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My Green Mattress Review (Kiwi) | The Pros + Cons After Sleeping On It

Ordering a mattress online can feel scary! You have no idea what to expect and the only thing you have to go off of is reviews. That’s why I decided to share our My Green Mattress Review after sleeping on it!

When I was researching the best mattresses for bedsharing, the Kiwi Mattress by My Green Mattress kept coming up! I was in need of something firm, non-toxic, and affordable. This checked off all the boxes.

So before we get into this review, I want say a HUGE thank you to My Green Mattress for gifting me one of their mattresses. I reached out to them about collaborating because I had some many people telling me how much they loved it!

If you’ve been around for a while you know, that I do not support, review, or promote anything unless I wholeheartedly believe in it. So please know that this is all my honest opinion after using My Green Mattress. (read my sponsorship disclosure here).

The Pros (What I LOVE) About Kiwi My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress Review

When I was searching for reviews, I wanted to know what someone thought about it after sleeping on it for a while. Although it’s only been a month, our Chiropractor says that’s a good amount of time to see how our bodies adjust.

Keep reading to the end to see if I would actually purchase this mattress in the future!

1. Non-Toxic

Since we were using this mattress to bedshare, it was really important that it was non-toxic. I love that it is:

  • GOLS Certified Organic Latex
  • GOTS Certified Organic Wool and Cotton

2. No Flame Retardants

I could have put this point in with the first, but I think it’s important to note that there are no flame retardants. This was a huge pro for our family since we were using it to bedshare.

The wool actually acts as a natural flame retardant which I think is so fascinating!

3. No Smells

When we took it out of the box, I was really surprised that it didn’t smell…. at all. I knew that it was organic and toxin-free, but it didn’t feel like it needed to air out before sleeping on it.

4. Quick Shipping + Free

This came quicker than our Amazon Prime shipping! It was ordered on Thursday and delivered the following Tuesday.

5. Affordable

This was a huge selling point. Many of their competitors are significantly more expensive. I really appreciated that it was affordable, so more families can enjoy a quality non-toxic mattress!

6. Firm

If you don’t like a firm mattress, this is not for you. We were looking for a bedsharing-friendly mattress, so that is why this is a pro for us.

Even though it’s firm, it still has a good amount of cushion to it. We were transitioning from memory foam to the kiwi mattress and I can honestly say that I’m sleeping the exact same. I wake up feeling good, no back, hip, or shoulder pain.

7. Supports up to 600lbs

If weight is a concern the Kiwi mattress has a pretty high weight support. This makes it the ideal mattress for families.

8. Made in the USA

Another thing that is really important to me is that it’s made in the USA. The fact that it’s non-toxic, affordable, and locally made makes it that much better!

9. Has Good Back Support

Most of the time, I sleep on my side since we are still bedsharing with our 11 month old. But when I can flip on my back, I love it! You can feel the lumbar and back support. It’s fairly firm but my body feels really supported.

10. It has Edge Support

I didn’t realize that this was going to be important until I slept on it. It almost feels like you have more bed because it’s still firm around the edges!

11. High Quality

Everything about this mattress feels like it’s high quality. From the hand tufted top to the weight (which I’ll touch on in a minute), I was really impressed!

12. 365 Day Trial

I thought this was really impressive. On top of the 365 Trial period, you can get a full refund after 120 days! It almost felt risk-free because you have so long to decide whether you like it or not!

Cons of the Kiwi My Green Mattress

Overall, I really don’t have any complaints. But, there are a few things you should keep in mind and be aware of before purchasing!

1. It’s Heavy

Because it’s so heavy, it’s not easy to move around. So when we used it as a floor mattress, I would get a bit frustrated when making the bed because I struggled to move it.

I feel like you need to have a pretty supportive bed frame for this mattress.

2. Hip Pain After Being in One Position too Long

For the first few nights, I would fall asleep in one position (for too long) and then I experienced a bit of hip pain. When I went to our chiropractor he explained that mattresses have a “break-in” period.

But, it made me wonder if the mattress was too firm.

3. A little Bouncy

I didn’t notice how bouncy it was until we put it on the bed frame. When I was trying to roll out of bed, I felt like I had to be really careful not to move too much…. so I didn’t wake up my daughter.

My Thoughts….

All-in-all I think it’s safe to say that we are really happy with our My Green Mattress. I would definitely purchase it again, especially for my kids’ beds or for bedsharing.

If I was looking for a mattress just for my husband and I, I probably would have tried their Natura Escape model. But for what we needed, the Kiwi Mattress is perfect!

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