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How I Found Out I Was Pregnant at 3 Weeks (With Baby #2)

Is that an indent? Maybe it’s an evap line? Gosh, I feel like I see something, but maybe I’m crazy! This is how I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks with baby #2.

It wasn’t obvious. I didn’t have symptoms or sense that I was pregnant. But the confusing line, made me take 5 different pregnancy tests. And then.. you guessed it… I saw a very very faint line!

Last week I shared the news in my blog post, but if you didn’t read it… you may have missed that one small detail. Today, I’m answering ALL your questions about finding out that I was pregnant, again!

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Were you Trying to Get Pregnant?

No.. we weren’t! But, this baby was no accident. We knew it could happen and we were okay with that.

After my daughter turned one, I started to feel like my body was ready to get pregnant again. Although, my husband and I weren’t sure if we were actually ready. So, we started praying about it.

For about a month, we prayed and talked about it. Until we came to this realization, that we needed to TRUST God and His plans for our life. We wanted to obey Him.

We felt like we had no valid reason to be preventing pregnancy, so we decided to lay our fears down at the feet of Jesus and trust Him.

[Wondering if you should let God Control Your Family Size?]

Were you Tracking Your Cycle?

Yes! I was using the Premom app to get an idea of my ovulation window. My intention was to track my cycle for several months, so when we felt ready to start TTC we would have an idea of the best time to “baby dance.”

In case you were wondering, Ovulation Tracker Apps are very accurate. If you want to know how I used it to get pregnant with baby #2, check out this blog post!

8 DPO/9DPO Pregnancy Test

I actually took a pregnancy test on 8 and 9 DPO. They were both very negative.

I was working with Premom at the time and wanted to get a good idea of how their pregnancy tests worked before I shared them with you guys. I had no intention that they would be positive this month.

10 DPO Pregnancy Test

I usually get my period around 11/12 DPO, so I decided to take one last test before ruling myself out that month.

This time I saw something. There was no color to the line, so I assumed it was an evap line.

But I decided to take my trusty Pregmate Pregnancy Test just in case. I knew they worked with my daughter…… and this time I could see a very very very faint line.

I still wasn’t convinced. The tests were old and expired!!!

I had one first response test and decided to take it.. just in case. 

So, I hoped in the shower.. and when I got out I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. There were 2 lines.

How I told My Husband We Were Pregnant.. Again!

My husband and I are horrible about surprises. We can not keep them for very long. So, I had to think quick!

I ended up putting the pregnancy test in the kitchen cabinet where he makes his coffee. It was OBVIOUS… and somehow he made his entire coffee without noticing.

When we went to put the coffee beans back, he laughed and said “Are you trying to tell me you are pregnant?”

He didn’t believe me at first… but we were absolutely pregnant!!

All in All..

We are so excited to be expecting baby #2. Although we were completely surprised, this is the greatest blessing in the world. 

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