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The BEST Rainbow Baby Gender Reveal Ideas – Themes, Decorations + More!

When you are blessed with a rainbow baby, there are many emotions you may feel, but the joy and happiness of sharing your baby with the world tend to overshadow all others. To find out if you are having a boy or girl, there are so many unique rainbow baby gender reveal ideas that will be a tribute to the baby you lost and a celebration for the one that is to come!

Best Gender Reveal Ideas for a Rainbow Baby

When you reveal the gender of your rainbow baby (or babies), there is no doubt that you want it to be special. There are many different rainbow baby gender reveal ideas that you can include in your reveal.

1. Pinata

A rainbow pinata from YUGUCU is a perfect touch for a rainbow baby’s reveal. Fill it with blue or pink goodies, confetti, or even ribbon!

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2. Reveal Ball

This creative rainbow baby reveal ball is decorated with the words “After Every Storm There’s a (drawn rainbow)” and is filled with pink or blue powder according to your reveal. It’s also very affordable!

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3. Hat Reveal

Want a creative way to reveal your rainbow baby’s gender? Have someone look at the results and put a pink or blue hat in a box!

These newborn hospital hats come in pink or blue and are adorned with rainbows to celebrate your bundle of joy.

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4. Pop a Ballon

In the Youtube Video, the couple reveals their rainbow baby’s gender with a black balloon that has colorful hanging tassels and is filled with pink confetti to show they are having a girl!

Decor and Rainbow Accent Ideas to Include at the Party

1. Balloons

These colorful balloons can be used to place a rainbow’s display of colors on tables or chairs or even to build a balloon rainbows across a doorway or on a wall for your party.

2. Sash for Mom-To-Be

For the mom-to-be to wear on this special day, you can order this rainbow-colored flower sash for a festive and beautiful touch.

3. Rainbow Ceiling Decorations

Hanging rainbow-themed ceiling decorations can help to bring even more festivity to your gender reveal party. These are whimsical and the perfect way to celebrate your rainbow baby!

4. Rainbow Ballon

These balloons combine white regular balloons and long colorful balloons to make an adorable rainbow in the clouds balloon design for your party.

This would look perfect hung on an accent wall or combined with a banner!

5. Banner

A rainbow pennant banner can be used on tables, chairs, walls, or ceilings to add even more color to your reveal party.

You could couple this together with the ideas above for the sweetest Rainbow Baby Gender Reveal Decor!

Here are few more touches to add a little rainbow to your party:

  1. Pins: These mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be rainbow pins are wonderful additions to the outfits of the parents-to-be.
  2. Table cover: Use this rainbow chevron tablecloth for a fun and festive table.
  3. Garland: This rainbow felt ball garland is great for adding a rainbow accent absolutely anywhere – countertops, tables, chairs, even around door frames!
  4. More Balloons: While balloons have been featured on this list a few times already, you must see these rainbow-striped foil heart balloons! They are gorgeous!
  5. Cake Topper: These rainbow umbrella cupcake toppers are a perfect reminder that your rainbow baby is a gift after the storm.

The following Youtube video shares a couple’s story about how they made their rainbow baby’s gender announcement special. They released rainbow balloons (in an eco-friendly way) and set off powder cannons in rainbow colors.

As you can see, there are many rainbow baby gender reveal ideas that can make your party memorable and meaningful. From things as simple as a rainbow array of colorful balloons to adorable rainbow-themed baby diaper bouquets, there is something for everyone that can make announcing your rainbow baby as unique and special as it can be.

Rainbow Baby Gender Reveal Themes

If you are looking for a full theme for the gender reveal of your rainbow baby, you can look no further. The themes outlined in the following chart are creative, fun, and perfect for your little miracle.

Gender Reveal Theme


Pastel Rainbow Theme

(perfect for springtime or Easter)

Invitations – Two styles of invitations you can use are this dark theme and this light theme.

Cupcake toppers – Beautiful pastel rainbow colored bunny toppers are great for cupcakes.

Decorations – Both this pastel rainbow balloon decoration and this pastel rainbow pom-pom garland are adorable decorations.

GamesBaby predictions always makes a fun game.

Reveal – This gorgeous gold balloon with a pastel rainbow tassel keeps with the theme and reveals the gender.

Rainbow After the Storm Theme

Invitations – These customizable rainbow invitations are super colorful, bright, and fun!

Cake topper – A cloud star rainbow cake topper makes a gorgeous cake topper for your special event.

Decorations – Add in these rainbow baby themed paper plates and napkins and these colorful paper lanterns for decorations.

GamesBaby Bingo is a game that both adults and children and enjoy!

Reveal – Let everyone have a whack at revealing your baby’s gender with this rainbow pinata.

Rainbow Baby Fiesta Reveal

InvitationsLet’s Taco ‘Bout a Baby editable invitations let everyone know about your fiesta.

Cake pop sticks – Get crazy and make tasty cake pops with these rainbow striped cake pop sticks.

Decorations – Decorate perfectly with Mexican Papel Picado banners and rainbow-colored tissue paper pom-poms – then add this rainbow felt garland.

Games – Give prizes away with these fiesta-themed diaper lottery cards.

Reveal – Make a statement with confetti and powder cannons when you reveal your little one’s gender.

Ways to Include Your Babies in Heaven During Your Reveal

Some parents choose to include all their rainbow baby’s siblings in the festivities, whether they are on Earth with them or in Heaven. As with all the party decisions, this is entirely up to you. There are some heartwarming ways that you can include all your baby’s siblings at your party.

  • Purchase a felt board and letters to display the name and whatever other information you’d like to display. You can choose one board for each sibling or a single board to list them all. It is up to you.
  • Paint a large rock white for each sibling. You can then tie a rainbow or single-colored balloon to the rock. You can write the name either on the rock or the balloon.
  • Before you reveal the gender of your rainbow baby, release powder cannons in rainbow colors as a way of remembering all your babies.
  • Get stuffed animals and dress them in shirts that have the names of your baby’s siblings embroidered on them. You can sit them wherever you’d like, and after the reveal, you will have a keepsake.

There are many creative and touching ways that you can include your rainbow baby’s siblings in your reveal party. The way you choose to do so and even if you choose to do so is entirely up to you.

How to Announce Gender to Your Long-Distance Relatives

When it comes to announcing your rainbow baby’s gender to relatives that are long-distance, there is no easier time than now! Whether you choose a technological route or a more traditional way of revealing the gender, it is incredibly easy to include your long-distance relatives in on your reveal.

If you’d like to take a technological route to reveal the gender to relatives that live long distance, you can simply have them tune in on a video calling application like Skype or Facetime on the day of and watch the reveal with everyone else. Additionally, you can livestream your reveal on Facebook and let them watch in real-time with your other guests.

If you want to take a more traditional way of revealing, you can mail scratch-offs to them that they can scratch to reveal boy or girl! This beautiful rainbow baby gender reveal scratch-off card is an awesome choice if this is the route you choose to take. One thing to remember when mailing the scratch-offs is that relatives in different places will receive them at different times. It is a good idea to choose a date for them to all scratch-off their cards, so they all learn the gender at the same time. Make sure to allow enough time for them all to get their cards in the mail!

In Conclusion…

A rainbow baby is truly a miracle. After the loss of a child, hope can seem far away, but a rainbow baby can bring that hope back front and center and allow you to focus on the good in your life again. It is no surprise that you would want your gender reveal party to be just as special as the baby you are carrying.

The ideas in this article are just some of the amazing and thoughtful ideas that can make your baby’s gender reveal event an unforgettable one.

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. So you can pin it to your Baby Board!!

Rainbow baby gender reveal party ideas and inspiration for decorations, themes and more!

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