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16 Must-Have Montessori Toys for 18 Month Old – To Keep Them BUSY!

Every parent hopes that the toys they are buying will not only teach their toddler something but will also keep them entertained. If you aren’t sure what to get, here are 16 of the BEST Montessori toys for 18 month olds.

Being a Montessori-minded mama, I’m always on the lookout for toys that inspire my daughter’s imagination but still keep her busy. We’ve purchased many toys that she barely even touches, but we’ve also found some that we couldn’t have lived with out.

16 Entertaining Montessori Toys for 18 Month Old

The best montessori toys for an 18 month old to play with

By 18 months, your toddler is working on their fine motor and gross motor skills. When we can provide them with activities that help them to perfect this, it will keep them busy for hours! 

Around this time, my daughter became more interested in independent play. I truly believe that having toys that encourage her to try out the skills she’s working on has helped her stay engaged longer. Which means I can get a few extra chores done!

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

1. 70 Piece Wooden Block Set

best montessori toys for 18 month old lovevery block set

This block set is a MUST for every Montessori-minded parent. There are 70 parts, which means hours of open-ended play.

These blocks have grown with my daughter. In the beginning, she was obsessed with turning the box into a pull cart. Now she enjoys knocking down towers…. She’s not quite into building with them, but I know that will come!

2. Pull Puppy

dog pull toy for 18 month old montessori

At this stage, my 18 month old loves to pull things. This puppy is one of her favorite toys. She drags him around the house saying “woof.. woof” I never really thought that she would enjoy this as much as she has!

3. Wooden Cookie Set

wooden cookie set for 18 month old montessori

Most toddlers love to be in the kitchen helping mom cook. This wooden cookie set will help them to work on skills such as using a knife and matching colors!

My daughter has spent hours playing with this little set. She loves to put on her cooking mitt and put all the cookies on her tray. Recently, she’s been trying to master cutting the cookies when they are all velcroed together.

4. Wooden Gym

wooden gym 18 month old montessori

If you have the space, your toddler will love this three-piece climbing set by Wood and Room. It gives them the ability to try out their directional awareness and practice things like balance and coordination.

5. Balance Board

wooden balancing board 18 month old montessori

Whether you don’t have room for the wooden gym or can’t afford it, a balance board is another Montessori toy that 18 month olds love! It helps them to use their gross motor skills and gives them the opportunity to use their imagination.

I love this balance board from Bunny Hopkins Toys on Etsy! They have won so many awards… and better yet they are made in the USA!

6. Lovevery Play Kits

lovevery pioneer play kit for 18 month old montessori toy play

If you haven’t invested in the Lovevery play kits, it’s not too late to start!!! I am SO glad that we have these. They tailor each box to what your toddler is learning at this stage. 

Their Pioneer Play Kit includes everything from a puzzle, race car ramp, to bead threading. My daughter is absolutely loving this set. It’s amazing how long it keeps her entertained and I don’t have to buy her any other toys!

I’m pretty obsessed with Lovevery, so I wrote an entire review about their subscriptions…… I have one major regret that I share in this post.

7. Bead Threading Set

bead threading set 18 month old montessori

This is my daughter’s favorite thing from the Pioneer Play Kit from Lovevery. Unfortunately, they don’t sell it separately. But there is this bead threading set on Etsy from Legacy Learning – which is the perfect alternative!

8 . Wooden Train Set

wooden train set 18 month old montessori

Train sets are a lot of fun, especially this blue wooden set from the Slow Children Store on Etsy. It will help your toddler work on associative thinking along with figuring out how balancing works and develop those motor skills!

9. Root Vegetable Puzzle

puzzle for 18 month old montessori

We love puzzles in our home because they allow us to interact together and give my daughter the ability to work on problem-solving. (Hint…. This is not something she really enjoys!) 

But with a toy like this root vegetable puzzle from All About Kids Store on Etsy, it’s a little more interesting than your average puzzle. I love that the pieces are large and magnetic!

10. Zoo Animal Matching Game

animal flashcards matching game for 18 month old montessori

Most toddlers enjoy animals, so this matching game with figurines is the perfect toy for them. It helps them to identify each animal along with finding the plastic figure that matches.

This set from Toddlerhood Co on Etsy includes 11 different Flash Cards and 11 Figurines!

11. Wooden Coin Box

wooden coin box for 18 month old montessori

This was actually included in the Lovevery Babbler Play Kit, but my daughter loves it more now than she did at 12 months! I love that this wooden coin box from Toys by Cooper on Etsy has a drawer. I think this makes it a little easier for your toddler to get the coins out of it!

12. Wooden Push Toy

wooden push toy 18 month old montessori

Are you catching a theme? Most toddlers around this age love to pull and push items. This adorable wooden duck push toy from Friendly Toys on Etsy, will encourage them to continue practicing these skills!

13. Post & Play Peg People

play and peg people for 18 month old montessori

If your toddler has started showing interest in color recognition, this post and play peg people set by Lovevery at Target is perfect! This will help them to match colors and practice their fine motor skills.

14. Wooden Music Kit

What toddler doesn’t love to make noise? A music kit is the perfect way for your child to explore sounds, cause, and effect, and helps them use their fine motor skills.

I love this wooden music set on Amazon! It’s a bit of an investment, but if you plan on having more kids… it’s absolutely worth it!

15. Sort + Count

sort and count set for 18 month old montessori

Around 18 months, my daughter became super interested in grouping colors and learning to count. This sort and counter from Kebiya Games on Etsy is the perfect way for them to practice these simple life skills!

16. Push + Pop Toy

pop toy 18 month old montessori

You probably noticed I have a lot of wooden toys on my list, simply because they are durable. BUT, it’s important to switch the textures. This Dimpl Brand Baby Toy will keep your toddler entertained and give them something different to feel.

My daughter loves these pop toys! It’s a great (quiet) toy to bring to a restaurant, church, or even to the grocery store!

I also thought I would mention that I’ve received a few gifts from Maisonette…. and I absolutely LOVE their selection of toys. Not everything is montessori, but you can find so many unique toys on here!

My Thoughts….

No matter what your child naturally gravitates to, these Montessori toys for 18 month olds will help them to play independently. I hope that something from this list becomes a staple in your home!

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