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Pink Stork Fertility Tea Review: How It Helped Me Get Pregnant

After 7 months of trying to conceive, I finally got pregnant. There were only two things I did differently that month, I drank fertility tea and focused on de-stressing. I want to share with you my Pink Stork Fertility Tea Review in hopes that it would help you to finally get pregnant, too.

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I became really discouraged after not getting pregnant during the first six months of trying. I actually called my doctor and she said they wouldn’t do testing until after a year of TTC. So, I started searching for natural ways to increase my fertility chances. Thats when I came across Pink Stork Fertility Tea and decided to give it a try!

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While the idea of fertility tea may seem a bit foreign, these teas and herbs have been used consistently in Chinese medicine for centuries to help increase the chance of pregnancy. Thanks to these teas, we have a more accessible, gentler, and more natural method to help us become parents.

So lets talk about my favorite fertility tea: Pink Stork Fertility Tea

It is important to realize that I am not a doctor, nor do I have any training in midwifery or alternative medicine. The information I am bringing to you within this article is what I have found through my own research.

I’ve also created a free TTC Printable Daily Journal, that will help you to keep track of everything! I know how much there is to remember.

Pink Stork Fertility Tea Ingredients

Pink Stork Fertility Tea comes in two varieties: Mint and Sweet Mint. Sweet Mint includes Stevia as an ingredient and is recommended more for iced and cold teas, while Mint does not contain Stevia as an ingredient and is recommended more as a hot drink. Whichever you choose, both have the same delicious flavor profile.

The USDA organic herbs in this proprietary blend include: Red Raspberry leaf, Chastetree Berries, Nettle, Lady’s Mantle, Passionflower, and Peppermint.

Each of these herbs has its own benefits that help support regular menstrual cycles, strengthen reproductive organs, help destress the mom-to-be, and are overall just beneficial for body and mind.

How to Use Pink Stork Fertility Tea

The way to use Pink Stork Fertility Tea is super simple and straightforward. The directions suggest drinking 1 cup of tea, 1-3 times a day. While I was trying to conceive, I drank 1 cup of tea a day from the end of my period up until ovulation began. 

I had stopped drinking the tea around ovulation because of the Red Raspberry leaf the tea contains. Red Raspberry leaf is known to start uterine contractions which help to strengthen the uterus. This is wonderful for later weeks of pregnancy in the last trimester, however, I just wanted be careful not to use this so near my potential conception and my early stages of pregnancy. So I took this precaution.


  • Amazing Tasting Tea! – The whole time that I was drinking this tea, I never once felt like I got bored of it or stopped liking it. In fact, I actually wish I could keep drinking it recreationally because it just tastes so good! That’s how much I genuinely enjoy it.
  • The Steeping Bags – the steeping bags are cute little pyramid bags and the material they’re made of doesn’t feel cheap at all. They are also biodegradable so that is a big plus as well! The sachets are high quality and you really do get your money’s worth for what you pay for them.
  • The Quality of the Tea– Speaking of getting your money’s worth, I definitely feel I got that in terms of the teas freshness. It’s incredibly fragrant and fresh, and it is also USDA Organic which is definitely important to me.
  • It’s Caffeine-free! – I was so glad that I could drink this tea any time of the day without getting a caffeine buzz. 
  • The Company – the Pink Stork brand was started by Army-wife and Florida mom-of-four, Amy to help other women struggling with pregnancy and conception. That made me feel so connected to the brand being a military wife myself.
  • Super Easy to Use – The tea is so conveniently packaged and pre-measured, so there’s no thinking needed in terms of measuring and keeping dosage consistent. This was just super easy and hassle-free for me.


  • Pricey – The only con I can really think of against the Pink Stork Fertility Tea, is its price. Was this tea worth it in my opinion? Yes. Do I think it would be worth it to drink it in the recommended amount on the packaging? No. I could never afford it at that rate. The price is just a bit too high for me while I was trying other fertility remedies and alternatives that also cost money.

There is some debate as to whether there is any science that backs up the claim that these teas can help with your chances of conception, but there is no doubt that the teas and herbs used to boost fertility do so by promoting general wellness and overall reproductive health.

How Can Teas Help With Fertility?

For more information on how teas can be beneficial for fertility, you can read our related article on some of the best fertility teas out there:

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the best fertility teas and herbs to help you get pregnant and conceive a baby

In general though, fertility teas contain antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and folic acid which all help provide nutritional support, assist in keeping hormones in check, and help to support the female reproductive system. In consistently consuming fertility teas, you may find that your cycles regulate and that you experience improve menstrual pain.

Another benefit of tea drinking in general is improved health and wellness overall as well as improved relaxation and a daily exercise in mindfulness, which makes this all the more worth trying.

In Conclusion…

If you are trying to conceive and struggling, please just know that I get it. I get how hard it can be and how frustrating it feels to see another negative pregnancy test. It’s hard when you’re trying just about everything to get pregnant, but this tea is worth a shot! It’s natural, it’s delicious, and it’s easy to use. 

You cannot deny the amazing benefits of Fertility Teas that the herbs bring to your body, and sometimes, even just getting into a more relaxed mindset and helping your body become as healthy as it can be, are more than enough to boost your chances and your fertility. These teas and herbs are a great method for preparing your body for pregnancy. They are easy to use and you can tailor them to meet your personal needs and preferences.

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