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9 Easy Ways to Prevent your Baby from Peeing on You

I remember the first time my husband changed our daughter’s diaper, in the NICU, she peed all over him. Needless to say, he used about five diapers before the nurse gave him some tips. As first-time parents, we’ve had our fair share of accidents. But along the way, we’ve found a few tips that will prevent your baby from peeing on you.

9 Tips for Preventing Your Baby from Peeing on you

When my daughter was a newborn, I felt completely unprepared and kind of clumsy, during each diaper change. After 10 months and many mistakes, I’ve found some tips that will not only prevent your baby from peeing on you but also help you to feel more confident as a parent. 

If you have a little boy you may be thinking, will these tips prevent me from getting peed on? ABSOLUTELY! I actually polled all the mamas on my Instagram page and asking for their advice. I was SHOCKED that the number one reason boy moms struggle is because they have trouble being quick. I’ve taken their advice and included it in my 9 tips. 

Whether you have a little boy or girl, these tips will help you speed up the process and keep your little one from flailing around!

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1. Warm Up the Wipes

My daughter was born in the heat of summer, so I assumed the cool wipes would feel good on her bottom. But to my surprise, this caused her to instantly pee when I changed her. 

Most babies will pee when their body is exposed to cooler temperatures. So, it’s really common for this to happen.

There are two ways to warm up wipes:

  1. Hold the wipe in your hand – While you are undressing baby tightly hold onto the wipe, this will warm it up just enough so it’s not a shock.
  2. Get a wipe warmer

2. Wipe Baby’s Belly

If your baby is constantly peeing as soon as you open the diaper this trick will help. While the baby’s diaper is still on, wipe their belly just below the diaper. The cool wipe will make them pee! This way when you open the diaper their bladder is empty and there is less chance of an accident.

3. Get a Shield Ready

This tip is especially helpful for little boys, but I’ve definitely done this with my daughter! 

Before you change your baby’s diaper have an extra diaper, washcloth, or a Peepee Teepee, ready to go! This way you are prepared if baby starts to pee.

4. Be Quick and have EVERYTHING Ready

My husband laughed when I told him this tip. Since he had never changed a diaper, it wasn’t easy to be quick. 

My best advice is to get everything you might need ready: diaper, wipes, cream, and shield. I had a diaper caddy that made everything easy to reach for. Then calmly start changing your baby’s diaper. Don’t rush, just keep moving!

(Bonus Tip) – Babies often feed off of your emotion. If you are panicky throughout a diaper change, they will most likely be pretty upset too!

5. Put a Clean Diaper under Baby

This was a tip our NICU nurse gave us and it made diaper changes a breeze! Put a diaper under your baby’s bottom BEFORE you change it. This will help you be a little quicker and if they start to pee, you can use the new diaper as a shield!

6. Get WIPEABLE Changing Covers

These were a lifesaver! Anytime my daughter had an accident, we could just wipe down the cover instead of needing to wash the whole thing. I registered for two, so I had a backup while one was in the wash.

7. Change Your Baby in Pee-Proof Area

Even though it might be easier to change your baby’s diaper on the bed or couch, bringing them to a changing station will make clean up a ton easier. This will ensure that you have everything ready for a quick diaper change too!

8. Keep Baby from Flailing Around

I LOVE this onesie trick, especially for poopy diapers! Here is the video for a step by step tutorial:

Essentially, you tuck baby’s arms into the onesie and button it over their shoulder. This trick will keep your baby from flailing around, which will make diaper changes much faster! An added bonus is that if baby starts to pee, your onesie may not get wet.

9. Observe and Look for Signs that your Baby Might Pee

Start to pay attention to when your baby’s diaper is wet. For example, most newborns will pee and poop while they are eating, especially if they are breastfed. When they get relaxed and comfortable they tend to have a bowel movement. So, I would want to change my daughter’s diaper after a feeding NOT before.

My best advice is to start watching your baby for signs that they are about to pee. Here are so common signals that your baby might pee:

• Noises – Your baby may make s specific noise when they are about to pee!

• Fussy – Many babies will get fussy just before they need to go!

• Facial Expressions – Your little one may make a specific facial expression.

• Cry – Most newborns will cry just before they go to the bathroom.

• Dry Diaper – This might sound obvious, but if their diaper is dryer than usual there is a good chance they will pee. 

Wrap Up….

Whether you are a first-time parent or have a little boy, getting peed on is something we all struggle with. These tips will help to prevent your baby from peeing on your and will help you to have a more efficient diaper changing time.

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