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29 Cute Pregnancy Announcements to Sister to Say “You’re an Aunt”

After finding out you are expecting, the first person (after your hubby of course) you will want to share the news with is your sister! She is going to be SO thrilled to be an auntie. Whether she lives near or far, here are 29 adorable pregnancy announcements for your sister!

When we told our siblings we were pregnant, they were beyond excited. I’m so glad we took the time to come up with ideas that made this moment extra special.

How to Announce Pregnancy To Sister (Surprise…. You’re an Aunt!)

pregnancy announcement to sister ideas and ways to tell her she's going to be an aunt

No matter how you plan on telling your sister she’s going to be an aunt, I know that she is going to be so happy for you (but more so for herself)… haha. Now she can’t start planning on how she can spoil your little one!

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1. Take a picture and say “I’m going to be an Aunt”

If you are planning to have a family get together, this will be the perfect way to capture her reaction. First have her say “Cheese,” then take one more and this time say “I’m going to be an Aunt.” She will probably mindlessly copy you at first and then be shocked by your news!!

You just want to be sure that you have this set up on video and not camera!!

2. Text Message Across the Room

We’ve all texted our sister across the room. Maybe it’s to tell her something funny that your cousin did or simply because you want something to drink, either way she wouldn’t be expecting a text that says “You’re going to be an Auntie!!”

You could also send her a picture of the pregnancy test or an ultrasound picture! She surely won’t be expecting this.

3. Auntie Shirt

If you know your sister will want to show off that she’s an auntie, get her a cute new shirt to wear. You could wrap it up and give it to her as a gift or lay it on her bed if she’s coming to visit.

There are SO many different Auntie shirts on Etsy, here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Auntie Sweatshirt: Established In…
  2. The One Where I Become An A•U•N•T•I•E
  3. BAE (Best Aunt Ever)

4. Wrap Up Your Pregnancy Test

Maybe it’s her birthday, Christmas, or you want to give her a gift “Just Because.” This is the perfect time to tell her you are pregnant….. and she’s going to be an Auntie!

If you are too impatient to wait for a personalized Auntie gift………. You could get a long bracelet jewelry box and put the pregnancy test in it or put a ton of tissue paper in a bag and bury it in the bottom!

5. Auntie Puzzle

If your sister likes puzzles, get her one personalized with her new name! Tell her she needs to put it together now because it has a hint of her gift.

Cute Personalized Puzzles:

  1. Riddle Puzzle
  2. Aunt Puzzle
  3. You’re Going to be an Auntie

6. BEST AUNT EVER Succulents

best aunt ever gift set for pregnancy announcement

Maybe you need a long distance pregnancy announcement or your sister is obsessed with plants, either way this Best Aunt Ever planter set will be a cute reminder of when she found out she’s having a niece/nephew.

7. Auntie Wine

Does your sister enjoy wine? Get her favorite bottle and swap out the label! You could either wrap it up and give it to her as a gift or to be more discrete, set it on the counter and see if she notices.

Any wine lover is sure to be curious about this new bottle of wine they haven’t seen before!

The Best Auntie Wine Labels:

  1. You’re Going to be an Auntie Pre-Made Label
  2. Pairs well with… Auntie Digital Download
  3. Always Read the Fine Print Digital Download

8. Order Her Starbucks for Auntie

If your sister enjoys Starbucks, pick her up her favorite drink with her new name “Auntie” on it. She may not even realize what it says right away!!

This is a cute and subtle way to surprise her…. and it will probably be her favorite drink ever!!

Pin this Image to Your Pinterest Board, so you don’t lose it!

ways to announce pregnancy to sister long pin for pinterest

9. Aunt Coffee Cup

Invite your sister over for a morning coffee or maybe dessert, then serve some tea or coffee in a Aunt mug! This will be a cute keepsake that she will have to remember the day she became an Auntie!!

Here are some cute Auntie Coffee Mugs:

  1. Aunt Established In Mug
  2. Nacho Average Aunt
  3. Auntie with a Rainbow

10. Happy Birthday Auntie Card

If it happens to be around your sister’s birthday, this is the perfect time to surprise her! Get her a card that says Aunt instead of sister. When she reads it, she is sure to be SHOCKED with the news that you are expecting!

11. Birthday Cake for Auntie

Instead of writing her name, have the bakery write Happy Birthday Auntie! When you go to light the candles, she will probably notice that something isn’t quite right.

12. Sing “Happy Birthday to…. Auntie”

While we are on the theme of birthdays, instead of singing her name….. change it to Auntie! This will surely catch her off guard.

13. Aunt Ornament

ornament for pregnancy announcement

You don’t need to get her an ornament just for Christmas, but this will be a sweet keepsake that she will have to remember this special day. (Check Out Auntie Ornament on Etsy)

You can wrap it up and give it to her as a gift, or put it on your Christmas tree and ask her to find the new ornament you just bought!

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14. Sister to Auntie Necklace

sister aunt necklace for pregnancy announcement

If your sister loves jewelry, she will think this is the cutest pregnancy announcement. Not only is this necklace a keepsake, but a sweet reminder that she is now an AUNTIE! (Check Out this Sweet Necklace Here)

15. Bun in the Oven

This classic pregnancy announcement will surely catch her off guard. You can do this pretty nonchalantly.

  • You could ask her to grab the bun out of the oven.
  • If you are over her house, you could put a bun in her oven.

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16. Ultrasound Photo on Your Belly

Looking for an announcement idea that is obvious, this will be perfect! Just put your ultrasound photo over your belly and wait for her to notice!

17. Play Mad Gab

Does your sister enjoy playing new games? Play Mad Gab with her! This would be great if your family isn’t in on it yet either. Everyone could find out at once.

Etsy has some premade Mad Gab cards that will fit right in with your game! (Check These Out Here)

18. Casual Catch Up

I added this video because the second sister’s pregnancy announcement is so casual…. and that’s the idea. Whether you talk to your sister on the phone or are catching up in person, there are so many ways to subtly tell her you’re going to have a baby.

Ways to casually say we’re going to have a baby:

  • Last week when I went to my ultrasound…
  • Yesterday I grabbed a pregnancy test…
  • Every morning I’ve been feeling nauseous…
  • I’m so excited I don’t need to buy tampons anymore…

19. Call Her Auntie

This is another casual way to tell her! You could simply call her on the phone and say “Hey Auntie!” Or if you see her in person you could say “Awww Auntie.”

Calling her Auntie will definitely catch her off guard.

[Not sure what her name should be? Here are some Cute Aunt Names!]

20. Welcome Home Auntie Sign

This is a great idea especially if you are picking your sister up from the airport! Go inside and wait for her with a sign that says “I can’t wait to meet you Auntie.”

21. Sister Scratch Off Card

Amazon pregnancy announcement scratch off

This would be cute to put into a card! She will probably guess what’s coming just from the first phrase…. but she will be anxiously excited to scratch off the answer! (Check Out this Scratch Off on Amazon)

22. Aunt (Cross Out Name) Honey

Aunt sues raw honey for pregnancy announcement

Maybe your sister loves honey in her tea or you just think she’s super sweet, cross out Sue and replace it with her name! Tell her you bought this new brand of honey and wait until she notices. It might take a minute to click. (Check Out Aunt Sue’s Honey Here)

23. Get Her Auntie Annes

Are you needing to go to the mall? Ask your sister to tag along, then when you walk by Auntie Annes ask her if she needs a pretzel. Then you could say something like “I’m feeling a little nauseous, plus I’m not an aunt… you are!”

24. Order Pizza + Write Inside the Box

This one is perfect if you are planning on having your sister over for dinner! Order some pizza and write on the inside of the box lid “You’re Going to Be an Auntie!” She definitely won’t be expecting this one.

25. Address Her Package to Auntie

If your sister lives far away, you could address her package to Auntie! Then when she gets the mail, she may (or may not) notice the change in her name. She will probably immediately call you in confusion and excitement.

[Need some Long Distance Pregnancy Announcement Ideas? Here are 17 Adorable Ideas]

26. Auntie Book

Get a children’s book all about being an auntie. Wrap it up and when you give it to her ask your sister to read the title out loud. She may figure it out before she can even say it!

This is actually how we told our family with our second pregnancy. The were really confused at first… and when they finally got it… they were so excited and shocked!

Here are some of the CUTEST Auntie Books:

27. I love my Auntie Picture Frame

I love my aunt frame for pregnancy announcement

If you decide to wait until after 8 weeks to tell your sister you’re pregnant, put an ultrasound photo in the frame. But if you can’t wait, just write your due date, on a piece of paper, where the picture should go! (Check Out This Cute Picture Frame Here)

28. Auntie Announcement Box

Aunt pregnancy announcement box ideas

Whether you purchase this one on Etsy or DIY, giving her a box of baby things will surely surprise your sister. You can include a onesie, bib, book, and/or ornament that says auntie on it!

29. Aunty Pebble Art

Aunt pebble art

If you are looking for the sweetest keepsake, I HIGHLY recommend this aunt pebble art. It has the sweetest saying and it’s something your sister will have to cherish for years to come. (Click Here to Check this One Out on Etsy)

My Thoughts..

Telling your sister that you’re pregnant is going to be a moment that she will NEVER forget. Choosing a pregnancy announcement that suits her will only make this even more special. I hope one of these ideas has given you some inspiration on how you can tell your sister she’s an AUNT!

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you're going to be an auntie pregnancy announcement for pinterest

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