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40 Pregnancy Journal Prompts – DIY Week By Week Journal

Many pregnant moms love to document their journey. They will either buy a pre-made journal, make one themselves, or write their baby letters. If you need some ideas for pregnancy journal prompts, here are 40 week by week thoughts to get your creative juices flowing.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I started a DIY journal because I wanted to write her letters and save special keepsakes like ultrasound photos. Looking back, I wish I had prompts to help me write down and remember everything about my daughter’s pregnancy.

I believe that one of the most important things we can do for our children is to pray for them. If you need a little guidance in what to pray for, make sure you download my Pregnancy Prayer Cards. These will encourage you in your faith while you are pregnant.

The BEST Journal Prompts for Pregnancy

Before I share my 40 weeks of pregnancy journal prompts, I want you to know that it’s NEVER to late to start. Even if you are in your third trimester, just pick some of your favorite prompts and write about them. No matter if you complete all 40 weeks or skip a few, this will be such a special keepsake for your baby.

First Trimester Journal Prompts

I’m starting with week four because this is really the earliest you can find out you’re expecting. If you are starting this journal later in your pregnancy, I recommend starting with week four and writing a few pregnancy prompts a week, until you catch up.

4 Weeks – How we found out we were pregnant…..

5 Weeks – The first people we told about you were…….

6 Weeks – What I’m most excited about with this pregnancy…

7 Weeks – This week I am feeling….

8 Weeks – I think you are a (boy/girl)……

9 Weeks – What it was like to see you and hear your heartbeat for the first time…

10 Weeks –  With my morning sickness, I couldn’t eat….

11 Weeks – These are the names we like and why we picked them…

12 Weeks – My first pregnancy symptom was…

Second Trimester Journal Prompts

The second trimester is pure bliss! You look great and usually feel wonderful. That first trimester nausea has subsided and you are excitedly planning for the arrival of your little one.

13 Weeks – My favorite part of the first trimester was….

14 Weeks –  I have been praying that you will….

15 Weeks – I am most excited for you to meet…..

16 Weeks – I think you will be born… (on-time, late, early… because)

17 Weeks – The first thing I bought for you was….

18 Weeks – What your nursery will look like… (all your ideas, theme, colors)

19 Weeks – The first time I felt you move….. (Describe it)

20 Weeks – We found out your gender…… (How, When, Where) or We decided to not find out the gender because…

21 Weeks  – During my last ultrasound, I loved…..

22 Weeks  – I already love you because…

23 Weeks  – Bible Verses that I have been praying over you….

24 Weeks  – Daddy’s Reaction to feeling you move was…

25 Weeks  – My advice for you….

26 Weeks  – I love to sing (song name) to you because….

Third Trimester Journal Prompts

You’ve hit the home stretch!! Towards the end of the third trimester, you can start to feel pretty tired. But try to be intentional and keep up on your weekly prompts.

27 Weeks  – My favorite part of the Second Trimester

28 Weeks  – I think you are going to look like…..

29 Weeks  – I love that daddy… (what does your spouse do for you that makes you excited to have this baby)

30 Weeks  – My hope for you is that….

31 Weeks  – A stranger noticed I was pregnant and said…..

32 Weeks  – What I’m most excited about for becoming a parent is…

33 Weeks  – My favorite maternity clothes are….

34 Weeks  – The funniest thing I’ve done during my pregnancy is…

35 Weeks  – Things I can’t wait to do with you are…

36 Weeks  – Share About the Baby Shower.. (who was there, gifts received, where it was)

37 Weeks  – What I’m most excited about for your birth is….

38 Weeks  – I feel like your personality will be……

39 Weeks  – What I have most enjoyed about pregnancy is….

40 Weeks  – It’s your due date and I’m feeling…

Fourth Trimester and Birth Journal Prompts

I wanted to add a few prompts for after your baby’s arrival. I know how much I loved documenting our daughters birth. (Check Out my Birth Story Here) This will be something your child gets to look back on to laugh and reminisce on how they came into this world.

41 Weeks – I knew I was in labor when…..

42 Weeks – Tell baby’s birth story….

43 Weeks – The first place we went with you was to…..

Best Notebooks for DIY Pregnancy Journals

Obviously you can grab any notebook. Truly anything will work! But if you want a journal that is nice quality and will withstand the test of time, these are the best notebooks for a DIY pregnancy journal.

1. Moleskin

My husband is obsessed with this brand. I don’t have a specific model I like. Pretty much any big box store sells them. They are a little pricey, but are absolutely worth it.

2. Leather Notebooks

These always hold up really nicely. Especially since you are planning on keeping this and giving it to your child later on, have a good quality notebook is important. 

3. Blank Page Notebooks

These are my personal favorite! This is the notebook I used during my pregnancy! It’s actually meant for weddings, but it worked great since the pages are blank for me to get creative.

I put an ultrasound photo in the front and then filled the pages with letters, photos, and more!

My Thoughts…

Capturing all the special moments from your pregnancy is something that you will have to look back on for years. Taking the time to write down your hopes, dreams and thoughts for this child will be something you won’t regret. These 40 Weeks of Pregnancy Journal Prompts will encourage you to write down your memories and have a keepsake that will last a life time.

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo… so you don’t lose this post!

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