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65 Unique Biblical Boy Names That You Can Actually Pronounce

Choosing a unique Biblical boy name that’s unusual and easy to pronounce can be difficult to find. Nowadays, it seems like everyone’s kid has an unheard-of name. But for many Christian couples, having a name that honors God and has a Biblical meaning behind it is more important.

Just because you aren’t into traditional names, doesn’t mean you can’t find a unique name that also represents your faith.

In this list of unique Biblical boy names, you find a lot of names that are derived from Hebrew along with word names that are inspired by Bible Verses. I hope that this list helps you and your spouse decide on a name that roots your little one in their faith and represents the qualities you pray that they have.

The BEST Unique Biblical Boy Names 

unique biblical boy names for Christian parents
  1. Adino – Hebrew meaning “ornament”
  2. Adriel – Hebrew meaning “God is my Master”
  3. Amon – Hebrew meaning “Teacher” or Builder” or “wealthy protector”
  4. Amos – Hebrew meaning “Carried by God”
  5. Arlo – English meaning “ Rock Hill”
  6. Ari – Hebrew meaning “Lion of God”
  7. Asa Hebrew meaning “healer”
  8. Asaiah – Hebrew meaning “the Lord Hath Made”
  9. Ashron – English meaning “Son of God”
  10. Avener – Hebrew meaning “Father of Light”
  11. Aziel – Hebrew meaning “God is my Strength”
  12. Canaan – Biblical Place.
  13. Cain – Hebrew meaning “Aquired”
  14. Callum – Latin meaning “dove” 
  15. Cedar – English and French meaning “Cedar Tree” used in Psalm 92:12
  16. Cillian – Irish meaning “Warn Strife or Church”
  17. Creed – Latin meaning “Guiding Principle”
  18. Cruz – Spanish Meaning “Cross”
  19. Cypress – Tree name from Isiah 41:19
  20. Davy – Hebrew meaning “Beloved”
  21. Delson – Often used in Australia meaning “Determined”
  22. Elim – Biblical Place meaning “Place of Strong Trees”
  23. Elyas – Hebrew meaning “Yahweh is God”
  24. Ember – Hebrew meaning “Appointed by God”
  25. Fidel – Latin meaning “Faithful”
  26. Hezekiah – Hebrew for “God Gives Strength”
  27. Hosea – Hebrew meaning “Salvation”
  28. Izzy – Nickname for Isaiah
  29. Gabel – German meaning “God is Bright”
  30. Jadon – Hebrew meaning “God has Heard”
  31. Javan – Hebrew meaning “Greece”
  32. Jed – Hebrew meaning “Beloved of the Lord”
  33. Jericho – Biblical Place mentioned in the book for Joshua
  34. Joah – Hebrew meaning “Brother of God”
  35. Jodie – Hebrew meaning “Jehova increases”
  36. Jorah – Hebrew meaning “First Rain”
  37. Josiah – Hebrew meaning “God Supports”
  38. Kenan – Hebrew meaning “Possession.” Kenan was also an ancestor of Noah.
  39. Lael – Hebrew meaning “Belonging to God”
  40. Lev – Hebrew meaning “Heart”
  41. Linus – Greek meaning “Flax”
  42. Maccabee – Aramaic meaning “Hammer”
  43. Matthan – Hebrew for “Gift”
  44. Mika – Finnish for “Who is Like God”
  45.  Nehemiah – Hebrew for “Comforted by God”
  46. Omri – Hebrew meaning ” My Sheaf”
  47. Oren – Hebrew meaning “Pine Tree”
  48. Ori – Hebrew meaning “My Light”
  49. Ozias – Greek meaning “Salvation”
  50. Reuel – Hebrew meaning “Friend of God”
  51. Roman – Latin meaning “Citizen of Rome”
  52. Salem – Biblical place meaning “Safe”
  53. Shepherd – Occupational Name meaning “Sheep Herder”
  54. Shiloh – Hebrew meaning “Tranquil” – Place first mentioned in Genesis 49:10.
  55. Silas – Greek or Latin meaning “of the forest”
  56. Tevel – Hebrew meaning “Beloved”
  57. Tigris – River in Genesis 2:14
  58. Timon – Greek meaning “Reward or Honor”
  59. Titus – Latin meaning is unknown. Book of the Bible.
  60. Tovie – Hebrew meaning “Goodness of God”
  61. Truman – English meaning “Loyal One”
  62. Valor – Word Name.
  63. Zay – American name meaning “Pure Light and Love”
  64. Zayne – Hebrew meaning “God is Gracious”
  65. Zekiah – Hebrew meaning “God Gives Strength”

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How to Choose a Biblical Baby Boy Name

Choosing a baby name can be really difficult, especially when you have friends and family throwing in their opinions. I wanted to share a few tips on how we chose our children’s names. Hopeful this will give you a little guidance on deciding on a name you will love.

Truthfully, naming our first baby was easy…. we had a boy and a girl name we already loved! But once we found out we were pregnant with another girl, we really struggled to choose a name.

We spent months creating a “Master List” of our favorite baby girl names. This decision wasn’t as simple as we like the meaning…. there was a lot of thought… and tough conversations that went into choosing her name

So here is what we did to choose the perfect name for our daughter:

1. Write Down YOUR Favorite Names

Both you and your spouse should keep lists of your favorite names. Every so often go through the list. Keep the maybes and yeses… get rid of the NOs.

Josie was actually on the maybe list and (eventually) we both ended up loving it!

2. Take Meaning into Consideration

With most Biblical baby boy names, the meaning is really strong and God-honoring. Although there may be certain meanings that just don’t align with your life… and that’s totally okay!

3. Say the Names Out Loud

Sometimes just hearing a name will give you clarity. This is actually what helped us to choose Josie. We loved the way it sounded, especially with our older daughter’s name! This leads me to my next tip….

4. Think About Sibling Names

Even if this is your first, you may want to consider how this name will sound with sibling names. Truthfully, your kids’ names don’t need to flow… but let’s say you are introducing them… are their names easy to say?

5. Pray About It

God already knows your daughter’s name, isn’t that crazy to think about?! Begin praying and asking God to reveal the name that your daughter should be named.

My Thoughts….

When choosing a unique Biblical baby boy’s name take your time and take everything into consideration.. I hope this list gave you a little inspiration and helps you to pick a name that suits your little boy.

I truly am SO Excited for you and your spouse….. the journey of parenthood is absolutely precious and I know you are going to enjoy it ❤️

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65 unique biblical baby boy names for christian parents

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