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10 Birth Announcements for Facebook – How to MELT Everyone’s Heart

As it gets closer to your baby’s arrival, you are probably trying to think of the best way to announce their birth on Facebook!

We all know nothing is official.. until it’s on Facebook or social media! So get out there and post that new little bundle of joy all over the internet!

Whether you are planning to take photos in the hospital, at home, or decide to not share your little one’s pictures on social media, we have a few ideas that you will love! Here are 10 of the cutest birth announcements for Facebook.

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10 Ways to Announce Baby’s Birth on Facebook!

At the hospital

Welcoming your newborn is so exciting! But if you are in the hospital for a bit, you may feel impatient to share the news. Here are some cute ways to announce the birth of your baby on Facebook in the hospital.

1. Hello Baby Card:

Oh how precious to capture your new little one in the hospital crib! Order this Hello Baby Card ahead of time or use one the hospital gives you.

This is a a cute way to share your baby’s name and introduce them to the world!

2. Photo of Mom + Dad holding baby

Chances are you have a few of theses on your phone.. or maybe you had a birth photographer who took some sweet candids, of the first few moments you spent as a family.

Post this photo on social media with your little one’s name, birthday, weight, and any other details you would like to include!

Posting Your Baby at Home on Facebook

Whether you had a home birth or you chose to take a few days to get settled in as a family, photos at home can be such a cute way to share your baby’s arrival!

3. Nursery Photos

newborn photos in nursery

This nursery photo was from our newborn photo shoot, after our daughter came home from the NICU. You don’t have to have anything professionally done. You can take a few photos with your phone or you can hire a photographer capture the first moments your little one is home!

4. With siblings

Of course if this isn’t your first child, take a few candids of your children meeting their new brother or sister!

5. With Doggie Sibling

If your first children were fur baby’s, it would be cute to include them in your newborns announcement photos!!

Baby Keepsakes/Props to use in photos

6. Hat with Name

Personalized hats… can a photo get any cuter?! What I love is that your friends and family will see the little one’s name in the photo!!

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7. Using a Letter board for Facebook Announcement

Letter boards have become so popular lately! What I like about this is you can write whatever you want on it. You could include their name, date of birth, weight, etc.

This could also be used as they grow for monthly milestone photos!

Click Here to see the perfect rustic Letter Board!

8. Baby Name Plaque

Looking for something that can also be kept as a memory of when your little one was born?? Theses wood Baby Name Plaques are such a cute way to show off your baby’s name and also make a great little sign for their nursery!

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9. This ADORABLE Baseball

I couldn’t leave out the future sports players! If you are into sports, having a ball engraved with all the details of their birth is such a cute way to share the news on social media!

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Apps the Help with Birth Announcements for Facebook

10. Adorable Photo Editor App

If you love to take your own photos.. on your iPhone.. this app is awesome! You can add sweet little captions all along your baby’s journey!

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Final Thoughts…..

How ever you choose to share your newborns announcement it will be sure to surprise your friends and family! Hopefully one of our birth announcements for Facebook help you when deciding how to tell the word!

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how to announce baby's birth on facebook and social media

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