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The BEST C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow – PharMeDoc Pillow Review

Are you a back sleeper struggling to get a good night sleep, since becoming pregnant?! I’ve been there! During my first trimester, I began transitioning to side sleeping… which looked like a 5 pillow puzzle that I had to rearrange every time I got up to go the bathroom. Crazy part is that, I still wasn’t comfortable!

Then I found the PharMeDoc Pregnancy C-Pillow, which has really helped me to sleep through the night and feel rested the next morning.

After I looked into so many different options, I came across this PharMeDoc Pregnancy C-Pillow. I’m so glad I did because I’m absolutely in love with it! It’s amazing, especially for those of us who were typically back sleepers pre-pregnancy. I’ve also heard that some moms keep using the this pillow postpartum and are still loving it.

Pregnancy Pillow Pros

  • Super Comfortable – the PharMeDoc pillow is super comfortable once you nail down the best way to use it and it helps you stay comfortable throughout the night for better sleep.
  • Very Firm – this c-pillow is supportive and perfect for propping you up. I had found that a lot of other pillows were just too soft and had none of the support that I needed. If a pillow is too flimsy, it won’t help support the extra baby weight.
  • The Color Choices – the PharMeDoc comes in so many colors. You can get one that matches your bed or room decor, or just get it in your favorite color.
  • Great for Back Sleepers – this pillow is perfect for propping you up and it supports your back so you can sleep comfortably with that new baby belly, while still technically sleeping on your side!
  • Supports Belly – the PharMeDoc c-pillow can also be supportive for your growing belly if you use it to prop your front up more than your back.

Pregnancy Pillow Cons

  • Pricey – This pillow can be really pricey when it’s not on sale. It costs around $52 and I ended up getting the white color PharMeDoc Pillow because it was on sale. So I really recommend you look around for deals on these pillows to get them a bit cheaper, especially if the color doesn’t really matter to you.
  • The Case – the pillow case itself is a pain to get off and into the wash, and to put back on. It’s a bit annoying and not something I’m super pleased with. In fact, if were to go back in time, I would spend the extra $5 and just choose a darker color because my make-up gets gets the white case messy quite often and I just have spot clean it to avoid machine-washing it everyday.
  • The Size – this pillow is very large. It takes up a bigger portion of the bed-save than expected and can really cut you off from your spouse or partner because it’s so massive.

When to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

I began using the PharMeDoc Pregnancy C-Pillow in my second trimester, I think even if you’re in your first trimester, you should definitely give this pillow a go. I would suggest getting it as soon as you decide to start sleeping on your side, doctors usually start recommending this around the second trimester.

I personally wish I had bought it sooner because I know that sleeping on your side is better than sleeping on your back once you have the baby belly. The PharMeDoc Pregnancy C-Pillow really helped me to get comfy, especially when it’s not as easy as it was before.

How to Use the PharMeDoc?

Now I’m going to be honest, when I first got the PharMeDoc Pregnancy C-Pillow I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it or if I even liked it. I had several nights where I was so uncomfortable and I hardly slept and I was just thinking ‘this is not going to work’. So here is how the c-pillow should and shouldn’t look like: 

It was so uncomfortable that my knees and shoulders hurt. I had been trying to lay perfectly upright. What I also realized was that if I was sleeping with my belly facing the closed side of the c-pillow, then I was getting support for my belly, but not getting a ton of support for my back.

The reverse way, with the closed side of the c-pillow along my back,  I get complete back support. So the PharMeDoc gets you close to a back-sleeper position, which is really comfortable for me. So I still feel like I’m sleeping on my back without fully sleeping on my back, and I’m still sleeping on my side as the doctor recommends. You do have to kinda play around with the pillow for your own comfort and body of course because everyone is different.

In Conclusion…

So to wrap up this PharMeDoc C-Pillow review, this pregnancy pillow has been awesome and I think if you are expecting then this is something you should invest in. You can’t beat the comfort and support of it, and I guess it is kinda worth it to struggle with washing the pillow case every once in a while to get the case back on.

I hope this review was helpful for you guys and kinda told you what you needed to know, all the positives and the negatives on the PharMeDoc C-Pillow.So if you’re interested, here is a link where you can get your hands on it.

I hope you guys enjoy it and get as much use out of it as I have!

best pregnancy pillow - pharmedoc pillow review

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