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What Should Baby Wear Home From the Hospital in Winter? (Don’t Bundle Them!)

Bringing home a new baby in the winter makes many moms worry that their newborn may get cold. Although this motherly instinct is normal (and good!), it may not be safe to bundle them up. So then, what should your baby wear home from the hospital in the Winter?

I ended up calling my best friend and getting some advice from her since she had a baby in the winter! I was surprised to find out that winter jackets were a no-no (more on this later!) and that you shouldn’t bundle them up on the way home from the hospital. 

With all this to say, I also did a bunch of research on dressing a newborn in the winter – so this will help you to pack your bag appropriately and keep your new baby safe!

what should my baby wear home from the hospital in the winter?

How Should You Dress A Newborn To Go Home In The Winter?

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When bringing your baby home from the hospital in the winter, you will want to dress them in long sleeves, pants, or something that will keep their feet warm, and a hat!

There are so many adorable newborn outfits that fit these criteria. Here are some outfit ideas:

  1. Zip-Up Sleeper with Short Sleeve Onesie
  2. Long Sleeve Onesie, Pants + Socks
  3. Long Sleeve Dress with Tights

You will also want to consider what size to bring. Surprisingly, some baby don’t fit in newborn clothes! I have a whole blog post about what size baby clothes to bring your baby home in.

But, how will baby stay warm without all the layers? You will want to bring a warm blanket to put over your baby. Some parents recommend insulated car seat covers. We will talk about this more in a bit.

What Material Should Clothing for a Newborn Be?

I highly recommend getting organic cotton clothing for your newborn. This means that it is made without chemicals or fertilizers

Organic cotton is breathable and perfect for sensitive skin. This will ensure that they won’t overheat, but will keep them toasty in their cars eat!

What if it’s Seasonally Warm When Bringing Your Baby Home?

Winter technically doesn’t start until mid-December, so if you live in a warmer climate you may experience seasonally warm weather. If this is the case, I would check out my blog post on how to dress a newborn to go home in the summer.

In short, the temperature shouldn’t be too warm this time of year so putting your baby in long sleeves, pants and socks is still a good idea!

Newborn Hospital Clothes Checklist for Winter

Although you may be tempted to pack a ton of outfits for the hospital, you really won’t need too much! Here are the essentials that you will need for your stay in the hospital and for when you leave:

– Long Sleeved Onesies (2)

– Pants

– Socks

– Going home outfit

– Warm Blanket

– Muslin Swaddles (2)

[What Does Your Newborn Really Need in the Winter? 15 Essentials You Can’t Live Without]

If you plan to swaddle your baby, I highly recommend bringing your own muslin swaddles. When my daughter was in the NICU, the nurses kept saying how much better they were. I would bring a few (just in case baby has a blowout!)

I also recommend bringing short sleeve onesies to the hospital for your stay in the hospital. I found that this kept my daughter a little warmer. Some moms feel this is totally unnecessary, so it’s completely up to you, but it won’t hurt to bring them!

How do I Keep My Baby Warm in the Car?

I know what you are thinking, but how does my baby stay warm in their car with such little clothes on? Although you can not put your baby swaddled into a car seat, you can put a warm blanket on top of the car seat harness. You just want to be sure it’s breathable and not near their face to reduce the risk for suffocation.

If you are concerned about the blanket coming up around their face, you should invest in an insulated car seat cover. This acts as a barrier to keep out the cold and wind. They have a hole so their little face can still peek through and get fresh air.

Can you Swaddle a Baby in a Car Seat?

In short, no it’s not okay to put a swaddled baby into a car seat. Although there is a method to swaddle your baby into the car seat. You can check out the tutorial here from the ABC Doula!

Another option is to get a Baby Car Seat Cover swaddle, the look like this:

Can Baby Wear a Winter Jacket in a Car Seat?

If I’m being completely honest, I had no idea that babies couldn’t wear jackets in their car seat. It wasn’t until my friend questioned whether or not I was putting my daughter into the car with her jacket on, that I realized it was a big no-no!

I ended up doing a ton of research and came to find out that winter jackets aren’t safe because they cause the straps to be too loose.

But if you are concerned about your baby staying warm, they can wear this Patagonia Baby Hi-Loft Down Sweater once they are 3 months old!

Another option is to look into a Buckle Me Baby Coat. These are pretty spendy, but they will give you the peace of mind that your baby will be warm and safe!

How to Know if Your Baby is Too Hot or Too Cold?

For the first 8ish weeks after birth, it’s difficult for your baby to regulate their own body temperature. That’s why it’s important to look for signs that your baby is uncomfortable.

Signs Your Baby is too Hot:

  • They feel very warm to the touch.
  • Your baby’s skin has become red.
  • You notice that they have a rapid heart rate.
  • They are exhibiting a fever but are not sweating.
  • They have become lethargic or unresponsive.
  • Your infant has started vomiting.
  • They seem confused or disoriented.

Signs your Baby is too Cold:

  • Your baby’s hands and feet are cold to the touch.
  • Their chest or belly feels cold underneath their clothes.
  • Your infant is fussy for no apparent reason.
  • The most dangerous cold symptom is when they become very still and quiet.

I watched this video by Bridget Teyler, a birth doula, and learned how important it is to trust our instincts as moms! Not only that, but she gives an easy-to-follow guide on how to dress your baby for summer, winter, and sleep!

Final Thoughts..

Although you may want to bundle your new baby up in a snowsuit when they leave the hospital, it’s important to dress them in clothes that will keep them safe when they are in the car seat. I hope this winter guide will help you feel confident in bringing your baby home from the hospital!

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