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 43 of the BEST Energy Boosting Snacks for Labor – To Keep You Going

Are you wanting to boost your energy during labor? Having some snacks for labor ready will help you to fuel your body to keep going through delivery.

With my first birth, I wasn’t able to have snacks while I was laboring. It was hospital protocol that I could only have ice chips. Since I planned on having my second at a birthing house, I prepared a bunch of snacks for labor.

I know so many moms that swear by eating during early labor. They say it helps you to keep going and feel energized… even through pushing! If you are lucky enough to spend some time at home before going to the hospital, use this time to enjoy some food before you get there. 

The BEST Energy-Boosting Snacks for Labor and Delivery

energy boosting snacks for labor

You will find everything from fruit to drink ideas for snacks during labor. Keep in mind that a lot of moms feel up to enjoying something light and filling during early labor.

By time they are in active labor, oftentimes they don’t want anything more than a sip of coconut milk. Once they are in transition many are feeling nauseous and not up for food at all!

I’ve included 32 of the best energy boosting snacks for labor and delivery. This list includes everything you could enjoy from early labor right through transition. At the end of this post, I will share the best snacks for each stage of labor!

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1. Fresh Fruit

  • Watermelon
  • Berries
  • Grapes
  • Apple Slices
  • Oranges

2. Frozen Grapes

3. Honey Sticks

4. Maple Syrup Packets

5. Nut Butter

6. Apple Sauce

7. Chia Seed Pouches

8. Greek Yogurt

9. Cheese 

10. Cheese with Honey

11. Beef sticks

12. Turkey + Cheese Roll-ups

13. Dried Fruit

14. Dried Mango

15. Raisins

16. GoMacro Bars

17. Lara Bars

18. Trail Mix

19. Granola

20. Crackers

21. Gram Crackers

22. Oyster Crackers

23. Saltines

24. Pretzels

25. Sourdough Bread

  • Honey
  • Jelly
  • Coconut Oil
  • PB + J

26. Cassava Flour Brownies

27. Honey + Bee Pollen Collagen Bars

28. Coocnut Flour Zucchini Bread

29. Buckwheat Flour Blueberry Muffins

30. Energy Bites

31. Oat Bars 

32. Gummies

The MOST Hydrating and Energy Boosting Drinks for Labor

As you progress in labor, your appetite will slowly decrease causing you to only be able to enjoy sips of a drink here and there. Try these hydrating drinks that will also give you the energy to keep going!

1. Coconut Water (Try Adding Pineapple Juice)

2. Juice + Sparkling Water + Magnesium 

3. Lemon Water + Redmonds Salt + Honey

4. Fruit Smoothie

5. Bone Broth Hot Chocolate

6. Bone Broth (Try Adding Lime + Chives for a little more flavor)

7. Orange Juice (for some women the acid can be hard to hold down)

  • Oj + Water
  • Oj + Coconut Water + Salt
  • Oj + Coconut Water + Collagen + Salt

8. Labor Aid

9. Peppermint Tea

10. Frozen Red Raspberry Ice Cubs or Popsicles.

11. Frozen Yogurt

What Snacks Can I Bring to the Hospital?

Before you go purchasing a bunch of snacks for labor, make sure you check with your hospital’s rules and protocol on eating while laboring. With my first, they did not allow anything other than ice chips, but I’ve had friends that have enjoyed all the yummy snacks.

I would recommend packing snacks that don’t require refrigeration. If you have something you NEED to bring that should stay cold, make sure you have a lunch box ready to go!

Top 3 Hospital Snacks:

  1. Honey Sticks
  2. Crackers
  3. Coconut Water

6 Tips for Choosing Snacks for Labor

  1. Variety of flavors and textures. Bring something chewy, crunchy, savory, and sweet!
  2. Pack ENOUGH Snacks, but not everything on this list.
  3. Don’t forget to pack extras for dad!
  4. Have a large insulated lunch box ready with an ice pack.
  5. Try out some of your snacks during pregnancy because if you can’t tolerate them now, you won’t during labor.
  6. Plan for snacks during each stage of labor:

The BEST Quick Snacks for Labor

Early LaborActive LaborTransition
Peanut Butter Sourdough Toast Honey Sticks Labor-Aid
Yogurt w/Fruit + GranolaNut ButtersHoney
Cheese + CrackersFrozen FruitBone Broth

Best Snacks for Early Labor

If you aren’t familiar with the stages of labor, early labor can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. So you don’t want to hold back on the snacks at this point. 

During this stage, you want to have things that are light on your stomach. You also want to aim for higher protein and some complex carbs. I think it’s important to pair them together, to get the most out of your meal.

When you first notice your in labor, you may still be hungry enough to have a light meal. Totally feel free to listen to your body… just no Big Macs!

  • Choose Light Meals
  • Eat Protein + Complex Carbs
  • Think about Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Yummy Snacks for Early Labor:

  1. Peanut Butter Sourdough Toast
  2. Yogurt w/Fruit + Granola
  3. Cheese + Crackers

Best snacks for Active Labor

At this point your contractions will become more powerful, so snacks won’t be the first thing on your mind. As you begin to focus inward, your doula, husband, or birthing partner, may want to have easy things to grab for a little boost of energy.

This would be a good time to focus on some healthy sugars and drinks that you can sip on.

Energy Boosting Snacks for Active Labor

  1. Honey Sticks
  2. Nut Butters
  3. Frozen Fruit
  4. Labor-Aid

Best Snacks for Transition

Truthfully, many moms are nauseous and can’t even think about food during transition. If you are feeling like you need something, stick with soothing liquids that you can sip on. Choose a drink or two from the list above and have those ingredients on hand!

My Thoughts…

You will most likely only have an appetite during early labor, but having some energy boosting snacks for labor will help you to keep going. Even if you get to the hospital and they don’t allow you to eat, at least your hubby will be fed and you will have some healthy snacks for after birth!

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