green toys are made in the USA. They also only use recycled materials in their toy making as well as toy packaging. The green toys shape sorter is perfect for little ones learning colors and shapes. 


  • Made only from recycled materials
  • Bright colors
  • Shapes are easy to place through holes


  • The base is not easily opened
  • The shape colors do not match the shape holes which can be confusing for little ones

2. Tugboat by Green Toys 

non-toxic baby toy tugboat

Green toys has made the list again. We just cannot get enough of this brand. There are so many options from cars and trucks to sorters and stacking cups.


  • Made in the USA
  • Reasonably priced
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No cons 

3. HABA Wooden Triangle Clutch Toy

non-toxic baby toy triangle clutch

HABA is an amazing company, keeping sustainable manufacturing alive. Clutching toys are great for younger babies who are teething or learning to grasp. 


  • Made with sustainable wood
  • Made with water-based solvent-free lacquers


  • Some complaints of the paint coming off

4. Fat Brain Toys Personalized Name Puzzle

non-toxic baby toy personalized wooden puzzle

We had to include something personalized on this list. This toy is perfect for littles learning colors or recognizing their name. This is also a very versatile one that can be used for most ages. 


  • Colorful letters
  • Personalized


  • Cannot use special characters

5. Uncle Goose ABC Blocks

uncle goose abc blocks

These classic blocks teach children how to spell, sequence, stack, sort, build, and match. 


  • Huge educational value
  • Hand crafted
  • Print is non-toxic


  • No cons

Best non-toxic baby toys ages 1 and up 

6. Country Critters Wooden Activity Cube

country critters activity cube

This busy toy is created by HAPE toys. Activities include mazes, shapes, levers, and more. This is sure to keep even the most active babies busy.


  • Multiple activities
  • Improves problem solving
  • Easy to put together


  • The screwdriver needed to fix the tree has to be a 90 degree one specifically

7. Hape Toys Pound and Tap Bench

hape pound and tap bench

Hape toys is one of the largest manufacturers of wooden toys. The paints used for this toy are water-based. The design also provides hours of fun for little ones.  


  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Water-based paints
  • Multiple ways to play


  • There are some reports of the mallet being a little flimsy

8. First Building Blocks by TAG S6

first building blocks TAG s6

Blocks are perfect for development which is why they have been around for so long!


  • Multiple sensory stimulations
  • Storage box is included


  • Piece’s can get lost

9. PlanToys Wooden Drum

We couldn’t make a toy list without including instruments. Children love music. This fun wooden drum helps babies and toddlers develop a sense of rhythm.


  • Different sounds are produced depending on where the drum is hit
  • The drum stick has a rubber soft tip
  • Helps boost auditory perception


  • For your own sake, give it a lot of thought before you hand a child a drum…

In Conclusion

It is important to understand that not all advertisements is what is seems. Try to avoid BPA, phthalates, harmful dyes, and other harsh chemicals whenever possible. Shopping for the baby toys can be very stressful. Hopefully this list of toys from the best non-toxic baby toy brands, can help simplify your search, and make decisions easier.

Remember, some of the best toys are simple, and take us back to the older days of imaginative play. Kids do not always need the fancy tech toys that are available everywhere. Keep is simple, safe, and non-toxic whenever possible. 

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. So you can pin it to your Baby Board!! 

17 must have non-toxic baby toys

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