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21 of the BEST Ways to Keep Baby Cool in the Summer

how to keep baby cool in the summer

Every mom wants to enjoy the warmth of summer, but how do you keep your baby safe and comfortable during the heat? There are so many tips, tricks, and products that will help to keep baby cool in the summer! 

After having my daughter during the heat of summer, I quickly learned that I needed to be intentional about keeping her comfortable. I still wanted to go for daily walks and go to our family BBQ, so I started looking into a way to help her regulate her body temperature.

I ended up investing in products that would help to keep baby cool in the summer. Which put my mind at ease and helped me to enjoy everything that comes along with summer.

21 Ways to Keep Baby Cool in the Summer

I’m sharing 22 of my favorite tips, trips, and products that helped to keep my baby cool during the summer. Keep in mind that this list is intended for babies 0-12 months old. Babies change so much during their first year, so evaluate your child’s milestones and use these tips to enjoy the summer heat!

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

1. Dress Baby Appropriately

It’s SO important to make sure your baby is dressed appropriately. How you dress your newborn versus a six-month-old is drastically different. You want to keep in mind the environment your baby will be in and dress them accordingly.

My daughter was born in the summer. I was surprised at how many muslin swaddles we needed, how much we loved rompers, and that I needed a sweater.

I actually wrote an entire blog post about what your baby should wear home from the hospital in the summer. This will help you learn how to dress your newborn.

2. Get EVERYTHING Muslin

To keep your baby cool in the summer you want to invest in clothes, blankets, and sleep sacks that are breathable! It’s definitely worth the peace of mind. I was obsessed with everything muslin with my daughter.

A few of my favorite breathable summer items are:

  1. Muslin Swaddles
  2. Linen Rompers
  3. Muslin Cotton Sleep Sacks

3. Keep Them Hydrated

When bringing your baby out in the heat, you want to ensure they are hydrated. This means giving your baby an extra feeding after being in the heat. Since I breastfed my daughter, my pediatrician recommended nursing her after going outside.

If your baby is old enough to have water, bring a sippy cup out with you and offer it to them often. My daughter loved coconut water, so I would dilute that too!

Some mamas even make popsicles with coconut water to encourage their little one to stay hydrated during the summer.

4. Cool Washcloth

Wet washcloths are a great way to help your baby cool down during the summer. I used to run the water on cold and then gently rub the cloth on her forehead, neck, chest, arms, and legs!

Once she started teething, I would freeze washcloths for her to suck and chew on! This is a great option if your baby isn’t ready for solids yet.

5. Mini Clip-on Fan

If you plan on having your baby in the stroller quite a bit, you will want to get a clip on fan. These are battery-operated and help to keep air flowing for your baby.

These will not only help to keep your baby cooler but will keep air circulating. They are typically fairly quiet, although they add a bit of white noise to keep baby sleeping if need be!

6. Run Fans

I’ve mostly talked about being outside during the summer, but inside your house (even if you have AC) it can be difficult to keep your baby comfy. Our pediatrician recommended keeping fans running. This helps air to circulate and also reduces the risk of SIDs.

7. Breathable Baby Carrier

mom holding baby in ring sling

I love babywearing, but in the summer you can feel pretty hot. You want to be sure to get a breathable baby carrier. My favorite was the Solly Wrap. I actually wrote an entire review on it and a how-to tutorial. 

If your baby is a little older, you may love Hope + Plum’s Ring Sling! I was OBSESSED with their cotton hemp sling. Don’t let the heat discourage you from babywearing, just invest in something comfortable.

8. Carseat Cooling Pad

Another great product that will keep your baby cool in the summer is a car seat cooling pad. Whether you use it for car rides or for your stroller, this will help to lower the temperature 3-5 degrees (Celsius)!

I personally wouldn’t recommend putting this in your child’s car seat because it will cause them to not fit properly. But I love this for our stroller!

9. Heat Proof Car seat Cover

If you’ve run into the grocery store and left your car in the summer sun, you know how hot the seats and seatbelts get. You will want to invest in a heat-proof car seat cover. These sunshades will keep their seat cooler by blocking the sunlight which reduces the inner heat!

10. Car Window Shades

I feel like this is obvious, but I need to mention it in case you forgot! You will need car window shades. Now granted, they don’t completely block the sun from coming into your car….. BUT they will reduce it.

11. Get Outside In the Morning or Evening

When we lived in Virginia Beach, every day during the summer was HOT. So, I quickly learned to get out early in the morning and again later in the evening. I would take my daughter for walks, play in the grass, or just sit on our patio to get some fresh air only during these times.

It’s super important for you and your baby to get outside, so don’t skip it!! Just be prepared on how to keep your baby cool and hydrated when you are in the heat.

12. Look for Shade

No matter where I go, I’m always seeking out the shade. Whether you need to be outside for an event, party, or vacation, stay in the shade. If there is none, be prepared with things like a baby tent or umbrella.

13. Go in the Pool

Babies (usually) LOVE the water. When it’s hot out, get into the pool to help keep your baby cool. My daughter loved her floaty. I highly recommend not going during the heat of the day though.

14. Get a Baby Tent

Baby tents are super useful. You can use them at the beach or in your backyard. They allow baby to have their own safe space to crawl around while being protected from the heat. I would recommend using a mini fan to keep air circulating though!

15. Put Teething Toys in the Freezer

Once your baby is old enough to chew on teething toys, try putting them in the freezer! This can help your baby to cool down and keeps them entertained!

16. Frozen Foods

If your little one has started solids, try freezing strawberries, mangos, or peaches and put them in a food feeder! These yummy treats will keep your baby hydrated, cool, and busy!

17. Freezable Pacifier 

My daughter LOVED these. I used to fill them with breastmilk, but you could put water or formula in there too. A freezable pacifier is great for teething and keeping your baby cool during the summer. 

18. Breastfeed Laying Down

This might sound crazy, but try nursing while laying on your side. Sometimes skin to skin contact can make both you and your baby warm. This will give you space, so neither of you overheat.

19. Cold Burp Cloths

When your baby is little, you are holding them so much. Having cold therapy burp cloths will help to keep you and your baby cool. These are also great for colic and as a fever reducer!

20. Use Cloth Diapers

Some mamas swear by using cloth diapers in the summer. Since they are fabric they allow for much more airflow, which also means fewer diaper rashes. Although they may be a little more work, cloth diapers are great for keeping your baby cooler in the summer heat.

21. Lightweight Sleepsack

how to get baby to sleep through the night

Last but not least, make sure your baby is wearing a lightweight sleep sack for sleeping. There are so many brands out there, but my favorite is Halo’s sleep sack. You can also get muslin sleepers, which can be great if your baby typically runs hot!

My Thoughts..

I loved having a summer baby. Although you may need a few extra things, keeping your baby cool in the summer is pretty easy IF you are prepared. I hope that you enjoy making sweet memories with your little one and stop stressing about making them comfy!

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22 ways to keep your baby cool in the summer

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