The Best Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Parents

the best ways to announce pregnancy to parents - how to surprise your parents with baby

You just found out you’re pregnant!! Congratulations!!

You have probably dreamed about this day for months or even years. Telling your family “We’re Pregnant”is such s special moment. Whether it’s your first or last pregnancy, finding a special way to announce this new little one to your parents is so exciting!

You’re parents will be so happy to find out that they are going to be grandparents! They have watched you grow and it brings them so much joy to think about your child.

What are some cute ways to share this special news with them?

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9 ways to announce pregnancy to your parents!

Bun in The Oven

The old and classic ‘bun-in-the-oven’ trick! You’re parents may have even surprised their parents with this announcement.

How to pull it off?? Place a hamburger bun in the oven and ask one of your parents to go grab the ‘bun-in-the-oven’! It may take them a minute to figure out what’s going on! Oh! Don’t forget to capture the moment.

You will definitely want someone to video this one!

A Note of Promotion

Are your parents long distance? Of course, you probably wish you could just hop on a plane and tell them in person. But when that isn’t an option, sending a card via snail mail is a fun idea!

Send them a note saying that they will be promoted to Grandparents. This is definitely a letter they will hold onto forever!

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Morning Coffee Delight

How much do your parents love morning coffee? Well, here’s your chance to make their favorite pastime just a bit sweeter.

Bring them customized “Grandpa” & “Grandma” mugs with some yummy croissants or donuts! Serve them some coffee or tea and wait to see their expression!

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Making Festivities More Special

If you find out you are expecting around the holiday time, there’s no better time to surprise them!! Giving gifts is a normal part of the season… so they definitely won’t be expecting that you are pregnant.

Now, what can you give them?

  • Wrap the bedtime storybooks they read to you when you were young along with a note attached.
  • Onsies
  • Cards
  • Ornaments
  • Mugs
  • Or even a T-shirt!

There are so many cute gift ideas out there to give your parents! Check out our Blog Post “First Time Grandparent Gift Ideas,” if you need some inspiration.

Best Movie Ever

Invite your parents over to watch a movie. Once they are all settled with popcorn and snacks to munch on, play the sonography video of your baby on the television.

This will definitely catch them off guard! Plus their is nothing they want more than to see the ultrasound of their grandchildren.

This movie will be… hands down the one they’ve ever seen!!

It Just Takes the Heartbeat

Next time you are together with your family, play the audio of your sonography and ask them to guess what it is. It may take them a few minutes to realize what’s happening, but once they do, they will be so excited!

If your parents don’t live near you, call them and play the heartbeat over the phone. This is sure to catch them off guard and surprise them!

Picture Perfect

1.”Eating For Two”

If your family is long distance, take a picture OF some ice cream in a bowl with the saying “Eating for two!” on the outside.

If your lucky enough to live near your parents, bring over a bowl with this saying for the next get together!

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2.Send them pictures of your sonogram

Hire a photographer to take a few photos of you and your husband posing with your sonogram! This would be a sweet photo that your parents will keep forever!

Baby on Board

This announcement can be done 2 ways:

  1. Wrap up this cute little car sticker and give it to them as a gift!
  2. Place it on your car and next time you pull into the driveway…. they will be so surprised!

Fortune Cookie Surprise

Who doesn’t love opening their Chinese fortune cookie after dinner?! Plan to order take out or invite your parents to a Chinese restaurant!

Print out a paper to stuff the cookie with or order them pre-made!

Check out this DIY fortune cookie recipe!

You can bake them and design the “fortune” to say whatever you would like!

best ways to announce pregnancy to parents


Expecting a little on is just as exciting for your parents! Planning a special announcement for them will be something that they remember forever.

Being pregnant is one of the most special seasons of your life. Take time to enjoy each and every step of the process!

Cameron & Alexis

Husband & Wife || Pregnant + Due August 2020 Sharing our journey through Pregnancy!

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