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How to Dress Your Baby in the Spring – Everything You Need

Spring brings warmer weather and that means daily walks and trips with your baby outdoors. However, spring can also be unpredictable – there’s always a chance of April showers! The day can start chilly and be warm by the afternoon, so having enough clothes on hand will help keep your little one comfortable all day long! We have compiled the BEST tips and tricks on how to dress your baby in the spring!

What You’ll Read About

  • Newborn Clothes Essentials for Spring
  • 3-12 Month Clothes Essentials for Spring
  • Tips for Dressing your Baby for Spring Weather

Newborn Clothes Essentials for Spring

Even though newborns quickly grow out their clothing – sometimes in as little as a few weeks – parents still want to make sure they have plenty of the essential items on hand. Newborns are messy, and outfits will be changed several times a day. Most new parents don’t want or have the time to do laundry every day. To make it easy to know what your baby needs, here is a list of essential clothing infants for in the spring. 

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Sleepers or Footsie Pajamas – 8

In the early stages, you will mostly use sleepers or footsie pajamas. They are easy to use for diaper changes because many of them are zip-ups. Look for sleepers that have built in mittens, so your little one doesn’t scratch himself.

Onesies – 10

Short Sleeve 6, Long Sleeve 4. You can find short and long sleeve Onesies in a variety of colors and prints. Infants can wear a Onesies by itself in warm weather, it is also easy to layer over. 

Shirts – 6

The shirts can be a mix of long and short-sleeved to accommodate changing spring weather. Infant shirts are usually “Kimono-style” with folds at the shoulder. Some also have collars. These shirts can be worn with pants, shorts or rompers. They’re also easy to layer under sweaters and jackets. 

Sweaters – 2

Even though it’s spring the weather can still be chilly. Infants are more susceptible to cooler temperatures and the colds that often come in the springtime. A sweater can be layered over an undershirt or a Onesies. When the temperature warms up, it’s easy to take the sweater off. 

Pants/Shorts – 6

A few of each. Footed pants are great since parents don’t have to keep track of their infant’s socks. However, the weather can turn warm in the spring so it is a good idea for parents to have a few pairs of newborn-size shorts. 

Rompers – 4

These one-piece pants or short sets making dressing an active infant a breeze. You will want to make sure there are handy snaps for quick and easy diaper changes. Rompers can be worn over a short or long sleeve undershirt or a Onesies. A sweater, jacket or both can be layered over the romper if the weather calls for it. 

Socks – 6 pairs

Most parents quickly realize that it is almost impossible to keep socks on an infant. Somehow babies always manage to get their socks off. Most parents realize footed pants to keep their baby’s feet warm. However, you still want to have a few pairs of socks in case the weather is warm enough for shorts. 

Dresses – 3

Parents love to dress-up infant girls and there are thousands of adorable dresses on the market. You want to keep in mind that she is going to out grow these quickly, so you won’t need too many!

You want long and short sleeves, along with varying lengths. Shorter dresses are ideal in warm spring weather and longer ones will keep legs and feet warm when it’s cooler outside. 

Caps – 2

It is important to keep an infant’s head covered in cooler weather. Infant jackets often come with hoods, but parents still need to have at least one cap. Some homes and businesses keep indoor temperatures cool, a cap will keep infants’ head and ears warm. A lightweight cap can also protect an infant’s sensitive skin from bright spring sunlight. 

Lightweight blankets – 3

The number of blankets you have depends on the spring weather in your area and if you need to bring any when you leave the house with your infant in tow. You’ll need blankets at your house, but most parents also use them to cover their infants in a carrier, stroller or car seat. Also, think about if you’re going to use a blanket to swaddle your baby. If so, you will want to use a clean one. How you’re going to use the infant blanket and how often will help you decide how many you need.

3-12 Month Clothes Essentials for Spring

When your baby reaches the 3 – 12-month stage, clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in is important. Your baby will be starting to “scoot” and crawl during this developmental period and some babies could even be taking their first tentative steps. While comfort is paramount so is protecting your baby from the changing spring weather.

Onesies – 10

These one-piece garments are not just for infants. Parents can find Onesies in sizes that range up to 24 months. 

Shirts – 8

Shirts with folds on the shoulders or collars work great with pants, shorts, and rompers. Parents can find them in short and long-sleeves to fit any type of spring weather. 

Sweaters – 2

These are perfect for those 70 degree days when there is just a little breeze in the air. They will also come in useful when baby is indoors and they get a little chilly!

Jackets – 2

Older babies often need different types of jackets in the spring, especially when they start getting around on their own. Parents should have a warm and  lightweight jacket, along with a waterproof one. 

Pants/Shorts – 8

Footed pants are still practical for younger babies but parents also want to have a few pairs of shorts for sunny spring days. 

Rompers – 4

These one-piece outfits are comfortable and easy to layer clothes underneath or on top. 

Socks – 8 pairs

Parents will notice as their baby gets older, keeping socks on is not so problematic. Socks not only keep your baby’s feet warm, but they’re often easier to move in than footed pants. 

Dresses – 3

Spring dresses are undeniably adorable. Parents can choose from a variety of prints and colors, along with styles designed for warm and cool spring days. 

Tips on Dressing Your Baby for Spring Weather

You have the essentials but you aren’t sure what you should dress your baby in or how many layers of clothing are necessary to keep your infant comfortable. Here are a few tips on how to dress your baby in the spring according to the outside temperature. 

50-Degree Weather

  • Layer your baby’s clothing for comfort indoors and outdoors.
  • Use a long-sleeve Onesies for the bottom layer underneath a lightweight sweater.
  • Bring a jacket or light blanket for added protection from the cold.
  • Your baby should be wearing a cap.

60-Degree Weather

  • Baby’s clothing should be layered
  • A short-sleeve Onesie under a long-sleeve shirt or jacket will keep babies warm.
  • Long pants are recommended, even if it’s sunny outside. 
  • Your baby’s feet should be covered – either with socks or footed pants.

70-Degree Weather

  • Layering your baby’s clothes is still important. Indoor air-conditioning can be chilly. 
  • Short-sleeved Onesies, undershirts, and shirts will keep babies cool and comfortable.
  • A lightweight, waterproof jacket will keep babies warm in the shade wear temperatures are cooler. It will also keep babies dry in a sudden spring rainstorm.

The most important tip parents should remember is to layer their child’s clothes. You can always add or remove an item. You will want to keep in mind that temperatures change drastically during spring, so keeping layers on hand is super helpful!

You also want to pay attention to the fabric. Cotton is generally recommended for babies’ spring clothing – since the fabric is comfortable, durable, machine washable, and gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. 

In Conclusion

Learning how to dress your baby in the spring comes down to layering clothes. Spring weather is unpredictable. Cool days can suddenly turn warm and vice-versa. Then there is always the chance of “spring showers” even if rain was forecasted. Layering an infant’s clothing ensures that regardless of the weather, the newborn will be comfortable and dry. 

The other tip parents need to remember is to have multiples of all clothing essentials. Newborns will get stains on their clothing, often several times a day. Having plenty of extra Onesies, pants and other essentials lightens laundry duty and ensures that infants are protected from any spring weather condition. 

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How to Dress Your Baby in the Spring

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