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How to Spend MORE Time with God as a Mom – To THRIVE Again

Whether you are a new mom or are trying to prioritize your faith with multiple kiddos, it can be difficult to juggle it all. Learning how to spend more time with God as a mom will not only strengthen your relationship with Him, but it will help you to be a better wife and parent too!

After having my first daughter, I rarely spent time with God. For the first three months, I don’t think I even opened my Bible.

I can distinctly remember the moment that I realized I had forgotten about my relationship with the Lord. My heart ached for those daily Bible studies, where I journaled, read my Bible, and prayed. But let’s face it, I barely had time to shower….. let alone carve out time for God (or so I thought).

So, I set out on a mission to find Christ in the center of my life again. I want to be completely honest with you… this process has been messy, hard, and anything but beautiful! As I share some of my tips, please know that I am nowhere near perfect… but every day I’m trying the very best I can.

15 Ways to Spend More Time with God as a Mom

Before we get into some things you can be doing in your daily life to spend more time with God, I know how overwhelming this can feel. So, I want to let you know that just being HERE is a huge step in the right direction.

Just choose one thing on this list, to start incorporating into your daily life. When you feel ready add another. I would recommend pinning this post to your Pinterest board, so you don’t lose it.

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Alrighty, let’s chat about all the ways you can start spending MORE time with God as a (busy) mom!

1. Bible Verse Sticky Note

Where do you have a second of silence to yourself? Maybe that’s in the car after you’ve dropped the kids off at school or it could be the bathroom. Now that I have two daughters under the age of three, I find that the bathroom is the ONLY play I get a second to myself. 

I started hanging a sticky note with a Bible Verse on the mirror as a reminder to praise and thank the Lord for all that He’s given me. I like to change it out every couple of weeks, so I don’t passively look at it and forget!

If you are a stranger to the Bible like I became, here are some Bible Verses for new moms and stay-at-home moms to get you started.

2. Daily Walk + Prayer

If you go on a walk daily, use this time to pray with the Lord. If I’m walking by myself (which is rare), I will put on some worship music and pray throughout my walk.

When I have my daughters with me, I will usually pray out loud. I feel like this shows them how to communicate with the Lord! Which I think is important when raising kids in a biblical home.

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3. Play Worship Music

This one is something newer that I added, but I have started playing instrumental worship music in the background throughout the day. I love it when I hear a familiar song, it reminds me to praise the Lord!

4. Audio Bible

I was faithful to the Daily Audio Bible app for a few months, but I found that I could not retain it with a toddler running around. If you have older kids, I think this is a great option as you are getting things done around the house.

Here are a few ways to listen to the Bible:

  1. Daily Audio Bible App
  2. A Year in the Bible (5 Minutes a Day – This is one of my favorites for very busy seasons)
  3. The Daily Bible Podcast

5. Devotional Calendar

I will never forget the Bible Verse daily calendar my grandmother had. Each time I’d visit, she would let me flip the page and then we would read God’s word together.

This is a great way to get your kids involved too!!

There are so many cute flip calendars at Hobby Lobby, but I love this prayer-a-day calendar. It gives you a verse and a little guided prayer, to help start your conversation with the Lord.

6. Weekly Prayer Journal

I LOVE to journal, so this weekly prayer journal is perfect for those of you who have time to sit down with the Lord. It can be difficult to sit down every day with the Lord, so I love that this allows you to dig deep into prayer weekly. I think it helps to encourage you throughout the week as well. 

7. Short Devotional for Moms

Sometimes when I’m up nursing all night, I would much rather throw on Magnolia Network to keep me awake. But, recently I started enjoying a short devotional that’s dedicated to moms! Make sure they are short and easy to read, so you don’t feel like you have to carve out a bunch of time to do it. 

I haven’t read the Midnight Mom Devotional yet, but I have had SO many moms recommend it.

I also wrote the Busy Moms Devotional, which will help you to kick-start your relationship with the Lord in just a few minutes each day!

8. One Line A Day Journal

I have always loved one-line-a-day journals. They are simple and help you to remember what happened that day! I love this 5 Year Memory a Day Journal for Moms because it has a Bible verse on each page.

In certain seasons when I’ve felt overwhelmed, this was the perfect way to spend a minute with the Lord. I didn’t need to go searching for a daily verse, instead, it had a scripture for each day!

9. The Bible App

Almost every Christian has downloaded the Bible App. I have a love-hate relationship with it haha. I love that they have some short studies that I can do on my phone. It will also send you daily verses along with reminders to do your study.

The struggle I have with the Bible App is that it’s on my phone, so I find myself getting distracted or procrastinating to do it.

10. Watch Church at Home

I had my daughter at the height of the pandemic. Since she was a NICU baby, it was recommended that we didn’t go to church for the foreseeable future. After several months, we decided to watch church at home. This helped us to still feel involved and to make that time for the Lord… even if our daughter was being fussy!

11. Keep Sunday as the Sabbath

Life is BUSY when you have kids. There really is no time for “downtime,” especially when you have little ones. But, make a pact to keep Sunday as Sabbath.

Even if you can’t make it to church, watch it at home or take turns watching the kiddos with your spouse so you can spend good quality time with God. 

12. Turn Off the Music in the Car

When my daughter was first born, car rides were quiet. Often I would play music and just enjoy driving around. But, I ended up realizing that the music was distracting me from REAL conversation with God. Even though it was worship music, I wasn’t spending time with Him.

Try just 2 minutes of silence just to be with the Lord. It’s way harder than you may think!

13. Make Mindless Chores time to Talk with God

Every time I do the dishes, I use this as my time to be with God. Usually, my husband is watching the kids, so I can spend a few minutes praying.

I try to make certain chores my “triggers” or reminders to pray and be with God. Maybe it’s folding clothes or cooking dinner, whatever it may be use these moments to give Him praise and thanks!

14. Get a Mini Bible

I like to keep a mini Bible in the car or in my purse because it gives me the opportunity to open God’s word, without having the excuse that I left my Bible at home.

You could also include a mini journal if that helps too!

15. Worship Concert in the Shower

Let’s be honest, if the only time we get to ourselves is in the shower how do we make the most of this time? I like to put on some worship music and enjoy a few minutes of peace!

Tips for Spending More Time With God

  1. Don’t Rely On Christian Authors, Audio Books, or Podcasts
  2. Don’t worry about having an Insta-Worthy setup!
  3. Look for the little moments to spend time with God.
  4. Try to focus on QUALITY time with God.
  5. Get rid of anything that’s replacing time with God.
  6. Schedule time with God! Put it in your Calendar.
  7. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, start with something small like writing down a Bible Verse.
  8. Trial and error. Try some of the ideas above and go with the ones that work for you!

My Thoughts…

As a busy momma, I know how hard it can be to find time to spend with God. I hope these ideas help you to enjoy your time with Him, even if it’s only for a few minutes!

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