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45 Perfect Middle Names for Emmie – That Flow

You’ve finally decided on a first name, but now you aren’t sure what to pair it with. Congratulations…. The hardest part is over! With so many names to choose from, which middle names for Emmie actually sound good?

For my first daughter, we decided to go with Emmie Kay. There are a couple of reasons why we chose it, which I’ll get to in a bit. But no it has nothing to do with Joanna Gaines. (If you know… you know hahah).

If I’m being honest, coming up with my first daughter’s middle name was pretty easy. We had just two names on our list…. Emmie Kay and Emmie Joy. So, I decided to create a complete list of all the middle names that sound good with Emmie.

Best Middle Names for Emmie

simple middle names for Emmie

Before I share my favorite middle name ideas for Emmie, please know that these were just my favorites. Even if a name you like didn’t make my list, doesn’t mean that it won’t be perfect for your little girl.

1. Emmie Alexis

Means: “Defender of the People”

2. Emmie Anna

Means: “Gracious”

3. Emmie Anne

Means: “Gracious”

4. Emmie Belle

Means: “Beauty”

5. Emmie Blake

Means: “Pale Blond One or Dark”

6. Emmie Bree

Means: “From Bree Region of France”

7. Emmie Brynn

Means: “Hill”

8. Emmie Cathrine

Means: “Pure”

9. Emmie Claire

Means: “Enlightened”

10. Emmie Dawn

Means: “Sunrise”

11. Emmie Faith

Means: “Faith”

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12. Emmie Faye

Means: “Fairy”

13. Emmie Grace

Means: “Charm”

14. Emmie Gray

Means: “Black Mixed with White”

15. Emmie Hope

Means: “Desire of Fulfillment”

16. Emmie Jade

Means: “Green Gemstone”

17. Emmie Jane

Means: “God is Gracious”

18. Emmie Jean

Means: “God is Gracious”

19. Emmie Jo

Means: “God is Gracious”

20. Emmie Joy

Means: “Happiness”

21. Emmie Joyce

Means: “Little Lord”

22. Emmie June

Means: “Born in June”

23. Emmie Kate

Means: “Pure”

24. Emmie Kay

Means: “Rejoice”

25. Emmie Lane

Means: ”From the Lane”

26. Emmie Leigh

Means: “From the Field”

27. Emmie Lou

Means: “Famed Warrior”

28. Emmie Louise

Means: “Famous Warrior”

29. Emmie Lynn

Means: “From the Lake”

30. Emmie Mae or Emmy May

Means: “Month of May”

31. Emmie Margret

Means: “Pearl”

32. Emmie Marie

Means: “Of the Sea”

33. Emmie Michelle

Means: “Who is like God?”

34. Emmie Nicole

Means: “Victory of the People”

35. Emmie Noelle

Means: “Born on Christmas Day”

36. Emmie Paige

Means: “Assistant”

37. Emmie Pearl

Means: “Smooth”

38. Emmie Quinn

Means: “Descendent of Conn”

39. Emmie Rae

Means: “Diminutive form of Rachel”

40. Emmie Reign

Means: “Rule”

41. Emmie Reece

Means: “Passion”

42. Emmie Renee

Means: “Reborn”

43. Emmie Rose

Means: “Rose”

44. Emmie Ruth

Means: “Friendship” 

45. Emmie Rylie

Means: “Descendant Of Roghallach”

46. Emmie Taylor

Means: “One who Tailors Clothes”

47. Emmie Victoria

Means: “Winner”

How to Choose a Middle Name for Emmie

Choosing a middle name can be tricky, especially if took you a while to decide on a first name. For my second daughter, Josie, we really struggled to find a name to pair with it.

I went through hundreds of middle name lists and found some really good advice, that might help you to choose a name too!

Here are some ways to pick a middle name:

1. Family Members Names

This is actually how we chose Emmie Kay. My sister’s name is Kayla and I really wanted to pass her beautiful name on! 

The other name that was on the table was Emmie Joy, after my sweet grandmother Joyce.

Choosing a name that honors family members is a beautiful way to name your daughter. But, sometimes these names don’t fit.. so let’s look at a few other ways to pick a name.

2. The Name Meaning

I wanted to include the name meanings because sometimes this can help you to settle on a name. If meaning is important to you, this may weigh a little heavier in your decision process. 

3. Consider the Length

We liked a short and simple middle name. It just seemed to flow for us. I have seen parents pair Emmie with a longer middle name, which looks beautiful too!

4. Decide if you Want a Double-Barreled Name

We planned on calling our oldest daughter Emmie Kay. This is traditionally done in the south and called a double-barreled name. 

If you plan to call your daughter by her full name, take this into consideration. It really needs to flow!

5. Think about Sibling Names

If you already have children, you may want to think about names that flow well together. Maybe they start with the same letter or have the same syllables.

For our girls, we decided on 1 syllable first and middle names! This was kind of a coincidence, but we really like it!

6. How Does it Sound?

Try reading your favorite names out loud. You might be surprised by how they sound. Keep in mind that if you find it difficult to say, a stranger might too!

For my daughter Josie, we said about 100 name combinations out loud!! We loved the way Josie Quinn sounded, so we decided on that. 

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7. What Are the Initials?

If you don’t live in the south, monograms may not matter quite as much. But, you want to be sure that it doesn’t spell something inappropriate. 

My Thoughts..

Whether you decided on a middle name for Emmie by choosing a family name or loving the sound of a name, I hope this list gave you some inspiration. I’m excited for you to name your daughter Emmie, we think it’s beautiful 😉

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Middle name ideas for Emmie

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