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Halo Sleepsack Review – Why You NEED to Have These

halo sleepsack sleeper review

Whether you are creating your baby registry or are on the hunt for a swaddle that helps your newborn sleep, I have the PERFECT swaddle for you. In my Halo Sleepsack Review I’m going to share why I love it (along with some cons) and how to use it.

Since you are looking for something thats easy to use and keeps baby warm and snug, so they sleep all night long, I want to give you all the do’s and don’ts when using Halo’s 3-way sleepsack! So, let’s get started.

At Bless Our Littles, we like to talk about things we love and think you might enjoy too.  Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links (see disclosure here). This means we will receive a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This is no extra cost to you. There are some products we have tried and others that we haven’t but think would be helpful to you! 

Our Journey with the Halo 3-Way Sleepsack

When my daughter was born we used the large muslin swaddles to keep her snuggled in at night. But eventually, she was like Houdini and could escape even my tightest attempt. 

I actually had this Halo swaddle on my baby registry and decided to give it a try. I chose this one simply because it got the best reviews on Amazon… that’s how I did most of my list! Anyhow, I fell in LOVE with this sleep sack because it was super easy to use and I could get a pretty tight wrap, that she couldn’t wiggle her way out of. 

After a couple of months, I reached out to Halo about collaborating. To my surprise, they gifted me three more swaddles to try out. I want you to know that I truly do love their products. Y’all know that I will always be 100% honest with you. I don’t ever share anything that I don’t believe in.

So now that you know how I discovered it, let’s talk about everything you need to know about the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle.

Halo’s 3-Way Adjustable Sleepsack Swaddle

sleepsack packaging


This swaddle comes in three different materials; Cotton, Micro-Fleece and Velboa. I purchased both the cotton and microfleece because my daughter was born in the middle of the summer. It was SUPER hot here in southern VA, so the cotton fabric was perfect because it’s breathable. 

I ended up grabbing the Micro-Fleece once fall hit because she seemed to get chilly at night and she was getting a little big for the newborn size. 

3 Ways to Use It

What I love about this swaddle is that there is more than one way to use it. It will help you through the newborn snuggles all the way through when your little one starts to roll. Here are the three ways this swaddle can be used, but for more info head over to Halo.

1. Newborn Swaddle

A lot of newborns love to be swaddled and our daughter was definitely one of them. The tighter you wrapped her the sounder she slept. 

The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle made this so much easier. The two-way zip made diaper changes a breeze and when it was time to feed, I just tucked the velcro flaps behind her. I was so grateful for these little features when I was tired in the middle of the night.

2. Transition

Before your baby starts to roll, you will need to transition them from being swaddled. If you didn’t know this, basically you don’t want them to roll over and not be able to lift their head up. 

To start transitioning them out of the swaddle, you can leave one arm out. We started doing this just at nap time and eventually at night, too. 

For more information about transitioning with one arm, I found Taking Cara Babies helpful.

3. Sleep Sack with Arms Free

I actually haven’t tried this yet because we went from one arm to the Halo transition swaddle. But, a lot of babies like the snug feeling around their tummy, even though their arms are free. 

How To Use Halo 3-Way Sleepsack Swaddle

Check out my video (Time stamp) on YouTube, for my quick how to guide on using the Halo sleepsack swaddle.

What I Love:

1. It makes Swaddling EASY

Being a new parent and learning how to swaddle your baby while being sleep deprived can be frustrating. This swaddle is seriously the easiest thing on the planet. The velcro flaps make getting a snug wrap quick and easy. 

2. Keeps Baby Snug ALL Night Long

Like I said earlier, my baby girl became a master at getting out of a swaddled blanket. That’s why we switched her over to the Halo Sleepsack. I’m not kidding, this thing is amazing for keeping their little arms in and ensuring that they don’t escape!

3. Comes in 2 Sizes

I like that there are two size options. When my daughter first came home from the NICU she was tiny. So, the newborn size fit her for quite a while. Once she hit 2.5 months, she needed the next size up. I like that we had the ability to size up because she definitely wasn’t ready for the transition swaddle yet.

4. 2-Way Zip

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m obsessed with 2-way zip everything. If I had things my way, every outfit would have this option. It makes diaper changes so much easier. Their little bodies stay toasty while you make a quick change.

Downfalls of the Halo Sleepsack

  1. The Micro-Fleece fabric pilled up after washing it. Which I was pretty disappointed about. 

2. I purchased white thinking it would be universal for the next baby, but it started to look dirty after a while.

While these downfalls are really minor, I want to mention them so you know what to expect. When we have another baby, I probably won’t use these ones and will buy new Halo swaddles instead!

When Should you Transition?

baby in sleepsack

I touched on transitioning your baby from swaddling, earlier in this post. Now I’m not a baby or sleep expert – just a mama sharing her tips!

We didn’t stop officially swaddling until my daughter started to roll. A few weeks prior we tried to start the transition process, but she just didn’t seem ready.

From what I’ve read, you should start transitioning out of the swaddle when baby shows signs of rolling from back to belly. 

I played it safe and started when she rolled belly to back. It just made me feel better. 

How do you transition out of a swaddle?

There are a few ways you can do this. Check out this post from Taking Cara Babies, this is what I used to help me!

  1. Cold Turkey.
  2. One arm out.
  3. Transition swaddle

What did I do? 

One night my daughter decided to roll and I was like “crap, now what?!” I ended up using the Halo Transition Swaddle and I was amazed at how well she did. Like I said earlier when I first tried it out (at around three months old), she just wasn’t ready.

Right around three months, I also started doing one arm out in case she decided to surprise me. Which I’m glad I did because I think it helped to prepare her.

Halo Sleep Easy Transition Swaddle

You may have noticed that your baby still has a pretty strong startle reflex. This swaddle helps to keep their little arms feeling secure when this happens. Eventually, they will get used to sleeping without the swaddle and the reflex will begin to disappear. 

The transition swaddle is meant to be snug around their chest and arms. This helps them to feel safe and secure since they are no longer being swaddled. 

What I Love About the Halo Transition Sleeper: 

1. It’s Cozy

The best way I can explain the feel of this sleeper. When I’m putting her down to sleep and hugging her sweet body, this just feels cozy. 

Now with that being said, it’s still fairly thin to ensure that your baby doesn’t overheat.

2. Heavier Material

I would say that the material is comparable to the thickness of the microfleece. Except it’s not fleece, it’s super breathable! 

If your little one’s moro reflex is starting to disappear and they need something to help control it, this sleeper will be perfect.

3. It Has Arms

 I think this is a MUST when transitioning. It’s really hard for baby to go from being warm and snuggly to arms hanging out. Not to mention, that the moro reflex has been suppressed, so it might be really difficult to have their arms be free.

4. 2-Way Zip

Like I said earlier, I’m obsessed with everything 2-way zip. That’s why I typically only buy Cloud Island by Target Footsies. They are my favorite. Having a 2-way zipper makes life with a newborn so much easier!

Downfalls of the Halo Transition Sleeper

There isn’t anything I hated about the Halo Transition Sleeper. Overall it’s an amazing option for helping your baby learn how to not be swaddle. But, there were just a couple of things that I would be aware of before buying.

1. Layer Up.

Coming from using the Micro-Fleece swaddle, it felt like this wasn’t warm enough. I ended up putting my daughter in a onesie and footsie pajamas. She would wake up and feel chilly. I’m not sure if that’s why she woke up or if it was a coincidence.

2. It Pills over time.

This definitely isn’t a deal breaker for me, I just wouldn’t plan on passing this down to baby #2. I would buy a new sleeper for each baby! 

In general, I think the Halo transition swaddle is an AMAZING option for you to try when your baby can’t be swaddled anymore. It has so many awesome features and it’s easy to use!

Halo Original Wearable Blanket

I honestly can’t give you an honest review of how this worked for us because we haven’t used it yet. But, I thought I would touch on it today and then update this post once we’ve actually tried it. 

What’s nice about this is that it acts as a replacement for a blanket, but you don’t have to worry about it coming up around their little face. It also ensures that they won’t kick off the covers!


Again, this comes in both Micro-Fleece and Cotton! Which is perfect for the change in seasons. 

Awesome Features

  1. Keeps Baby Warm
  2. Sizes Small-Extra Large
  3. Replaces Blankets

Wrap Up…….

If you are hoping to get your little one to sleep, the Halo sleepsack collection will be perfect for their first year. There are so many different options for you to choose from. I hope this review helps you to find the perfect sleep blanket for your baby!

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halo sleepsack swaddle
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