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14 Unique Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Surprise EVERYONE

7 Wonderful Ideas for Your Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement

After finally getting pregnant again, you are ready to share the news with friends and family! This rainbow baby is a symbol of the joy that came after the storm. It’s important to share this little blessing while honoring the loss that came before. With all the emotion that comes with this precious baby, here are 14 of the sweetest Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement Ideas. 

In this season, you are probably praying a lot and thanking God for this sweet miracle. I have created (FREE) Printable Prayer Cards for Pregnancy, which will guide you in praying over your growing little one and quiet the fears that you may be having.

14 Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

1. Christian Rainbow Baby Announcement

flat lay rainbow baby pregnancy announcement digital file for social media

A baby is one of the greatest gifts the Lord can give you. Share the news with this sweet flat lay digital pregnancy announcement!

Things I LOVE about it….

• It’s digital. So, you don’t need to go buy a bunch of baby things or try to take the picture yourself.

• They use YOUR ultrasound photo. This makes the announcement just a little more special! All you do is scan or take a picture of your ultrasound photo and send it via Etsy conversations.

• Turnaround time is 24 hours!

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    2. Smoke Announcement – Under a Beautiful Rainbow!

    If the understanding of a rainbow baby is something that is already a topic of conversation topic between you and your family, this is a great option!

    Things I LOVE about it….

    This reveal is both intimate and personal between you and your family. The pictures that come out of it would be great to hang up in the nursery. You could even use the photos to share the news over Facebook! 

    How to Announce it….

    Host a party in your backyard or at a park. Make sure you have a friend in on the surprise, so they can capture the moment on camera. Next, tell everyone you have a little surprise for them. When the rainbow smoke goes off, everyone is sure to be shocked and surprised!

    3. A Confetti-Filled Announcement 

    There is nothing like a little rainbow confetti to tell your friends and family you are pregnant! Although this won’t be a dead giveaway that you are pregnant, so make sure you pair it with something that screams WE’RE PREGNANT!

    How to Announce it….

    There are a few ways you can do this! 

    1. In a Card. There are so many cute pregnancy announcement cards you can print from Etsy. Fill one with this beautiful watercolor confetti and either send it in the mail or give it to them as a gift next time you are together.
    2. Host a Party. Spreading some confetti out on a table and put your sonogram in the middle! As people file in and walk by, they will sure to be SHOCKED to see you’re expecting. Don’t forget to take a picture, so you can show your little one someday!

    4. Share with their Sibling

    If this is your second little one, use your kiddo to help share the news! They have cute shirts or even make a sign for your friends and family to see.

    I love that this reveal gets your other kids involved. If you decided to order a shirt, I love that it’s also useful for later!

    How to Announce it….

    A great way to share the news is by getting a shirt and onesie combo from Etsy. Then have your son or daughter wear it to your next get-together. Wait until grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends notice that it says “Brother” or “Sister.” This is a great way for your children to feel involved and an adorable way to announce your rainbow baby to your family! 

    Make sure you take some pictures of your child holding the onesie so you can announce it over social media! You could also get the photo printed and hang it in the baby’s nursery.

    5. Include Your Fur Baby

    Most of us have a fur baby and would love to include them in the announcement. If you have a pet that has a special place in your heart and want to include them in the news, this printable sign with a rainbow heart, is the perfect way to do it.

    Things I LOVE about it….

    Your pup was there to comfort you during the storm, so including them in this cute announcement will make the news that much more special!

    How to Announce it….

    1. On the Counter. Invite your friends and family for dinner and set this print (framed) on the counter! Have your video camera ready for when they notice!!
    2. Wrap it as a Gift. Another great option is to frame it and give it to your family as a gift. This will work great if it’s near a holiday or someone’s birthday!

    Either way, these are both sweet options and one that you can hang up in the nursery too! The other great thing about this is that it comes as a digital print as well, so creating your social media announcement is a breeze.

    6. Photoshoot

    Once you’ve passed the 12 week mark and are ready to tell your friends and family you are pregnant, hire a photographer to capture the moment. I love this idea because you will have these photos to keep as a memory!

    1. Picture of your Kiddos. You could have them holding rainbow balloons or have them holding a sign that says rainbow baby!

    2. Pictures of you + your spouse. Get a letter board sign or get rainbow smoke bombs to share the news!

    How to Announce it….

    1. Send it in the Mail. If you don’t live near your friends or family, write on the back call me before you open.  This way you can still see their reaction when they find out!

    2. Put it in a Card. Maybe it’s your mom’s birthday or you give a card “just because,” add the pictures in there to tell them you are pregnant!

    3. Show them your “Family Pictures.” Maybe you have a bbq or meet a friend for coffee, then ask if they want to see your “Family Pictures.” Then show them your rainbow baby announcement!

    7. Rainbow Prints

    Some of the best reveals are the ones captured by a photographer – to enjoy for the rest of your life. A rainbow baby pregnancy reveal to family and friends is definitely one of those that are wonderful to capture in print. 

    Things I LOVE about it….

    You will want to remember this moment forever! The nice thing is that you can have the photo printed and hung alongside this sweet sign, in the nursery.

    How to Announce it….

    Hire a Photographer. Tell your family that you want to get professional pictures done. During the shoot, hold up this cute Etsy sign. After the photographer has captured it, turn around and get their reaction! 

    8. Wooden Pregnancy Stick with a Rainbow

    If you don’t love the idea of wrapping up your pregnancy test to give to friends and family, here is a cute keepsake you can give them.

    What I LOVE about it…

    This is something that your friends and family can keep as a memory of this special day! It also includes a rainbow to show this is a rainbow baby.

    9. Rainbow Treat

    Since this is a sweet announcement, use a treat to share the news!

     What I love about it…

    You can casually bring this to a friend or family member’s house and they won’t suspect you have news to share. You could make cookies or get donuts and inside the box put a sign about having your rainbow baby!

    10. Rainbow Sign

    This is a really subtle way to share the news. Get a sign that has a simple rainbow on it and hold it up with some balloons that say “BABY!

    What I love about it….

    I’m not one for a rainbow of colors. I like simple and sweet! That’s why I love this announcement. You can share the news that you are expecting a rainbow baby, without having bright colors in your photos. 

    11. Rainbow Colored Flowers

     Maybe your mom loves flowers or you want a not-so-obvious way to tell your friend you’re expecting. Get a rainbow bouquet of flowers and put the Sonogram photo in it. When they look inside the arrangement they will see that you are having a baby!

    What I love about it…

    Again, it’s not super obvious that you are about to announce you’re pregnant. I like this because you can be carrying a bouquet of flowers and no one will guess it’s because you’re expecting.

    12. Rainbow Handprint on Your Belly

    If you are planning a photo announcement for social media, this is a cute way to tell everyone you are having a rainbow baby.

    All you need is a white t-shirt and rainbow-colored paint. Then you pain the colors on your hand and put it on your belly!

    What I love about it… 

    This is a cute and cheap announcement that will surprise everyone! You can also choose the rainbow colors you want, whether that be bright and colorful or muted and pastel.

    13. Chalk Rainbow Baby Announcement

    I love this announcement idea for if you have guests coming over to your house. All you will need is chalk.

    Then you will draw a rainbow and either put the sonogram in the middle or write “Rainbow Baby Coming Soon..”

    What I love about it…

    Again, it’s an inexpensive pregnancy announcement idea and you will get to watch your guest’s faces as they make their way to the front door!

    14. Rainbow Baby Card Announcement

    Last but not least, are these cute rainbow baby cards! Sometimes it’s easier just to announce your pregnancy with a card. 

    What I love about it….

    It’s really simple and you can give this to those who live next door or far away! This could also be paired with a rainbow treat (like I mentioned above).

    In Conclusion

    Rainbow babies are something to be celebrated! Whether your rainbow baby pregnancy announcement to your friends and family utilizes a photographer, confetti, or your first son/daughter, it definitely won’t disappoint! Whatever you choose, I hope the outcome is everything you wanted it to be! 

    I’m so excited for you!!! 

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    rainbow baby pregnancy announcement

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