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(The COMPLETE) Postpartum Care Kit Checklist – What You Will Need

When preparing for postpartum, it can feel overwhelming to know what you will need. Everyone’s birth story will be different, so you want to have things on hand (just in case!). This Postpartum Care Kit Checklist will ensure that you have EVERYTHING you could possibly need after birth.

After I came home from the hospital with my first, I felt completely unprepared. That’s actually why I wrote an entire blog post about how to prepare for postpartum. I didn’t want other new moms to struggle in the ways I did. 

Now granted, my daughter was born 4 weeks early, so I wasn’t prepared for anything! But postpartum recovery was truly the last thing on my mind.

The ULTIMATE Postpartum Care Kit Checklist

postpartum care kit checklist

In this list, you will find everything you could possibly need for postpartum recovery. My goal was to give you all the things I wish I had and some things that you should keep on hand.

If you don’t use something, you can either donate it to a pregnant friend or if it’s unopened you can most likely return it too! Alrighty, let’s get into everything you will need in your postpartum care kit.

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

1. Peri Bottle

If you are planning on having a vaginal birth, you will be so glad you have this! The BEST peri bottle on the market is by Frida Mom. It’s angled so you won’t have to worry about your hand going into the toilet.

2. Flushable Wipes

My midwife actually recommended I grab these and they made a world a difference. Although the peri bottle is great for the days right after, there will become a point where you need to wipe.

For baby #2, I’m buying water wipes. They aren’t flushable (unfortunately), but they contain nothing but water. If I still have some leftover, I can use them for the baby too!

3. Different Size Pads

Most moms will recommend that you buy large pads for after birth. Although you definitely will need them, I was surprised how quickly I needed regular maxi pads and panty liners.

This time around I plan to buy several different sizes:

  1. Rael Organic Overnight Underwear
  2. L. Organics Regular Absorbency Pads
  3. Seventh Generation Liners

4. Hemorrhoid Cream

Ugh… do I even need to be reminded that this happens?? Hemorrhoids and fissures are super common after birth. I loved this ointment by Thena Natural Wellness. It’s natural and worked within just a few days!!!

5. Witch Hazel Pads

These aren’t just for hemorrhoids (although they do work wonders for that too), this is amazing at healing everything “down there.” At the time, I used the Tucks pads and essentially made a pad sandwich.

I’m excited to try out Frida Mom’s Perineal Medicated cooling pad liners for baby #2. I love that they are one long strip, so it will stay in place!

6. Hemorrhoid Cushion

While we are on the theme of hemorrhoids (can you tell how much I hated them??), I loved my cushion. It was amazing at relieving all the pressure that I felt, not only from hemorrhoids but also from a natural birth.

7. Stool Softener

Your ob-gyn/midwife will most likely prescribe you some kind of stool softener. I also took Colace when I needed it. Make sure to have some foods on hand that will help soften your stool as well, you don’t want to make that hemorrhoid any worse!

8. Anti-Burn Spray

To make yourself extra comfortable “down there” invest in a good anti-burn spray. For my first birth, I used Dermoplast, simply because that’s what the hospital recommended. This time around, I’m giving Earth Mama Organics Herbal Perineal Spray a try!

9. Perineal Ice Packs

You will have swelling and ice will be amazing at relieving the pain. It also helps with that burning feelings. I loved these reusable perineal ice packs. They are something I can keep for each birth too!

10. Heating Pack

I just talked about cold and now I’m telling you to get something hot?! You will love a heating pad or a rice pack to lay on your tummy while your uterus contracts back. These contractions can become pretty intense especially if you are breastfeeding!

11. After Ease Drops

If you didn’t already know, your uterus will contract during postpartum. This can feel like early labor, so it’s not the most comfortable feeling. These after-ease drops are known to soothe those postpartum contractions, so you can spend more time enjoying your sweet baby.

[Here are ALL the Natural Remedies You Will Need for an Easy Postpartum]

12. STRONG Deodorant

I had no idea that hormones after birth can cause you to stink. Apparently, it’s to help your baby find your breast to start feeding. But let’s be honest, no woman wants to stink even if it’s for good. Do yourself a favor and buy a stronger deodorant. 

13. Nursing Friendly Clothes

If you read my post on how to prepare for postpartum, you already know that one of my biggest regrets is not having comfortable clothes. I had thought I would get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes fairly quickly… ends up I never did.

I absolutely LOVE Kindred Bravely’s clothing line. They are pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing friendly. They are the most comfortable clothes I’ve ever worn in my life. I really wish I had invested in them with my first daughter, but I’m glad to have them now.

14. Belly Band Wrap

If you are planning on having a c-section, many mamas swear by these! I loved my belly band during pregnancy to hold the weight of my growing belly. I also used it a bit in postpartum to help my tummy to shrink.

15. Underwear

You will need new underwear, there’s no if, ands, or butts about it 😉 Okay on a serious note, you will want to buy some cheap granny panties that you don’t mind throwing out.

In those early days, when you need the extra-large pads you will need mush undies to hold everything in. I asked the hospital for a bunch and they gladly gave them to me.

If you plan on having a home birth, then I would highly recommend getting Frida Moms’ disposable underwear. 

16. Nursing Bras

If you plan on breastfeeding you will NEED nursing bras. They will make your life so much easier. You can read my whole post on do you really need nursing bras to see my favorites!

17. Nursing Pads

Do yourself a favor and get reusable nursing pads! I absolutely loved mine from Kindred Bravely. They were so comfy and kept me feeling dry. 

18. Breastfeeding Course

I included this in my how to prepare for postpartum blog post because I regret not going through a breastfeeding course. If you want to nurse your child, you will 100% benefit from this. In those early days breastfeeding can be a struggle, so having a course to refer to is super important. 

If you’ve been around my blog, you know that I love Bridget Teyler! She gave me so much knowledge about breastfeeding. For my second pregnancy, I am going through both her birth and postpartum course. I HIGHLY recommend both of them, but if you’ve already given birth the postpartum course is an absolute must!

19. Breastmilk Catcher

Especially before your milk regulates, you will have a letdown on both sides (at the same time). It’s one of the joys of breastfeeding. But to eliminate how many breast pads you go through and to start your freezer stash, get a breastmilk catcher

20. Hakkaa

This is similar to a breastmilk catcher except it has a slight suction to increase the amount of milk you get. This is really awesome if you want to start saving some extra milk!

21. Nipple Butter

Breastfeeding can cause some major discomfort. Anytime you start to feel uncomfortable apply some nipple butter. I loved Earth Mamas’ nipple butter for my first daughter. I used it for things like eczema and even to soothe sunburn.

22. Breast Gel Pad Cooling Packs

In those early days, you may feel engorged. I was terribly full and so wish I had cooling packs for my breasts. I love these reusable breast packs because you can heat them up for store them in the freezer. 

23. Nipple Shields

If you go through the Mama Natural birth course, you may be hesitant to use nipple shields. But they saved my breastfeeding journey. I think having these on hand is super important. Many hospitals will even give them to you for free, just ask.

24. Hydrating Face Cream

After giving birth, your hormones may cause your skin to become pretty dry! I would grab a good moisturizer that you feel comfortable putting on your baby. Most likely they will touch your face, so it’s important to use something that’s safe for newborns.

I love Tubby Todds all-over ointment – Which is made for baby’s skin! I regularly use it on my face and love it.

25. Under Eye Cream

Did you know that a newborn will make you sleep deprived?? I’m sure you are totally prepared for many sleepless nights, but you might not be ready for bags under your eyes.

Apply a little under-eye cream daily. This will help with bags and will make you feel a little better since you are practicing some self-care.

26. Concealer

If you’ve never used under eye concealer, you will want to grab some before baby arrives. This takes 2 seconds to apply and will make you feel a little more alive!

27. Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it, showers are not high on the priority list once baby comes. Even if you do get a quick shower, you may not have time to wash your hair. Grab a good dry shampoo that will help you feel like you didn’t just roll out of bed with oily hair.

28. Chapstick 

Like I mentioned earlier, your skin can get super dry and so will your lips. I like to have a few chapsticks throughout the house, so I’m not looking all over for one.

I am LOVING this tinted chapstick from Sensible. It gives you a boost of color and moisturizes your lips. An added bonus is it’s all organic, so you don’t have to stop kissing your sweet little baby.

29. Noise Reducing Headphones

Did you know babies cry? Even your tiny little newborn can be a loud crier. I would HIGHLY recommend getting noise-reducing headphones. This helps to lower the decibel so your blood doesn’t boil…. Especially if they have colic or purple crying syndrome.

30. Belly Butter

As your belly shrinks back down, it can become itchy. Use a high-quality belly butter to ease the itching and keep it moisturized as it heals.

31. Bath Scrub + Loofah

When I was doing some research into how to shrink stretch marks, I found many moms rave about using bath scrubs to exfoliate the skin. I ended up buying some scrub and a pack of loofahs… which made me love shower time even more!

32. Bath Herbs

If you have a tub, bath herbs can be super healing. Not only are they great for relaxing, but also for soothing hemorrhoids. 

I love how the Birth Boss mentions putting some in your peri bottle. I’m going to have to give that a try!

33. Essential Oils

I really love essential oils and wish I had more time to know how to use them! This postpartum essential oils guide by Rebooted Mom is a great resource. Even if you just get a few to start with, they can make a huge difference in your healing process.

34. Postnatal Vitamins

I had no idea that you needed to take a postnatal vitamin. This helps with both healing and giving your nutrients for breastfeeding. It’s really important to invest in a good quality vitamin!

35. Postpartum Tea

Natural herbs have so many healing properties. I loved this postpartum recovery tea by Pink Stork. Not only did it taste amazing as an iced tea, but it was a nice change to water!

36. Enough Pillows

I had no idea how many pillows I would need. Let’s be honest, I just wanted to be comfortable, so every size pillow was necessary!

So many people have raved about their Boppy, but I wasn’t a fan. I absolutely LOVED my Pharmadoc Pregnancy C-shaped pillow. I wrapped it all the way around me for support while nursing.

37. Healthy Snacks 

How fast and well your recover depends on how much you eat and the nutrients that you are putting into your body. Whether you have a bunch of snacks on hand or you ask your hubby to run to the grocery store, you will be glad to have something to curb your hunger.

38. No-Spill Waterbottle

Between nursing, diaper changes, and constant trips to the bathroom, your hands will be pretty full. Get a no-spill water bottle, so you carry it with you and not worry about knocking it over.

39. Disposable Plates + Cutlery 

Last but not least, get disposable plate ad cutlery!! This will make for way fewer dishes, so you aren’t worried about them piling up.

Especially if you have guests coming over to visit, it makes for easy clean up too!

Are there any pre-made postpartum care kits?

Surprisingly, there are a few postpartum care kits out there that you can purchase! This is great if you don’t want to go shopping around for the essentials or you are buying it as a gift.

The only downfall is that these boxes don’t include everything that I feel is essential for repairing during postpartum. It has a lot of things that new mamas need, but if you are putting together a postpartum care kit for yourself I wouldn’t rely on this for everything. 

The BEST Pre-Made Postpartum Care Kits

  1. Care for Birth Box by Bodily Care
  2. Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box by Sunflower Moherhood
  3. New Mama Bundle by We Are Amma

My Thoughts…

Being prepared for everything you need during postpartum will help you to heal faster, feel better, and enjoy your new baby. I hope this postpartum care kit checklist gave you ideas for everything that you might need after giving birth!

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everything you need for your postpartum care kit checklist

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