Sip and See Baby Party Etiquette – Do’s and Don’t for the Perfect Party!

sip and see baby party etiquette for parents hosts and guests

Most people have heard of baby showers and sprinkles, but have you ever heard of a Sip and See or Sip n See? A Sip and See is a new kind of party that celebrates your baby after he or she is born. Essentially, it is a cleverly titled meet and greet during which your guests are invited to “sip” on beverages and “see” your new baby.

What is a Sip & See Party?

Sip and See parties are a Southern tradition that is making its away all over the country as a new trend for parents to introduce their new babies. Guests are invited into the new baby’s home to sip on refreshments while they meet the new baby. Typically, these get-togethers are casual and fun and can include light snacks, fun games, and guests that stop by throughout the time dedicated to the party.

This new kind of party is quickly becoming popular with parents who don’t care for baby showers or don’t have a need to have a baby shower. It is acceptable to have both a baby shower or sprinkle and a Sip and See; one does not have to replace the other. One reason that some couples may host this kind of party is that the pregnancy was high risk or the mother had a difficult last few months of her pregnancy.

Some parents may rather a Sip and See party because they simply don’t like baby showers because of personal reasons. Other parents may opt for a Sip and See because it is not their first child, so they just want to invite their loved ones over to meet their new baby. Whatever your reason is for hosting a Sip and See, they are a great way to introduce your new baby to the world.

Sip and See Guest Etiquette

Since Sip and See parties are very new to most places around the country, guests do not always know exactly what to expect when they receive their invites. 

Some of the most frequently asked questions by guests:

  • What do I wear?
  • Do I need to bring anything?
  • Are gifts required?
  • Am I allowed to touch the baby?
  • Can I bring my kids?

What Do I Wear?

These are usually casual gatherings, so dressing up is not required unless otherwise stated in the invitation. Some parties have themes, and parents may ask for guests to dress up to match it – but it is generally not required. Dressing modestly and appropriately for the weather are probably the only dress guidelines you need to follow.

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

The answer to this will probably be no. If the Sip and See is a planned potluck, you may be asked to bring a food dish; however, this is not a very common occurrence. Additionally, gifts are not as readily given at Sip and See parties as they are at baby showers and sprinkles. So, most of the time, you will not need to bring anything.

Are Gifts Required?

No. Most often, if the parents are expecting to receive gifts for their baby, they will receive them at a baby shower or sprinkle. That said, some parents are opting to wait until after their baby is born and only have a Sip and See. When this is the case, gifts are more accepted, but they are still not required. For parties like this, a gift registry may be included in the invitation to let you know that gifts are being accepted. If you want to bring a gift for the baby, though, that is perfectly fine in any case.

Am I Allowed to Touch the Baby?

For the most part, if a Sip and See is being hosted, guests are allowed to touch and hold the baby. It is important to follow normal safety measures when handling newborns and young infants when handling them, though. For instance, make sure you know how to hold them correctly, don’t kiss them on their lips or face, and don’t handle them if you are sick are some general guidelines to dealing with infants.

Can I Bring My Kids?

Sip and See parties can have guests of any gender or age. They are not as traditionally restrictive as a baby shower or sprinkle. However, if the invitation specifically asks to not bring children, then it is necessary to listen to it. Some parents may not be comfortable having children at their get together because of the germs they are known to carry.

Hosting a Sip and See Party

One of the biggest differences between a baby shower and a Sip and See party is that the parents are normally the hosts. After all, they know when they are ready to allow people to handle their new baby, and the party usually hosted at their home. Even if parents know that they want to host a Sip and See party, many of them may not be sure how to go about it.

Some questions that parents commonly have:

  • Who do you invite?
  • How old should my baby be for the party?
  • What do you serve at a Sip and See?
  • Do you give out party favors?
  • When is the best time to host a Sip and See?

Who Do You Invite?

As the host of the party, you can invite whoever you want! Most invites are sent to any loved ones that you would like to celebrate your new addition with. You can invite men, women, and children. 

How Old Should my Baby be for the Party?

This question is a bit more difficult to answer. It depends on a variety of factors: the health of your child, how settled in you are with your new baby, and the mother’s recovery. If your child is premature or has any health issues at birth, you may want to wait until they are a bit older to have them around other people. You also want to make sure that you have had time to get settled in with your child at home before hosting a party.

Furthermore, if the mother has had a cesarean section or a problematic traditional delivery, she will need more time to recover afterwards. In this case, the parents may want to wait until mom is feeling ready to host a party. Generally, these parties are hosted when the infant is two to eight weeks old. However, it is entirely up to you when you show off your new baby!

What Do You Serve at a Sip and See?

Traditionally, you serve drinks – for the literal “sipping” part of the party. It is your choice if you want to serve alcoholic beverages or not. You can also serve simple snacks like chips and dip and finger foods. Some parents may opt for more food, as well. 

Do You Give Out Party Favors?

Party favors are more common with themed parties; however, you are free to give out party favors if you’d like no matter what. They are not required, though.

When is the Best Time to Host a Sip and See?

The best time to host the party is entirely up to the discretion of the parents and when their schedules allow for it. The most common days and times are weekends after lunch because of the casual nature and the type of refreshments usually served.

Sip & See Invitations – What to Include

Sip and See invitations are a beautiful combination of a baby shower invitation and a birth announcement. You can use pictures of your baby and your favorite quote or saying on the invite, and you also need to include all the information about where the party will be held.

For a boy invitation, you can use the saying, “He’s finally here and as cute as can be; Please join us for a Sip and See!”

For a girl invitation, you can use the words, “She eats, sleeps, coos, and cries; A tiny blessing with a sparkle in her eyes; A reason to celebrate, so please stop and visit; Have a sip and a peek, you won’t want to miss it!”

If you don’t want to design your own Sip and See invitation, there are loads to choose from on Etsy! You can check out this one for a boy, this one for a girl, and this awesome gender neutral invitation.

Sip & See Theme Ideas

While a theme is not required for a Sip and See party, some people love throwing themed parties because of all the adorable decorations, fun themed games, and dress-up that can be done.

Boy Theme Ideas

Some great theme ideas for a Sip and See party for a little boy are “Welcome to the World” (a travel theme) and “Our Universe Just Expanded” (a space theme). 

For the travel theme, “Welcome to the World,” you can feature international food options, ask guests to dress up like their favorite country’s native inhabitants, and give out little globe keychains as party favors. For the space theme, “Our Universe Just Expanded,” you can decorate cakes, cupcakes, or cookies as celestial bodies or use star sprinkles, have the guests write “wishes” on cut out stars for the baby, and play “Pin the Planet in the Solar System.”

Girl Theme Ideas

Some themes that can be used for a girl’s Sip and See party are “Something Sweet has Arrived” (a sweets theme) and “Cute as Can Bee” (a bee theme).

Sweets theme – “Something Sweet has Arrived

  • Serve a menu full of desserts in different pastel colors.
  • Sip on sweet wines
  • Hide pieces of the game Candy Land around your home. Then guests can find them to win prizes.

Bee theme, Cute as Can Bee

  • Serve foods with honey in them or on top of them!
  • As a party favor, give out little jars of honey with cute bow toppers.
  • If you invite kids, give out cute bee wings for them to wear.

Gender Neutral Theme Idea

One amazing theme that can be used for a gender neutral party is, “Beginning a New Chapter” (a book theme). You can prepare foods that are from your favorite books! In the invitation, encourage guests to gift books with messages written in them for your baby! Complete your party by playing the game of “Who Am I?” with the names of characters from popular books.

Sip & See Game Ideas

There are many games that you can play at a Sip and See. Some of them are:

  • Sip and See “The Price is Right – Hand out papers with various baby items listed on it. Then guests will try to guess what the price is for each one.
  • Guess the Sweet Mess – Melt different candy bars in diapers and have your guests try to guess what kind of candy bar created the “mess.”
  • Name That Baby Tune – Have guests try to guess the name of various children’s songs.

You can find many other games to play at your Sip and See here on Etsy!

In Conclusion…

Sip and See parties are wonderful ways to introduce your baby to your loved ones, and they can be as simple or as complex as you want. Because you get to host a this party yourself, you have complete control over the party and can plan the perfect get together to show off your new baby – and to enjoy yourself as well!

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