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Have you spent more time worrying about the “what if’s” instead of enjoying your pregnancy?

I did. During my first trimester, I spent hours googling miscarriage symptoms, when I could have been celebrating the baby God gave me.

As my little one began to grow, my worries shifted from losing this precious child to obsessing over my changing body. All I wanted was to enjoy my pregnancy… but I couldn’t.

I so desperately wanted to hear that everything was going to be okay.

What I didn’t know is that my relationship with God was slipping and I NEEDED Him.

One night, I was desperate to FREE myself from the fear.

I searched google for other mommas-to-be that were experiencing these same feelings…. But I couldn’t find anyone who’s advice started with God.

I wanted to hear someone’s struggles, to be encouraged to lean into God, and find peace through His words in the Bible.

The moment I realized that I was far from the Lord, it clicked. THIS was why I was struggling with doubt, fear, worry, while shaming myself with a negative self-image.

This is what led me to write a 40 Week Pregnancy Devotional, which you can download and read today. I put everything that I needed to hear during my pregnancy into a simple, easy to follow, 40 week study. I want to share this with you!

This devotional will help you to reset your mind and focus on your pregnancy.

I want you to find peace and joy through this journey.

Each week, we will go through a different topic that will encourage you to pray for your little one and (most of all) strengthen your relationship with the God. There is space to reflect on how you are feeling, to pray that the Lord would be with you during this time, and a verse to remind you of His goodness.


download your 40 week devotional for just 9.99 (50% 0ff!)

Devotion Topics Include:

  • Overcoming Fears that are either irrational or due to complications.
  • Finding Joy in this journey that God has called you to.
  • Loving your Body and seeing the miracle that God is growing within you.
  • Practicing Gratitude + Reflecting on this precious gift.

My hope in writing this devotional is to encourage momma’s, like you, on their pregnancy journey.

Each week you will find insight on how to connect with God and trust Him with this beautiful baby. He entrusted you with one of His precious children, it’s time that you let go a believe that the Lord will protect your little one.

I want you to have complete joy during your pregnancy.

For the next 72 hours, I am discounting my devotional for 50% off! (PDF DOWNLOAD)

download your 40 week devotional for just 9.99 (50% 0ff!)

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