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21 Adorable Valentines Day Birth Announcement Ideas

If your baby is born in February, you may want to announce their arrival with a Valentines Day theme! If you are looking for picture ideas, props, or birth announcement card templates, there are so many ways to incorporate this special holiday. Whether you plan to share the news about your new baby on social media or by mail, you will love these adorable valentines day birth announcement ideas.

Telling your friends and family about your new little bundle of joy is one of the most exciting moments. When we announced my first daughter’s arrival, I wanted to send out a traditional birth announcement card, along with an informal announcement on social media!

No matter how you share the news, be sure to take lots of cute pictures because they are only so little…. for so long!

Best Valentines Day Birth Announcement Ideas

valentines day birth announcement ideas and wording that you will love

I’ve compiled everything from Valentines Day inspired props to birth announcement cards as ways to share the news with your friends and family!

Valentines Day Pictures + Prop Ideas for Birth Announcement

1. Red + White Heart Hospital Hat

2. Cupid Bow + Arrow Set

3. Be Mine Onesie

4. First Valentines Day Wooden Sign

5. Felt Heart Hug

6. Hershey Kisses Hat

7. Custom Heart Onesie

6. Angel Wings

Valentines Day Birth Announcement Cards

If you don’t want newborn photos taken with a Valentines Day theme, you could opt for birth announcement cards to send out in lieu of a valentine!

1. Our Little Valentine

2. Our New Love

3. Valentines Day Inspired


5. Blessed Valentine

[Looking for specific Bible Verses for Valentine’s Day? Here are our favorites!]

6. Love Banner

7. Hello Valentine

8. Sibling Garland Banner

9. Simple Heart Announcement

10. More to Love

11. Our Valentine Trifold

12. Baby Love

13. Sending You Love

14. Meet Our Valentine

15. Oh Baby

Wording for Valentines Day Birth Announcement

These sayings and phrases are the perfect way to announce your baby’s birth to your friends and family. You could add this to a card template, include it in a text, or use it in your social media post! I hope these wording ideas for a Valentines Day birth announcement helps you share this special news.

  • Our Little Valentine
  • Meet Our Valentine
  • Our Little Sweetheart
  • Sending you a Little Extra Love
  • Made With Love
  • Be Still, My Heart
  • Isn’t She Lovely
  • We Added a Little More Love this Valentines Day
  • This Valentines Day is EXTRA Sweet
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We’d Like to Welcome Baby #2
  • Love is in the Air… And We Have Big News to Share

After these catch little sayings don’t forget to include:

  1. Baby’s Name
  2. Birth Date
  3. Time Born
  4. Measurements (Height + Weight)
  5. Welcomed By (Parents Names)

If you are sending a text it might look something like this….

birth announcement idea for text message

[How do you word a Birth Announcement Text Message? Check out this complete guide first!]

If you are posting on Social Media, it might look something like this….

birth announcement idea for posting on social media

My Thoughts…

No matter how to share the news about your little Valentine, your friends and family are sure to be super excited to meet him/her. It’s important to remember that although choosing a catchy phrase or capturing a Pinterest worthy photo is fun, it’s also doesn’t matter as much as this little bundle of joy!

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo… so you don’t lose this post!
21 adorable valentines day birth announcement ideas

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