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15 Newborn Essentials for Summer – That I Could NOT Live Without

Newborn Summer Essentials - What does my baby need for the summer?

Whether you are starting your baby registry or your little one has just arrived, there are a few things you will need for a summer baby. Because the temperatures are warmer and the sun is more intentness, you will need to be more intentional to keep baby comfortable. Between clothing, sun protection, and cooling accessories, there are some newborn essentials for summer that will make your life a lot easier.

My daughter was born in the middle of July, in Virginia. The day we brought her home was 97 degrees and our air conditioner broke. Needless to say we got it fixed, but it was still warm in the house.

I ended up learning a lot about how to keep her comfortable and happy! There was a lot of trial and error. That’s why I want to share my 15 ESSENTIALS for Summer Baby… so you don’t have to go through all that. 

15 Newborn Must-Haves For Summer

Having a summer baby doesn’t mean hibernating in your house.I enjoyed taking my daughter on walks, snuggling her, and going on a family boat ride, BUT this required some things to keep my daughter cool.

What I have included is specifically for newborns. There are different things you will need for an older baby, but I felt like there were some essentials that were specific to new babies. Before we get into my favorite products, I’ve separated them into three categories Accessories, Clothing, and Sun Protection because these were the most important to me.

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

Accessories for a Summer Baby

1. Lightweight Baby Wrap

Solly baby wrap for newborn summer

I couldn’t have lived without my Solly Baby Wrap. It’s the perfect material because it’s breathable and lightweight! For my baby shower, I registered for a cuddle duds stretchy wrap. It would have been great for a winter baby, but I found that my daughter got really hot. 

What to Register for: Solly Baby Wrap + Hope and Plum Ring Sling

2. Stroller Fan

stroller fans for a summer baby

Getting out for a daily walk is really good for you and your baby! But when it’s 97 and humid, it’s tempting to hibernate in the air conditioning. A stroller fan will keep the air moving and some will even mist your baby with water. I opted for a simple clip on stroller fan, which was perfect for us!

What to Register for: Stroller Fan Clip on or Fan Mister

3. Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Baby muslin swaddle for summer baby

I don’t think you can have enough of these. We had about 10 of these, but could have been okay with 5. These are great because they are lightweight and breathable. We used muslin swaddles for everything; Cuddles, Swaddling, Changing Pad, Sun Shade and a Spit Up Cloth. 

What to Register for: 5-10 Muslin Swaddle Blankets

4. Washcloths

washcloths for summer newborn

I loved using a cool wet washcloth to help my daughter feel more comfortable. I kept an extra washcloth and water bottle in my diaper bag, which was a lifesaver on a hot, sunny day! 

What to Register for: An Extra Package of Washcloths

5. Bottle Cooler

bottle cooler for summer baby

If you aren’t breastfeeding, getting a bottle cooler will be a lifesaver! Babies under 6 months shouldn’t be given water, so they need breastmilk or formula to keep them hydrated. I like the size of this one, it’s small enough to fit a couple of bottles in your diaper bag!

What to Register for: Small Bottle Cooler

6. Car Seat/Stroller Cooling Liner

Cooling Stroller Liner for a summer baby

I wish I knew about these before having my daughter! These cooling liners are gel so they are activated by the heat from your child. No need to refrigerate or freeze! If we have another summer baby, this will definitely be going on my list.

What to Register for: Cooling Liner for Car Seat/Stroller

Sun Protection Must-Haves for a Summer Newborn

1. Umbrella/Tent

tent for summer family

Whether you are planning a trip to the beach or would like to play in your backyard, having an umbrella tent will keep the sun off of your baby! This is the perfect way to give your little one some shade.

If you want something that’s a little more versatile, get a pop-up tent! We’ve used this for volleyball games, hanging out at the beach, and for parties in our backyard. It gives you and baby ample space to let baby crawl around or feed your little one comfortably.

What to Register for: Sport-Brella Rain + Sun Canopy or Tent Pop-Up

2. Sun Hat

vintage baby bonnet for summer baby girl

Here is your excuse to buy cute baby hats! Just make sure that it has a little brim on it. Some hats also include a bit of SPF as well. No matter how long you plan to be outside make sure you cover their little face. 

I liked bonnets for my daughter because it had a string to keep it in place. I would recommend looking for something that you can secure it on their head.

What to Register for: Baby Girl Bonnet (0-3 Months) / Baby Boy Bucket Hat (0-3 Months)

3. Car Sun Shades

sun car shade for newborn baby in the summer

These are a must for our family! Since we love to travel around or even just go out and grab a coffee, sometimes the sun is super intense. These help to filter the sun and don’t block your vision out the rear windows. 

What to Register For: 2 Car Sun Shades

4. Sun Protective Blanket

sun protective blanket for summer baby

You may already know this, but babies under 6 months old can not wear sunscreen. So having a blanket that gives 50 SPF is a great way to keep your newborn protected. You don’t have to buy a special blanket, but most blankets only cover 30 SPF. If you plan to be outside a lot, this will be your best friend!

What to Register For: Sun Protection Blanket or 2 Layer Muslin Swaddle

Clothing for a Newborn in the Summer

If I’m being completely honest, my daughter never wore clothes for the first couple of months. It was so hot that we just swaddled her in a muslin blanket. But, there were a few occasions like our first trip to the lake that she needed to be dressed.

I’m going to share my baby clothing staples for daytime and nighttime wear!

1. Short-sleeve Onesies

newborn laying on bed with pink short sleeve onesie

In the early days, you will be changing your baby’s onesies a lot. From blowouts to spit ups, you will go through a lot of them. I would recommend registering for a bunch of 0-3 months and just a few newborn onesies because they typically grow out of them quickly!

What to Register For: 6 Newborn Onesies + 10 (0-3) Month Onesies

2. Light Sweater


I was gifted a light sweater for my baby shower and truly thought it wasn’t going to be used. To my surprise, this little 0/3 Month sweater came in really handy for places that had the AC cranked up! I was glad to have it in a larger size, so she had room to grow into it. For the first few weeks, I just rolled up the sleeves.

What to Register For: 0/3 Month Sweater

3. Thin Sleeper

Halo sleepers for summer baby

I loved my muslin swaddles for the first couple of weeks. It kept my daughter nice a snug, it was warm enough, and still breathable. But once she figured out how to get her arms out, I LOVED the Halo sleep sack. It made middle of the night changes a breeze! (Check out my Full Review Here)

What to Register For: Muslin Swaddle Blankets + 0/3 Month Halo Sleep Sack

 4. Sun Protective Swimsuit

newborn swimsuit for a summer baby

If you plan to bring your baby in the water, I recommend getting a long sleeve rash guard. I ended up buying a 0-3 months which was perfect for our trip to the lake. It’s important to keep your baby’s skin protected especially in the pool because of how the sun reflects off the water.

What to Register For: Baby Girl RuffleButts Swimsuit (0-3 Months) / Baby Boy Rash Guard

5. Sunzies

If I had known about these when my daughter was a newborn, I would have bought one! The sunzie is not a swimsuit, it’s more or less just to keep the sun off your baby’s skin. The breathable bamboo material will keep them from getting too hot. An added bonus is that it’s chlorine and salt resistant.

What to Register For: 3 month Girl Sunzie / 3 Month Boy Sunzie

Wrap Up…

If you are preparing to welcome a summer baby, it’s important to know that there a few extra things you will need. Being a first time mama and having a baby in mid-July, I’ve learned about all the things you will NEED to keep your little one happy and comfortable. I hope this list of 14 Newborn Essentials for Summer helped you…… and congratulations mama!

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