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The BEST Devotions for Infertility to Find Peace

Infertility is something that no married couple ever hopes to face. Yet, one in eight will have to struggle with it at some point in their lives. It leaves you feeling empty and hopeless. Infertility strips all feelings of control from your hands. Though many think it may come with an easy fix, it doesn’t. These devotions for infertility will help you find peace as you seek the Lord in this period of grief and waiting. 

Thankfully, infertility is not hopeless. Joy can be found in the waiting as you learn to draw closer to the Giver and Sustainer of all life. God is faithful and He can be trusted to write the story of your life; He is the only author who can write the perfect plot line both for our good and His glory.

Top Devotional Books for Infertility 

So, if you are reading this, you are likely already struggling and looking for hope. Thankfully, there are so many wonderful devotional books written by women who have walked the journey before us. These women have sought the Lord and found joy in Him, all while waiting upon His timing. 

Consider these four devotional books for infertility as you walk through this journey. 

1. Anchored in Hope

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Ali Forrest does an amazing job at connecting with women going through Infertility. She has gathered the experiences of 45 different women and compiled them into one encouraging devotional book. These women share their own personal stories of loss, waiting on the Lord, grace, and hope. 

Through sharing so many different stories, you can be sure to find someone to relate to in their own journey. You can be encouraged that you aren’t alone in your hurt – there are so many sisters walking through the same valley. 

2. In Due Time: Hope & Encouragement in the Waiting

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“How long, O Lord, how long???” 

Every Christian woman going through infertility wonders how long their hurt and waiting will last. 

Caroline Harries writes to encourage women of the hope they have in suffering – redemption of all things on heaven and earth through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Her devotional book contains 60 short entries that focus on God’s goodness and faithfulness in the storm of infertility. 

3. Longing for Motherhood

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Chelsea Patterson Sobolik hopes to walk alongside women going through infertility and loss by sharing her own journey. She addresses the sovereignty and goodness of God in suffering. Chelsea also filters her personal experience through the Truth of Scripture in order to help others focus on our only Hope – Christ.

4. Wait and See: Finding Peace in God’s Pauses and Plans

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This devotional book is different than the three above. Instead of directly addressing infertility, it addresses focusing on the Lord in whatever period of waiting you are facing. Wendy Pope uses the story of King David, who waited over 20 years to take his throne, to teach us how to trust God’s faithfulness in the waiting. 

In this book, you will study David’s character. You will learn about his confidence in the Lord’s promises and how to remain confident in the promises that God has spoken over your life. 

Devotions by Bloggers

Another wonderful way to find encouragement during seasons of waiting and grief is to read some of the wonderful devotions that bloggers have written. Like the authors above, these bloggers have walked through infertility. Many of these women see infertility as a gift in which God is molding them into the image of His Son – a wonderful gift where He is drawing them closer to His heart. 

1. Deserts Will Blossom 

This devotional by Lisa Newton is sure to encourage any heart going through the valley of infertility. Lisa shares her own infertility experience with God offering her encouragement through Isaiah 51:3. 

“The Lord will comfort Israel again and have pity on her ruins. Her desert will blossom like Eden, her barren wilderness like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be found there. Songs of thanksgiving will fill the air.” 

Lisa discusses how God, the Master Gardener, turns our barren hearts into Eden – the place where we find joy in walking with the Lord. 

2. Desire to Inspire #28

This devotional focuses on the truth found in Genesis 18:14. 

“Is anything too extraordinary for Yahweh?”

There is so much hope found in this verse. Blogger Amanda writes about the faithfulness of our amazing God – the very One who brings salvation to our souls. 

3. Don’t Waste Your Infertility

Author, Courtney Reissig, gives practical, Biblical advice on not wasting your infertility. She explains how every struggle is meant to draw us closer to the One who is redeeming all things. She discusses everything from worshipping during grief to praying boldly before the throne. 

YouVersion Infertility Studies

Devotions by bloggers are great to read, because we can follow their actual journey and relate to them. We can walk with them in finding hope in the valley. However, books and blogs aren’t the only place to find devotions for infertility, another great resource is YouVersion. You can download the App or visit their website to follow along a set reading plan created with the purpose of drawing you closer to the Lord through Scripture. 

1. A Seed of Hope During Infertility

One of the best ways to find hope during infertility is by digging into God’s Word. Spend 8 weeks reading truths that will encourage your heart in the midst of hurt. 

2. Infertility Encouragement from Sarah’s Laughter

Sarah’s Laughter is a Christian organization that supports women struggling with infertility and child loss. Their YouVersion study contains 49 days of encouraging devotionals and Scripture readings to draw your heart closer to the Lord. 

3. Inconceivable Redemption: God’s Presence in Miscarriage and Infertility 

Author, Erin Greneaux, writes to minister to the hearts of grieving women in this devotional study. Her hope is to point women to the hope of the Gospel and how God can redeem even the hardest valleys for His glory. 

4. Longing for Motherhood: 10 Days to Recovering Hope and Trust in a God Who Cares

Can I get an amen? Any woman going through infertility needs to remember what it means to be hopeful in the Lord. This 10-day devotional is great to help women at any point in the journey of infertility or loss. Grief often steals our faith in the Lord. This devotional will help you focus on the truth that God loves you and cares about your hurt. 

You Don’t Walk Alone

Every woman who has written one of these devotions for infertility wants you to know that you aren’t walking this journey alone. Infertility is often a silent struggle. It can be isolating and lonely, but there are many other women walking alongside you. Take some time to read about what God has taught them in their own journeys. 

It’s time that we reclaim hope in the midst of hurt. God cares about your hurt and waiting. During this season, He wants you to draw closer to His heart. Press into Him. Dig into His Word. He is faithful and working while you wait. He is so good, sister. 

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