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Newborn Essentials for Winter – How to Keep Those Little Tootsies Warm

When planning for the arrival of your precious little one, it is so important to consider what season your baby will be born in! Knowing what season your baby will arrive can make a huge difference in what you buy and how you plan for your baby’s arrival. With each season, there are certain essentials that your child will need, especially when it comes to the winter months! 

Because babies are born with a lower body fat percentage, it is crucial that they stay warm, especially in the winter months! So, if you are preparing for (or have) a winter newborn, it’s important to start thinking about how to keep this beautiful little warm nice and cozy all winter long. In this article, I’ve prepared some newborn essentials for winter, including a top 15 items you need along with some tips on how to best dress your baby in the cold! 

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Top 15 Items You NEED for a Winter Baby

Winter Essentials

Long Sleeve Onesie

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These adorable and custom pocket onesies are perfect for any baby! In the cold winter months, these staples are a go-to! You can even get the onesies where the sleeves will fold over your precious baby’s hands, keeping them even more warm and cozy! No matter where you may live, you can never have enough long sleeve onesies! 

 Fleece Footed Pajamas

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At nighttime, it can get even colder! Be prepared by having plenty of fleece footed pajamas. The fleece is a nice, really warm material, and the footed part of these pajamas will keep your precious newborn’s toes warm as well without having to worry about socks! 

Warm Joggers

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Long pants are definitely a newborn essential for winter! These adorable joggers will bring some style to this essential item! Depending on the weather, just pair one of these joggers with an adorable long sleeve onesie and you’ll be good to go! 

Fleece Booties

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These fleece booties will be the only shoes your newborn will need all winter long, and they are affordable! The reasons these booties are so great is because they’re not only made out of an incredibly warm material, they also velcro at the top. By velcroing at the top, they will not slide off of your newborn when he/she is wiggling away! Plus, these are so warm that you don’t even have to put socks underneath! 

Go-to Winter Layers

Layering is absolutely essential for your newborn during the long winter months! It’s really important that you are able to provide your baby with as much warmth as he/she needs, while also being able to remove layers as your baby warms up. Here are some essential layers for winter: 

Winter Beanie

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What baby doesn’t look absolutely adorable in a warm, winter beanie? Cute and cozy come together with this precious, customizable hat! That pom-pom on top is too cute! 

Winter Jacket

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Your newborn needs a solid, warm top layer, and this jacket could do the trick! I just love the little “bear ears” at the top, adding a little more adorableness to your already adorable little one! Not to mention, the fabric is so soft and fuzzy! 


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This baby puffer snowsuit is perfect for winter walks! Notice how the bottom doesn’t have pant legs, and it completely zips your newborn’s legs into the suit like a sleeping bag! This item comes in a variety of colors, too! 


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These “Wrap ‘Em up Mittens” are customizable with a variety of color options! The velcro on these mittens allow you to secure the mittens and make sure they won’t slip off! 

Minky Blanket

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A winter newborn baby can never have enough warm and cozy blankets! Whether your newborn is in his/her carseat, the stroller, or just hanging out around the house, it’s always great to have some soft, minky blankets laying around!  Don’t forget to just make sure to follow the safe sleeping guidelines for infants when they are sleeping with blankets! 

Winter Accessories 

While clothes and what your newborn wears are crucial during the winter months, there are also some accessories that will greatly help make your precious baby more comfortable (and warm)! 

Wipe Warmer

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Imagine that it’s freezing outside, and you just got home from a walk with your newborn. Your baby needs a diaper change, and the second the wipe touches your infant, he/she starts crying! I’d be uncomfortable, too, with that cold wipe! This wipe warmer is easy to use and can make diaper changes a little more comfortable during those freezing winter months! 

Bottle Warmer

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Similar to the cold wipes, a cold bottle in the winter months does not sound very comforting! It’s so important to get access to warm bottles quickly, and this bottle warmer does the trick! It also sterilizes your pacifiers, which is a bonus! 

Winter Carseat Cover

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According to Consumer Report, it is dangerous to dress your newborn in a warm, puffy coat while they are buckled into their carseat. So, how do you keep them warm transitioning from the car? A warm car seat cover! This car seat cover is not only incredibly warm, it also has a variety of uses!

Stroller Sleeping Bag

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This stroller sleeping bag will definitely keep your newborn nice and warm during a walk or run. The great thing about this item is that it will last several years, and your little one won’t grow out of it! 

Hooded Baby Carrier

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If you’re planning on carrying your newborn around, I’d suggest a carrier that has a hood! It is crucial that a baby’s head stay warm as that is where they can lose heat the quickest! Plus, who doesn’t love an adorable fox hoodie?

Baby Carrier Cover

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This women’s jacket is perfect for keeping your newborn warm! It has a special attachment that allows you to wear your baby carrier under your jacket! 

6 Tips for Dressing Your Newborn During Winter

As I said earlier, keeping your baby properly dressed in the winter is very important! Newborns are so tiny, and they need to be kept warm at all times! Here are 6 tips for dressing your newborn during winter:

1. Check the Weather

Before heading out for the day, make sure to check the weather! Even in winter, the temperature can vary greatly, and it’s always important to be prepared! Knowing what the weather will be for the day will help you to dress your newborn accordingly.

2. Consider your Destination

Before getting your baby dressed, think about where you are headed. Thinking about how long your baby will be outside, can make a huge difference in what they wear! If your newborn won’t be going outside for long, you may want to simply dress your baby in a long sleeve onesie, warm pants, and booties.

3. Think about What You’re Wearing

It may seem like common sense, but sometimes as mamas we can get overwhelmed when thinking about how to dress your little one. Simply consider what you’re wearing when picking out what your baby will wear. Chances are, they will be just alright! 

4. Layer, Layer, and Layer

When in doubt, layer! You can always take layers off if your baby shows signs of being too warm, but you can’t add layers! You can never go wrong putting too many layers on your child when preparing to leave the house! And that brings us to our next tip…

5. Pack Extras

Just with layering, it’s always best to err on the side of prepared by packing extra clothes! You never know what to expect with a newborn! Whether it’s a blowout or your baby is just cold, you can never be too prepared by packing extra clothes! 

6. Learn to Read your Infant

At the end of the day, your baby will tell you whether he/she is too hot or too cold by how they feel when touched, the color of their skin, and their behavior. In my article on Newborn Essentials for Summer, I discuss the different signs to look for when a baby is too hot or too cold. Click here to see the different signs!!

In Conclusion…

By having a newborn in the winter time, it brings a lot of different things to consider. Winter is a great time to cozy up with your newborn and soak in all of the snuggles, but knowing the newborn essentials for winter will hopefully help you feel more prepared for the cold months ahead and allow you to enjoy those snuggles free from worry!

Newborn Essentials for Winter

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