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17 Best Long Distance Pregnancy Announcements to Surprise Your Family!

How you will announce your pregnancy to your family is one of the first things you think about, after you find out that you’re expecting. However, when your loved ones live far away and dropping by is not an option, you will have to get a little bit more creative on how you will tell them. Although you can’t be there in person, long distance pregnancy announcements can be just as thoughtful and special!

17 of Best Pregnancy Announcements for Long Distance Family

Whether you want to tell your aunt, uncle, sister, brother, grandparents, or parents that you’re expecting, you will need to come up with a cute way to share the news. I’ve broken up these announcements into several different sections; generic, grandparents, and friends.

No matter how you place to announce your pregnancy to long distance friends and family, one of these ideas will be sure to surprise!

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1. Phone Call Announcement Ideas

If you live far away from your siblings, grandparents or other close family members, then calling to catch up isn’t out of the norm. Try incorporating your pregnancy announcement into one of these already anticipated calls and surprise them!

– Call for Grandmas Recipe

Tell your grandmother how much you’ve been craving her (lasagna?) and that, in fact, you’ve been having a lot of cravings lately. Then you can reveal that it’s a symptom of pregnancy!

– Call Your Siblings – Because Your Parent Started Crying

Make a phone call to your brother/sister to say you’re concerned about your parents who were crying on the phone the last time you called them. When they ask what happened, you can say that it might have to do with a pregnancy announcement. Then ask, “What do you think auntie/uncle-to-be?”

2. Facetime or Skype Ideas

Video calls are perhaps the closest you can get to actual face-to-face time with relatives that are long distance. The benefit of these is that you also get to see their reactions in real-time, which is an invaluable experience. There are a lot of ways to make loved ones feel special during a FaceTime/Skype/Google hangout baby announcement- below are a few of those!

– Ultrasound Photo

  • Hold up a picture of the ultrasound in mid conversation and catch them completely off guard!
  • Tell them that you have something you want to show them to get their opinion about it (and attention) and then flash that sonogram!

– Mom + Dad Sweatshirt

mom and dad sweatshirt pregnancy announcement

Find cute mommy-to-be, or daddy-to-be T-shirts and wear them during you call and wait from them to realize what they say! Here’s an adorable Mama+ Dad T-shirt Duo!

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    – Big Brother or Sister Shirt

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    If this is baby #2 then have the older-sibling-to-be get in on this special moment. It’s a big change for them too! Here’s a cute shirt that they could wear during a FaceTime call to relatives!

    – Cute Baby Things

    Pull out the Baby Due Date Onesie, a Bib, or a pair of baby shoes. Then wait until they figure out what you are holding and why! This is simple yet unforgettable.

    3. Snail Mail: Card or Package Announcement

    Personalized cards or packages are another fun way to share the news.  Be sure to expect a phone call seconds after they open it!

    Tip: Want to see their reaction? Write on the back of the envelope “Call us before you open!”

    – A Card “Just wanted tp say…”

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    Pregnancy cards often reveal what they are for by the outside text, but here’s a good one that is disguised as a potential thank you card.

    – “Care” Package

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    This cute and incredibly thoughtful gift box is sure to create some serious waterworks! Send it with a note that says not to open until they call/FaceTime you first.

    It comes with confetti so they can have a real live celebration when they find out- how fun! If you have time, buy some confetti for yourself so you guys can celebrate “together.” The heartwarming gesture will make them feel even more special and close by. 

    – Send a Puzzle

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    Have your family work for the news by sending them this adorable personalized puzzle. Once they realize what they are piecing together you are sure to get an excited phone call. Choose a picture that they can frame and hang afterwards- they will get excited all over again every time they see it!

    4 Best Pregnancy Announcements for Long Distance Grandparents-to-be

    The first reveal you’ll probably be thinking about is the one for the grandparents-to-be! With emotions bound to run high on both sides, it’s probably something you want to put some thought into.

    What can you do to make them feel special? You’ll most likely want to either see or hear their reaction, so Facetime is probably the most intimate setting to do this! Here are ideas of packages you can send to them with a note asking to FaceTime you before opening.

    1. T-shirts for Grandma-To-Be and Grandpa-To-Be

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    Announce your pregnancy by sending the grandparents-to-be some new gear that they can rock proudly after the reveal. I’m sure they’ll want to share their updated status with anyone and everyone that is willing to listen (and even those that aren’t)!

    2. Send Baby Things

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    Imagine your parents’ faces when they pull out this precious onesie. It comes packed with lots of tears, reminders of when you were that small and the fact that now you’re big enough to have a baby of your own! Looking at it will make their heart happy and I’m sure they’ll be counting down the days until they can put it on the lil tyke!

    You can also send them a pacifier and/or a baby blanket with a note that says, “For when we come to visit, because mom/dad will probably forget (you know how they are!)” These are useful for baby and grandparents-to-be.

    Check out this adorable announcement…

    3. Useful Keepsake

    Sending packages with things that they actually use on a daily basis is incredibly thoughtful and will ensure they feel special over and over again when they use them.

    a. Mug

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    b. Calendar

    Mail them a calendar and write “__ number of weeks until you’re grandparents” at the top. What a sweet announcement with a gift that helps them countdown with you! You can even circle the due date and add other notes like, at 24 weeks pencil in “Your grandchild-to-be is the size of a cantaloupe this week!” I’m sure they would appreciate being kept in the loop from so far away.

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    4 Best Pregnancy Announcements for Long Distance Friends

    Friends that are being promoted to aunts/uncles deserve a fabulous pregnancy announcement even if they are long distance! Here are some ideas on how to announce your pregnancy to long distance friends!

    1. Accidental Slip Up

    Calling up your best friend on a random Tuesday night will probably not raise any suspicions. A good idea would be to work it into regular conversation to catch them by surprise!

    • When she asks how you are doing – “Pretty good, I tried out a new recipe the other day and I was also thinking of joining a prenatal yoga class….”
    • “I’ve been pretty bummed that I have to give up sushi for lunch for about 9 months but other than that, work is good!”
    • Work it in casually and if they’re really listening it won’t be long before you get a “Wait a minute! What!”

    2. Read the Fine Print

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    They may not read it right away but when they do, they’ll probably ask what the fine print is if they can’t read it. Cue dramatic music! You can either zoom in or, if you can’t hold it in any longer, proclaim “I’m Pregnant!”

    3. Dinner and a….pregnancy announcement?!

    During your next grocery trip, grab a bottle of Preggo pasta sauce. Take a picture of you and hubby holding it and then edit the picture to add “We’re” at the top. Send it out via text message or email, “We’re preggo!”

    4. Promotion Notice

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    An official notice of promotion is sure to get your bestie in auntie mode.

    You can send her the card and write “Facetime me before you open!”

    Wrap Up…

    It’s hard to not have loved ones near you when you find out that you’re pregnant. Pregnancy announcements for long distance family and friends are a way to intimately share your special news to help you guys stay connected, regardless of the physical distance, as you embark on this new journey.

    So, harness those creativity and secret-keeping skills and get to work on one of these great pregnancy announcements. Don’t forget to keep tissues nearby during all those calls (you’ll need them)!

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