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Do you have 5 Minutes to Spend with God?

Hey there! I’m Alexis, a first time mama.

After having my daughter, I struggled to find time with God. I was busy caring for my little girl and made every excuse as to why I couldn’t study my Bible.

My hope in writing this devotional is to encourage mamma’s, like you, in their faith while caring for their little ones. This 7 Day devotional on Jobs s of a Mom, is from my personal study and will encourage you to be the BEST mother you can.

As we continue to nurture our children, it’s important to not lose sight of God.

This Daily Devo will take just 5 minutes. Whether you find time during a nap, before your kiddos get up, or before bed, this study will help to renue your relationship with God and strengthen you as a mother.

7 Day Moms Devotional PDF Includes:

  • Study on Jobs of a Mo
  • 7 Daily Devos (Downloadable)
  • 7 Scriptures
  • Questions to help you put topics into practice

I hope this devotional encourages you to find balance between motherhood and your faith!

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