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Toddler Bucket List: 108 Activities to do during Spring, Summer, Winter, + FallĀ 

Your toddler may not remember that fun summer vacation from when they were two or bike riding each weekend to get Ice Cream Cones, but this is setting a foundation for how they will live their life. Introducing them to many different kinds of experiences will help them to be well-rounded adults. No matter what your family enjoys, you will find many FUN activities to do from this Ultimate Toddler Bucket List.

I love creating memories with my girls. Even though they may not remember it all, I have pictures that capture the moment and funny stories to tell.

Although many of these activities are fairly simple to complete, keep in mind that your toddler may not resonate with all of them…. and that’s okay. If something feels like it’s becoming challenging for either of you, put that activity of the back burner until they are ready to enjoy it!

The ULTIMATE Toddler Bucket List (for Every Season)

the ultimate bucket list for toddlers

Before I share some activity ideas for you and your toddler, I have categorized these by season. I felt like that was the easiest way for you to be able read through them

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what to do with my toddler the ultimate bucket list of things to do before kindergarten

Spring + Summer Toddler Bucket List

First up is spring and summer. I grouped these together because so many of the activities can be done in both seasons.

Take this time to soak up the outdoors. It will not only refresh your soul, but it also may help your toddler sleep a little better!

Alrighty, lets get into some of the best Spring and Summer Toddler Bucket List Ideas:

  1. Learn to Ride a Bike
  2. Go on a bike ride as a family
  3. Go to all the parks in your area
  4. Fly a kite
  5. Play with Chalk
  6. Create a Suncatcher
  7. Plant a garden
  8. Build a Birdhouse
  9. Build a Bird feeder
  10. Have a Picnic 
  11. Jump in the puddles
  12. Watch + Feed Ducks
  13. Make Mud Pies
  14. Catch Bugs
  15. Catch Fireflies
  16. Watch a Caterpillar turn into a butterfly
  17. Visit the Zoo
  18. Go to a Local Farm
  19. Play Hopscotch
  20. Have a Tea Party
  21. Make S’mores
  22. Have a campfire
  23. Go Camping (Even if it’s in the backyard)
  24. Go to Splash Pad
  25. Practice Climbing Trees
  26. Go to Your Local Museums
  27. Go to a Carnival
  28. Play in the sprinkler
  29. Go to any local festivals
  30. Visit the Ocean
  31. Collect Seashells
  32. Go to the Lake
  33. Build Sand Castles
  34. Go on your first Family Vacation
  35. Pick Your Own: Strawberries, Blueberries, Huckleberries, or Cherries
  36. Have dinner outside!
  37. Have breakfast while the sun rises
  38. Go to the Drive-Ins
  39. Biking to Get Ice Cream
  40. Visit the farmers market
  41. Start a Rock Collection
  42. Wash the car
  43. Watch a Parade

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Fall Bucket List Ideas

I need to be honest, fall is my favorite time of year. Our family will do many of these things EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I hope some of these ideas become traditions in your home too!

  1. Go to the pumpkin patch
  2. Go to the apple orchard
  3. Jump In Leaves
  4. Paint pumpkins
  5. Make Caramel Apples
  6. Make Homemade Apple things (Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, Apple Pie)
  7. Go on a Lunch Date
  8. Have a Movie Night.. with sleeping bags on the floor!
  9. Take a Tour of the local fire station!
  10. Build Forts with Blankets
  11. Make Paper Airplanes
  12. Play “Eye Spy” in the Car
  13. Beginner Board Games
  14. Finger Paint
  15. Put on a Puppet Show with Sock Puppets
  16. Go on a Hayride
  17. Read Some Fall Books
  18. Go to Your Local High School Football Game
  19. Visit a Sunflower Field/Farm
  20. Enjoy some Apple Cider + Apple Cider Donuts of course!
  21. Dress the WHOLE family up for Halloween

Winter Bucket List Ideas

In the chilliest months of the year, embrace the cold and find activities that are warm and cozy in your home! This is a great time to focus in on enjoying your little family.

Don’t forget that many fun memories can still be made outside….. you just need to bundle up 😉

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  1. Play dress Up
  2. Go to a Live Show (Like Disney On Ice)
  3. Have a Pajama Day
  4. Watch Christmas Movies
  5. Make Treats for Your Neighbors 
  6. Take Pictures with Santa
  7. Look at Christmas Lights
  8. Go to Krispy Cream when the donuts are “Hot Now”
  9. Let Your Toddler Take Pictures
  10. Play Hide + Seek in the House
  11. Play in the snow
  12. Build a Snow Man
  13. Go Sleigh riding 
  14. Take a Train ride like the Polar Express
  15. Have Extra Large boxes from Christmas? Make a House for them to play in!
  16. Decorate a Gingerbread House
  17. Bake Together
  18. Enjoy some Hot Chocolate
  19. Make DIY Christmas Cards for Friends + Family
  20. Have a Picnic in the Living Room
  21. Make Salt Dough Ornaments
  22. Write a Letter to Santa
  23. Make Paper Chains
  24. Cut out Snowflakes
  25. Read About Jesus’ birth
  26. Enjoy an Advent Calendar (Check Out my Favorite Bible Verses for Advent)
  27. Cut down a Christmas Tree
  28. Go to a Christmas Parade

18 Fun Christmas Activity Ideas for Toddlers

Lastly, I thought I would add a section about Christmas because there were so many activities for the holiday season! This time is so special and sacred, I hope that you enjoy making memories together!

  1. Create a Christmas Eve Box
  2. Read a Christmas Story
  3. Watch a Christmas Movie
  4. Read about Jesus’ birth in the Bible
  5. Christmas Bath: Glow Sticks + Holiday Bath Bomb
  6. Dance to Christmas Music
  7. Make Cookies for Santa
  8. Enjoy Hot Chocolate + Marshmallows
  9. Put out Carrots for the Reindeer
  10. Make Reindeer Food
  11. Hang Their Stocking
  12. Give them Christmas Pajamas
  13. Watching Santa in the North Pole
  14. Go look at Christmas Lights
  15. Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt
  16. Go Caroling
  17. Picnic Next to the Christmas Tree
  18. Do a Christmas Craft (Playdough)

My Thoughts…

Spending quality time with your toddler may feel difficult at first, but once you start to work through this toddler’s bucket list… you will find yourself crazing more of it! Take your time and soak up all the memories… they aren’t little for vary long.

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