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How to Choose a Baby Stroller – The ULTIMATE Stroller Buyers Guide

how to choose a baby stroller

There are endless options for great strollers available, which means choosing a baby stroller can be quite a task! To decide which stroller is best for you, it’s important to think ahead to how often and in what situations you will be using your stroller. Once you’ve decided when and where you will most often use your stroller, its time to think about which features will be the most helpful and ideal for you and your little one! 

This article will show you how to choose a baby stroller. Keep reading to find out!

Baby Stroller Features

Sun Canopy

Most all strollers have a canopy, but not all stroller canopies are the same! If you plan to use your stroller outside on a regular basis, it is wise to make sure the canopy offers sufficient shade to protect your little one from the UV rays. 


The handlebar serves a pretty basic function (pushing your baby!), but some strollers have reversible or adjustable handlebars to offer more options for you and your little one’s comfort. An adjustable handlebar might be especially important if you are taller. A reversible handlebar can be helpful to keep the sun off of baby, but it can also be great to allow baby to face you in the early months and then face out to see everything as he or she gets a little bit older and more adventurous. 


Does the stroller fold up easily? Some strollers fold easily with just one hand (a great feature for a mom whose hands are full), while others can be a bit more cumbersome. You also want to pay attention to how much space the stroller takes up when it is folded. Will it fit easily in your vehicle, garage, and anywhere else you might want to store it? Is it easy to carry when folded up?


Different strollers have different brake styles. If you anticipate using the brakes frequently, you will want to look for a secure brake that can be engaged and disengaged without too much hassle.  


Some stroller seats flatten completely into a bassinet position, while others are only semi-reclining. Some are rear facing, while others face forward. And, some strollers can fit a wide-variety of car seats, while others are only compatible with one or two. Stroller seats can have quite a lot of variety, and to make the best seat choice it is important to look ahead to how you might want to situate your baby as he or she gets older. 

Terrain Flexibility

Thinking through where you will be using your stroller will help you decide which features you need in terms of wheels and shocks. If you are going to be frequenting trails or other bumpy terrain, you may want to consider a jogging stroller or another stroller that offers a similarly smooth ride. 


Strollers can vary widely in how smoothly and easily they steer, especially double strollers! To find a stroller with great steering, it can be important to head to the store for some test-driving. If that isn’t an option, be sure to read as many reviews as possible about the steering if you plan to order online. 

Cup Holders and Storage Space

Does the stroller offer a cup holder and snack space for your little one? Will your diaper bag fit in the storage space? Is there an easily accessible place to keep your keys and phone? These are all great features to watch for when you are making your stroller decision. However, if you find a stroller you love that doesn’t fit your needs in this way, it might be worth looking at stroller accessories that you can add to “create” your dream stroller! 

Color and Style

While the functionality of your stroller is most important, you will also want to choose a baby stroller that is aesthetically pleasing. When you are out and about with your little one, you will be glad to have a stroller that you love! When choosing the color, it is also important to think about how well it will hide the inevitable stains. 

Best Baby Strollers

Best Bassinet Stroller

Cynebaby Vista City Select

One of the best features of this bassinet stroller is its extreme customizability! It can lay flat to let your little one sleep, or it can be placed in a semi-reclined or upright position for an older baby. The handle is adjustable in height, and can also be placed in a rear or front facing position. 

Best Travel Stroller

Jeep North Star Stroller

This stroller is a must-have for traveling! Not only does it have a removable organizer and extendable canopy, it also folds into a carry case making travel extremely easy

Best Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller

There is so much to love about this stroller! The wheel can be locked for jogging or left in swivel mode if you are just going on a walk. It is compatible with most carseats using this attachment, and it has a large sunshadeto keep your baby cool when you’re out for a run. 

Best Double Stroller

Countours Curve Double Stroller

The Countours Curve Double Stroller is pricey, but it is well worth the money if you will be using it on a regular basis! It offers smooth and easy steering and super custmoizable seat arrangements. It’s quite spacious, and it can hold two carseats for twins or little ones are extra close in age! 

Best Baby Stroller Accessories

Once you’ve completed the challenging task of choosing a baby stroller, it’s time to start shopping for some stroller accessories to make sure that your outings with baby are as enjoyable and easy as possible! 

Stroller Fan

A stroller fan is an absolute necessity if you have a spring or summer baby. Newborns are not able to regulate their body temperature on their own, so a fan is the perfect way to help keep them cool on hot summer days. There are a plethora of portable fans to choose from, but the most important thing is to find one that will easily clip or wrap onto your stroller, like this COMLIFE Portable Handheld Fan.  

Stroller Clips

While almost all strollers have some form of storage compartment, you might not always have enough space for your diaper bag or purse. This is where stroller clips are the perfect solution! One of our favorite options is the PBnJ baby Clip with foam padding to protect the handles on your bag and an extra wide clasp to ensure it will fit on your stroller handle. Stroller clips also work well if you have a large water bottle that doesn’t quite fit in your strollers’ cup holders! 

Stroller Organizer

If you need some extra stroller storage space and prefer not to haul your diaper bag or purse around, a stroller organizer is a great option. This Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer has insulated cup holders, multiple storage pockets, and can even be expanded with a zip on pocket. 

Stroller Toys

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If your little one isn’t thrilled with stroller rides, some stroller toys are a helpful way to make outings and walks a little more fun. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • VX-star Baby Pram Crib Ornament – This plush toy is easy to wrap around stroller bars, cribs, or car seats! 
  • Tiny Love Meadow Days Stroller Arch – This stroller arch features a mirror and dangling toys, and can be clipped to the sides of your stroller, bassinet, or carseat.  
  • Chewbeads Silicone Links – If your baby already has a favorite toy that he or she is attached to, these silicone links are a great way to make any toy a stroller toy while still ensuring that you don’t lose it.

Mosquito Net

Bug bites are annoying (and potentially dangerous) no matter your age, but they can be especially problematic for babies. Since you shouldn’t use bug spray on your baby until they are at least two months, you may want to invest in a mosquito net for your stroller. This mesh net is a simple, inexpensive way to keep your little one safe from mosquitoes and other pesky insects!  

Rain Cover

While most new mommas probably don’t aspire to talking a walk in the rain with their babies, it’s always good to be prepared! Having a rain cover for your stroller can also be a great option if you have older children who enjoy puddle splashing and playing in the rain. With a large window and air holes on both sides, the Bemece Stroller Rain Cover is a great option that will fit most strollers.

In Conclusion…

Choosing a baby stroller is a lot of work! Although there are an abundance of options on the market, you may find it challenging to have a stroller with all of the exact features you desire. If this proves to be the case for you, it can be helpful to make a list of the features you want and rate them from most important to least important. Once you figure out your top priorities, you can narrow down your options and head to the store for some stroller test-driving!

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